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light design

Light Design for Home Interiors

The lighting tips above can help you tie together your colors, architecture, and interior design language.  If you layer different types of lighting and are strategic with your placement, you will ...

lightingHome Lighting Design Ideas for Each Room

Home Lighting Design Ideas for Each Room

When it is planned and executed well, lighting can be the unsung element that ties your interior design together.

lightingWhat is the most efficient way to light a home?

What is the most efficient way to light a home?

There is a lot to think about when trying to light a home comprehensively so that it sets the right mood, serves the right functions, and generally provides enough light to navigate around the house.


Tips for Lighting Your Home

The right lighting is imperative to creating the right atmosphere, a feeling of coziness and intimacy in your home.

lightingHow to Light your House Exterior

How to Light your House Exterior

Having lights outside your house will allow you to enjoy the outdoors past dark, feel safe from intrusion, and decorate your surroundings as part of landscaping.

lighting designrecessed lighting vs flush mount

Recessed Lighting Vs. Flush Mount - Which is better?

In this article, we do a side-by-side comparison of recessed lighting vs flush mount. We state the pros and cons of each & show you the better option to use.