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california room
California rooms

What is the difference between a California room and a Florida room?

California and Florida rooms add to the visual beauty, functionality, and increased amenity of a space.

California roomscalifornia rooms

Constructing a California Room

Here is what you need to know about constructing a California room in your home.

California roomsHow much does a California room cost?

How much does a California room cost?

A California room is welcome addition to any home, and it duly compliments a home surrounded by an appealing view of natural or built environments. 

California roomscalifornia

California Room Design

A California room is often referred to as the ideal embodiment of indoor-outdoor living, merging the comforts and design of the indoors with the views and fresh air of the outdoor setting.

California roomscalifornia room

California Rooms

California room can be defined as an elevated indoor-outdoor living space taken to the next level.