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Maramani House Plans

7 Front and Backyard Landscaping Ideas for your house |

You purchased a house plan from maramani, constructed your beautiful house and Before you know it, your compound is untidy cement bags, stone chips and piec...

Maramani House Plans

Building a house in stages - A complete Guide

Most people undertake construction of their homes in phases. The reason for this is mainly financial. Loans and mortgages are hard to get and very expensive...

Maramani House Plans

Bitcoin basics - and how to purchase plans using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the future of money. The cryptocurrency, and many aspects of it can be confusing to start with so here are a few tips on the basics of Bitcoin. ...

Maramani House Plans

How to choose the correct solar water heaters - high pressure vs. low pressure

Solar water heatersĀ are manufactured asĀ pressure and non-pressure models. Pressure model (also called high pressure solar heaters) means, water in the tank a...

Maramani House Plans

Asking the right questions - How much does it cost to build a house?

You will most likely only undertake one major building project in your lifetime - and this will be your dream home. Statistically speaking this is true for m...

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