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Even the most elegant kitchen design can grow stale over time when it is not refreshed. There is a lot you can do to update your kitchen without breaking the bank or part of the house.

From new tiles, lighting, and a coat of paint, there is a lot you can do to spruce up the appearance and functionality of your kitchen.

Here are a few tips about how to update your kitchen.

How can I update my kitchen without replacing it?


Paint the cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets are preferred by design experts who view that they bring a fresh perspective with minimal outlay. Painting your cabinets is both budget-friendly and environmentally conscious. After all, it is better to give your kitchen cabinets a new lease of life rather than sending them to a landfill.

In an instant, changing the color of the kitchen cabinet fronts can transform a kitchen from dated to any color and finish you prefer. Consider the existing backsplash, appliances, and countertop when choosing a color for your cabinets.

Paint the walls

Consider wall tiles and wallpaper as a way of reintroducing color and pattern into your kitchen. The color palette on your kitchen walls is important.

Experts recommend using matte finishes for hardware and tone-on-tone finishes for accents as a great way to keep a Zen aura. Also, consider texture by making any selections texturally interesting and varied throughout the kitchen.

If you do this right, you will end up with a beautiful kitchen that features visual depth, interest, and a designer layer look.

Swap in new hardware for subtle updates

Items like new faucets, cabinet door pulls and drawer knobs among others can be a subtle update that ripples throughout your kitchen.

Invest in new, good-quality kitchen hardware that will instantly elevate the appearance of the kitchen. Alternatively, you can combine new hardware with freshly painted cabinets and other updates mentioned herein

Brighten the space with new lighting

updating a kitchen

While it is often an afterthought, kitchen lighting should be one of the first items when updating a kitchen. Ensure you incorporate overhead task lighting and supplement it with mood lighting for dining areas and statement lighting above key features such as a kitchen island.

Lighting is not only a fantastic way to make a statement but it is also a great way to express your personality.

You can change out ordinary pendant lights for beautiful standout lighting to make a significant impact on the general look and feel of the kitchen, which will completely elevate your kitchen space.

Choose new floor tiles and backsplash

Choosing a new color or design for floor tiles and the backsplash can give a kitchen a significant visual lift. Remember that kitchen tile ideas sway in and out of fashion, and therefore making a contemporary or classic tile choice will bring the room up to date.


Adding fresh and interesting accessories will create further interest in the overall appearance. Examples include new bar stools and the wonders they do to upgrade a kitchen island for a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen island.

Experts recognize that while changing up the lighting and hardware are starting points, layering in styling pieces for warmth and character is similarly important.

Other examples of stylish kitchen accessories include wooden cutting boards, cute hand towels, and stylish soaps which make the space look and feel complete. You can also consider beautiful bowls and vases on shelves, hand-thrown pottery, and unique ceramics atop countertops.

You can include a warm and natural ambiance by bringing in houseplants and potted herbs which will invite some aroma and greenery into your kitchen.

Ways to upgrade your kitchen without renovating it

kitchen updates

Add wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great and easy way to elevate the appearance of a kitchen because different designs introduce pattern and texture. Consider applying wallpaper to accent walls, backsplashes and the inside of glass-front cabinets for a captivating focal point.

Adding wallpaper to your backsplash has the added benefit of making it more wipeable so that you can easily clean up dirt and grease splatter from cooking.

Hang some artwork

Artwork is a common staple of living rooms and dining rooms, and they can be added to kitchens. They are a good way of adding color and texture to the space.

If you have large, empty wall spaces, experts suggest curating a gallery wall of paintings, photography and prints.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is sleek and clean-lined, it can be well complemented using an oversized photograph cast in a black or white frame.

In a bright-coloured kitchen, consider artwork with touches of green, peach or blue to add an interesting pop of color.

Layer lighting

kitchen light

If your kitchen primarily features ambient lighting, experts urge you to consider adding task and accent lighting to create a more refined look.

Under-cabinet lighting is recommended for accent lighting and can be used to highlight and showcase decorative items and architectural details.

Task lighting is important in areas such as countertops and sinks. You ought to consider adjustable LED and pendant lights.

You can upgrade ambient lighting by using dimmable ceiling lights and chandeliers.

Elevate exposed items

Keeping items such as hand soap and coffee readily available on the countertops can be convenient. However, they can detract from the general kitchen aesthetic.

Putting everyday kitchen items into glass or metal containers and displaying them on shelves will create a clean look.

Add shelving

Shelving in a kitchen is as practical as it is functional. Open shelving allows you to display beautiful glassware and ceramics while increasing functionality for items you use frequently.

For a clean, modern look, designers recommend floating shelves in natural wood and satin lacquered paint.


To update your kitchen, consider painting cabinets and walls, swapping in new hardware, adding new lighting, choosing new floor tiles and backsplash, and incorporating stylish accessories like artwork and shelving.

Wallpaper can add texture, while proper lighting and shelving organization enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Consider adding artwork, and improve lighting by incorporating task and accent lighting, like adjustable LED and pendant lights.

Elevate exposed items by placing them in glass or metal containers on open shelves, and select floating shelves in natural wood and satin lacquered paint to create a clean, contemporary look.

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