Frequently Asked Questions to from people just like you!

Read these commonly asked questions from people just like you.

Where are you Based?

We are a diversified team working remotely from different countries across the globe but mostly based in Africa.

Some sketch, some design, some write, some code; some are time masters, some are fighting with procrastination.

What brings us together is the deep belief in the art of designing buildings; the passion to design simple small houses to luxurious big mansions that matches everyone's desire.

When you reach out to us through any channel be it email, WhatsApp etc. all your inquiries will be attended to with our dedicated customer support team that works around the clock. Our customer support is available from Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4pm GMT +3. Sometimes we work overtime because we love our clients :) so do not hesitate to reach out as our team will always respond when online. To learn more about the team, or have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us at

Can I view a house plan before purchasing?

You will need a Maramani Premium Account to view floor plans and construction cost estimates on

Click Here to learn more and get a Maramani Premium Account.


What's included once you purchase a house plan from

We have written a list of all drawings that will be sent to your email once you complete the payment for the respective plan. We however advise that you get Maramani Premium Account on our website so that you can be able to view plans before purchasing. 

How much do you charge to draw up house plans? 

Each project comes with unique requirements. Our rates are very flexible depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Modifications to house designs on

 We can do minor changes to the design without extra charges and with complex changes we may have to fully engage our team and have several people work on your changes and we do charge an extra fee for this. 

  • Custom house plans based on your requirements

We can create a complete custom design that is based on your inspirations and everything that you want to be included


Are your plans ready to submit to my local authorities for a building permit?

Every county has different submission requirements and they may vary significantly. Our plans offer detailed information that is sufficient for a Building Contractor / Construction Company to understand and build based on the construction drawings. Prior to application of building permits we advise that you get in touch with local authorities to verify what will be needed for submission in order to get your building permit. represents hundreds of designers but all drawings come with the same quality standards, design optimizations and a sufficient level of detailing to provide builders with enough information about each part of the building so as to assure you get the outcome as seen on images on our website! 

What Payment Methods Do you Accept?

We accept credit/debit/prepaid cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bank Transfers, Cryptocurrencies and Mobile money from most African countries. You can have a look at the icons at the bottom of our website to confirm if you preferred method is listed. Do not hesitate to reach us if you need any assistance.

When Should I expect my order once I make the payment?

  • Maramani Premium Account

Once you complete the payment it normally takes a maximum of 5 minutes to have your account activated. We advise all our clients to get a premium account before purchasing a house plan on Remember that you you will get a $59.00 Discount code that you can use to purchase any plan on the website. Click Here to learn more and get a Maramani Premium Account..

  • House Plans on website

It normally takes from 10minutes to a maximum of 6 hours to have your order delivered to your emails. We may ask you to provide extra information if required by our Payment Gateways in order to provide you with your drawings. 

  • Modifications to designs & Custom Designs

Before working on your custom design or modifying your plan of choice from, we will tell you the expected time to complete working on your project, list of all the drawings that we will deliver and finally our payment terms for your professional house plans© 

Can I view more photos of this plan?

We are constantly requesting photographs of built houses from our customers and our team is working endlessly to create more images for existing designs and upcoming new designs. If you see a plan that you really like and you would need to have extra images do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will advise on any extra fees if it would require our team to create extra images for your selected design.

How much Does it cost to build a house plan from

There are a lot of factors that affect the total construction cost of a building. Site location, Availability of materials are just a few and in this segment.

We have dedicated an in-depth article to give you an overview of all the factors that will affect your total construction budget.

Why should I buy a plan from you?

A ready made-plan saves time and money in so many ways. Our plans are very affordable as we resell the plans to cover up the costs of paying designers which results to top notch house designs at affordable prices that you see here at 

Do you have a unique question that is not listed here? Reach out to us through