Constructing a California Room

A California room is a transition space between the indoors and the outdoors, similar to a porch but enclosed and with a few indoor amenities.

It is technically not considered a room as it does not form part of a house’s square footage because they are usually not heated or cooled.

Despite this, they are considered an important part of the home whose construction has to meet some core requirements.

Here is what you need to know about constructing a California room in your home.

Steps in constructing a California room

Design preparation

california rooms

Start by closely revisiting your remodeling goals and what you intend for the additional living space. Do you want a place to lounge and watch TV? Or do you want it to be a place to play games by the fire and hold a conversation with friends and family?

Gather your ideas by looking up images of what you aim to achieve. This will help you visualize the space in a realistic perspective.

Contact a reliable builder

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The next step is contracting an experienced builder who can source the required construction materials for your approval. A good builder or construction firm can provide a palette of material options to help with the shaping of the overall design for the California room.

A good builder will also help you account for details like the weight of the materials and planning for proper depth support. These will determine the strength and size of the pads used to support the structure.

Once you have decided on the materials and finishing, you can develop a hand drawing of the space and pass it on to a 3D color rendering designer.

A detailed rendering will make it easier to change or reverse certain design decisions, which is more affordable compared to changing materials and plans during the middle of construction.

Seeing your designed space as you intend it to be once complete is therefore important before any structural changes and spending on materials.

An experienced builder will be able to culminate the design and engineering at the same time, allowing you to get a full scope of all the factors like the cost of materials, engineering, labor and finishing.

The builder is expected to slot in all of the project details into a construction agreement so that you understand all the details and you are not surprised along the way.

Once you have signed a construction agreement, ensure you pull any necessary city and HOA permits to ensure that everything is up to code.

Breaking Ground

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Your builder can then break ground, having provided you with a detailed plan about the coming and going of the construction team and details about each phase of the project until completion.

Ensure that you review the details in the presented plan and continuously engage your project manager or builder to ensure everything follows the set schedule and that any challenges are addressed early in the construction process.

You may also want to move any furniture, accessories and electronic devices away from the part of the house that the California room is set to extend into. This will not only prevent your precious items from being damaged, it will also provide your construction team with ample space to access the building site.


A California room is a valuable addition to the home that will undoubtedly add the enjoyment value of your home. You will likely make more use of your outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and stunning views at different times of the day and night.

Ensure that you enlist an experienced and professional builder to bring your idea of a California room to life.

There is a lot about quality and materials you will need to consider, and a good builder can help you navigate these concerns to end up with a well-built and visually appealing structure.