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timber cladding
timber cladding

What is Timber Cladding?

Timber cladding refers to an exterior veneer made of wood that is used to shield a structure from the outdoor elements and enhance its external appearance.

timber claddingWhat are the types of Timber Cladding?

What are the types of Timber Cladding?

Generally, European oak, Douglas fir, Western red cedar and European larch are among the most common wood species used to machine these types of cladding.

timber claddingtimber cladding

Advantages and Disadvantages of Timber Cladding

Timber cladding has several advantages such as insulation, the improved and lasting aesthetic value of a home, and protection of a structure from the hazards of the natural environment.

timber claddingWhat is the Best Timber Cladding?

What is the Best Timber Cladding?

The type of timber cladding you pick will be determined by your budget and the appearance you are targeting. However, knowing what type of cladding to look out for will help you make better decisio...