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Designing the Perfect Kitchen Island
kitchen islands

Designing the Perfect Kitchen Island

The kitchen island tips and ideas below will inspire you to choose the ideal size, shape, design, and finish for a practical kitchen island that elevates your kitchen experience.

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Stylish Kitchen Island Ideas

A kitchen island can be a functional and stylish focal point in your kitchen. Here are a few design elements and tips to help you create an appealing and practical kitchen island.

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What should be in a kitchen island

When planning a kitchen island, start by picturing exactly what you need it to be. This will help you determine what you need, ranging from seating, storage, a cooktop for meal prep, and appliances. 

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Kitchen Island Ideas for Small Spaces

Kitchen islands come in many shapes and sizes, and there are many options to suit small kitchen spaces. You can choose from narrow islands, rolling islands, and suspending islands among many others...

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Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is a centrally located, freestanding countertop or cabinet in your kitchen that can be accessed from all sides and is not attached to any walls.