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How much does a California room cost?

How much does a California room cost?

A California room is an outdoor space that boasts indoor amenities. It is similar to a porch but it is bigger and more lavishly furnished. It is one part porch and one part room, resembling a sunroom only with a bigger dose of open-air and clear views of the surrounding environment.

Creating this space or adding it to your home carries with it some financial implications. 

Read on to find out more about the cost of having a California room in your home.

How much does it cost?

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Experts estimate that a ballpark figure for the starting costs of a California room is around $15,000. Higher costs entirely depend on how much you want to put into the room and how big it is.

What are the costly parts of a California room?

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California rooms typically have a ceiling with an attached ceiling fan and two or more walls that connect the space to the rest of the house. They can be furnished just like indoor spaces with the aim of realizing comfort and relaxation.

Fire and water elements are quite popular when it comes to fixtures installed in California rooms. Many people also favor outdoor kitchens with long bars and plenty of seating for guests. Builders also report receiving numerous requests for pools with infinity edges and hot tubs.

Apart from bars and kitchens, homeowners add some of the traditional comforts of indoor spaces to the California room. These include a television set, some lavish furniture, artful décor, and carpets. These often transform a California room and make them like indoor living rooms, only with plenty of fresh air and spectacular views.

A top-tier California room may feature a fully equipped kitchen, seating space, a built-in fireplace, and a home theater or any other amenities that entertain the room’s occupants at any given time.

You may be worried about how you can enjoy your outdoor space once the summer is over. However, experts indicate that this should not really be a concern because homeowners can still enjoy the outdoors even in colder regions and seasons.

The addition of amenities like fire pits, fireplaces, lighting fixtures, pergolas, and other roofing structures can help homeowners stay warm and comfortable despite extreme conditions outdoors.

Is a California room a good investment?

Housing experts refer to a California room as an outdoor space because it is exposed to the outdoor elements and is neither cooled or heated. Thus, it is technically not a room in its actual sense, which explains why it is not included in the overall square footage of a house.

At this point, you may wonder whether it is worth your while to add a California room when making an addition to your existing home or when building a house from the ground up.

Remember that adding a California room to your home will instantly add a more luxurious atmosphere. Also, outdoor living is rapidly becoming a necessity for home buyers and it makes a home more attractive when it is on the market.

Are there financial benefits to a California room?

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While the starting costs may be steep, a California room adds some significant value to a home. Experts reckon that an investment into a California room is likely to pay off by increasing the resale value of a particular house.

If you are weighing up the decision of adding a California room to your property, keep this in mind: When executed correctly, a California room can result in a positive spike in the value of your home. 

It will especially draw in any buyers who are looking to spend a little bit extra in exchange for a place to enjoy the great outdoors without soaking in the rain or suffering through the heat of the sun.

Experts indicate that a home with a California room or other upscale amenities connected to the house usually ends up with homeowners realizing an increase in property value by 80% to 100% of the building costs.

It is also impossible to overlook the fact that a California room is an all-season entertainment and living space that will greatly increase the enjoyment value realized by you, your family members, and anyone else who spends some time in your home.

Is a building permit required to transform a patio?

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When enclosing an existing porch with weatherproofing and installing a door, many local authorities require a building permit. This is because adding a porch to a house is considered an addition to the home since it increases the size of the usable indoor living space available to homeowners.

Thus, a modified patio, that can be transformed into a California room, is subject to the same restrictions as those that apply to the main house itself.

What is the most cost-effective way of enclosing a patio?

Enclosing a patio on a budget is generally a breeze. You can get some affordable slat sides that instantly provide some privacy and cover to your patio.

You can also use large trellises anchored with a solid post in cement footings at every corner to define an open patio space. Experts indicate that planter boxes are a good way to display flowers.


A California room is welcome addition to any home, and it duly compliments a home surrounded by an appealing view of natural or built environments. These benefits are attached to a financial cost which this article attempted to break down.

Remember that the cost of building or adding a California room to one’s home is affected by building costs in your area, the size of the space, and the amenities you put in it.

The rooms typically start at $15,000 with expenses increasing depending on your furnishings and any other requirements you deem fit from the space.

Check out some of our home designs to figure out which one works best for you, and how you can incorporate a California room into your home.

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