10 Amazing Video Game Room Decoration and Setup Guidelines

 Video Game Room Decoration

If you're a seasoned video gamer, you know how captivating and long games can go on. It's, therefore, crucial to have a proper setup for a comfortable gaming experience.

Fanatic video gamers are very particular about their gaming space and some even go as far as to set up a private holy room dedicated totally to gaming.

Whether you plan on using a room or simply clearing a space for your games, you need an impressive gaming area to enjoy the full experience.

This brief article will reveal 10 amazing video game decorations and set up guidelines to help you put together a grand gaming space of your own.

But first, let's take a look at the different types of video games as it will impact how you decorate your game room.


Different Kinds of Video Games

  • Classic Arcade Games

These are retro video games that use collectible arcade machines. They are suitable for playing Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. Video gamers that love to play good old arcade games will need a lot of room space for the machines.

Enthusiasts of this retro game are willing to gather and restore pinball machines and board games like the iconic Ludo.


  • Network or Online Games

They are video games that can be played using gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4. With ever-evolving technology, new generations of game consoles require stable Wi-Fi connections, HD capability, and other requirements to have a properly equipped game room.


  • Mobile Video Games

Online and offline mobile video games have one very important requirement, a constant power supply. Phone batteries will need to be charged regularly for prolonged uninterrupted games.


Video Game Room Decoration Ideas

1. The Large Retro Room

 Video Game Room Decoration

Image credit: pinterest.com

This game room decoration is for those with large rooms for games. As mentioned earlier, room space is a big part of playing arcade games. And the above design just proved that point.

It boasts a large built-in shelf to showcase various tabletop and board game collections and a pinball machine taking up space just to the side of the room.

Most importantly, it leaves enough space for players to move around and interact.

Chairs and a table can be easily set up in the center of the room for a card game or any board game.

Artworks, figurines, medals can be used to elevate the aesthetic appeal of the room.


2. Bedroom Game Makeover

video game room decoration ideas 

Image credit: memecenter.com

You don't necessarily need an entire room to have a dedicated game space. This bedroom design properly segments the sleeping and gaming section. It features a simple and functional game room with a large screen and a comfortable sitting area for the player. It also has a few arcade machines just to the gamer's taste.

You can do a lot with minimal space and budget and still end up with an accessible game area.


3. The Superhero Theme

 video game room setup ideas

Image credit: pinterest.com 

This design is suitable for video gamers that are die-hard fans of superhero franchises. The main area has a simple setup of a screen with game consoles to allow the superhero theme to stand out.

Cover the wall surface with your favorite superhero posters and action figures. You can also use furniture and carpet with the same theme.


4. Small Room Design

video game room ideas 

Image credit: steamcommunity.com

This elegant red and black game room uses a small space to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional game room. It features a large LED screen, headphones, a comfy gaming chair, and other essential gadgets.

This design is suitable for gamers on a tight budget.


5. Improvised Game Room

 game room ideas on a budget

Image credit: toftiaxa.gr

If you don't have much to splurge on a game room, using existing furniture and cabinets is a great idea. This design uses an existing cabinet to hold earphones and consoles. It also uses the existing LED screen and sitting area.

Feature mainly essential gadgets to keep the area uncluttered as it's serving double duty.


6. Laidback Video Game Room

gaming setup ideas for small rooms 

Image credit: setupnoid.com

With the number of hours spent playing video games, recharging and relaxing between games is needed. This simple laidback room was designed with one goal in mind – the gamer's comfort. Relaxing and napping after exhaustion can be done while sitting on the chair, which also comes with leg rest.

The lighting under the game screen lights up the area while providing an ambient sleeping effect.


7. Clean and Sophisticated

small gaming room ideas 

Image credit: img loading="lazy"ur.com

This sophisticated game room design gives no room to clutter. It features the gaming chair, screen, and contemporary shelving for holding consoles and gadgets. It caps it off with a moody lighting effect.

It doesn't get more simple than this.


8. Video Game Library

 gaming room decor

Image credit: icrewplay.com

If you have an impressive collection of old and new video games, creating a library in your game room can be a smart way to preserve your possessions.

The design has a shelf against the wall that's used to store the collections.

A modest sitting area is set up in front of the screen. A wall poster is used to add the finishing touch.


9. The Living Area Gaming Setup

 gaming room decor

Image credit: reddit.com

The design uses just a corner of the living room to set up a modest video game space. This design is perfect for those that do not have extra room for video games.

The gaming area consists of a movable chair and triple flat screens. To give the more character, ambient lighting is installed around the center TV.


10. Basement Game Room

 arcade decorating ideas

Image credit: naibann.com 

This particular game room decoration uses modern designs and furniture to create a glamorous recreational area. The room mainly includes a sitting area and a large screen for gaming purposes. Off to the side is a billiard for players to alternate after sitting too long on a video game.


Setup Guidelines

Planning and decorating your game room can be fun but challenging if it's your first time. To avoid running into unnecessary problems, use the following guidelines as a playbook for your video game room decoration.


  • Take the room size into consideration

 video game room decoration ideas

Image credit: gachezard.ir

Although there are no standard game room sizes, knowing the space you have can help in choosing appropriate gadgets. This will allow you to plan the placement of screens, chairs, consoles, and other accessories. The goal is to have adequate space to move about.


  • Get Ergonomic Chairs

video game room setup ideas 

Image credit: gamingchairing.com

Since you're going to be spending a lot of time seated, you want to ensure your comfort is guaranteed. Invest in a comfortable chair with good lumbar support.


  • Visual and Audio Checklist

 video game bedroom ideas

Image credit: cutewallpaper.org

A full gaming experience is all about the pent up tensions and excitement. To get this full experience, make sure you're using a good sound system and visual display.

Get speakers with quality acoustics and invest in large monitors and projectors. Small PC screens just won't cut it. Installing soundproofs will also enhance the sound effect and quality inside.


  • Electricity and Wiring

 gaming room decor lights

Image credit: tcfcu.com

Like you keep hearing, the gaming room is a relaxing center and should be free from any mess. You don't want your wiring connections done in such a way that you trip over it.

All wires should be run under the carpet, behind cabinets, and out of sight and movements. Or you could invest in modern extension cables that connect wires to the socket in a clean off-the-ground way.


  • Properly store consoles and accessories

 gaming room decor lights

Image credit: demotywatory.pl

Use a well-partitioned shelf to store all your game consoles, controllers, and other accessories in one place.


  • Internet connection

 arcade decorating ideas

Image credit: nguoivietphone.com

Online video game players should get fast and stable wireless Wi-Fi routers for uninterrupted connection.


  • Light Installations

 game room ideas on a budget

Image credit: woodynody.com

Plan the strategic location for all lighting in the room in advance. Ensure the lights are not facing the screen. That is, don't place the light on the wall in front of the screen. For a moody effect, install RGB lighting.


Final Words

After doing the preplanning, you'll have a good idea of what gadgets and accessories you need, where everything goes, and how to maximize the space you have.