how to decorate my room without buying anything

How to Decorate a House with No Money

How to Decorate a House with No Money

How to Decorate a House with No Money

Everyone wants their house interiors looking breathtakingly gorgeous but not everyone can afford to.

Building a house costs much. Some people spend a lot on construction and have very little left for interior décor. And for some, they just want to renovate from the old look.

If the latter is your challenge, there is always a way to get things done with a low budget.

Here are some tips that will guide you on decorating your house with little or no money.


Tips to Decorate a House with No Money

1. Use existing belongings

You don't need to buy new things because you want to renovate your interior décor or because you are moving to a new house. Look around for beautiful things that you have kept hidden away. Bring them out and hang them on the shelf or tabletops and maybe as a centerpiece. Using these things is cost-free. Rearrange your knick-knacks into vignettes if you have one.


2. Keep it simple

Don't get things complicated and costly by planning for a luxury. Here's one significant rule of any low budget planning. Keep it simple. Your plan should focus mainly on the crucial parts of the house and the necessary accessories to be included. This means using items that the room will focus on, no excess. Doing this will help you rule out the enormous amount that comes as a total for interior décor.


3. Re-paint

How to Decorate a House with No Money

Adding another coat of paint to your furniture will bring life to it. If you have a few leftover cans of paint, then you don't have to spend at all. And if you don't, just walk to the store, get the paint, and do the painting yourself. You can't leave the walls out.

If the paint on the wall is old, don't hesitate to repaint. You can just repaint the trim if you don't have enough time to paint the whole house.


4. De-clutter and organize

How to Decorate a House with No Money

Look around for clutters. De-cluttering will make a good impact. Rearrange your bookshelves, closets, and any other place you might find clutters. Free up tabletops and add flowers or art.

You can organize books on the shelves and clothes in the closet by color. This color coordination will ignite a difference and add visual interest to your room. You can arrange your kitchen cabinet in the same fashion.

An exciting arrangement on bookshelves like displaying the plenty leaves of the book instead of the spine with beautiful accents is another way to style your bookshelf. Grouping books and interspersing them with accents is lovely too.


5. Local art

How to Decorate a House with No Money

Since you can’t afford anything expensive, consider local arts that look good. Check out for local art programs and invest your little money on rising talents. There will always be a beautiful piece in the art programs that you can hang up on your wall.

Is the art show dated far away? A printer can print one of the cute pictures you took on travel and have it framed for your living room or hallway. You may just bring out a pile of old photographs or a postcard. Use a clip to hold them to a string and hang them up on the wall.

Art is beautiful and should not be left out; you can get creative and hang up a work of your own.


6. Change your furniture layout

How to Decorate a House with No Money

It would be cool if you move every piece of furniture in the living room from its first place. But if you can't do this, move out a few and change their position. Your living area will have a new look.

Relocating items from one room to another is not a bad idea as well. It will elevate the look. You will realize that your furniture layout can be alternated to bring back life to your house.

Take a before and after picture and spot the difference. While you do this, make sure that the legs of the furniture are well-positioned on the rug. Your furniture should not be too close to the wall. Move them to the center of the room to create an illusion of space.


7. Get cheap décor pieces

You may not be able to resist the urge to buy new décor items. If this is the case, try buying from a flea market or check out online stores like Walmart, Etsy, and ebay. You can find cheap décor pieces to use as a focal point for your room or house as a whole. They are great things you can pick up.

Some of them just need a little upgrade like polish, new knobs, or lampshades. Others are beautiful the way they are. Simply find out when the flea markets get new arrivals and visit.

For online stores, you can buy on a black Friday or when the items are on sale.


8. Personalize your design

Replace lampshades, light fixtures, handles, and knobs around the house. Use throw pillows to update space. Dressing up your seat is also a good idea. Whichever way you wish to improve or change the accents in your home, make sure it's unique. Unique means what you want and not what's trending. It's cheaper to be you.

The design will please you, and there will be no need to change it frequently. Find out things you love and use them.


9. Take advantage of inherited treasures

Look for family treasures that you have kept out of sight for a while. Display them and see how much difference they create. There is no spending now.

No matter how little the treasures are, they might just complete your space and make the room come alive. They may seem old but can make pleasant décor and be updated.

You can also create space for some collectibles like an old alcohol bottle, toy collection, or travel knick-knack.


10. Decorate with plants

How to Decorate a House with No Money

Plants bring life. They should not be neglected in any way. They produce a sweet scent and a sense of the season.

If you don't want to use green plants, bring out your fruits and arrange them in a bowl or glass jars. Change the fruits with the seasons.


11. Light up candles

Candles are very good at creating a cozy feeling in the room. They produce soft and dim light that changes the look of your room and hide flaws. Your candles can be of various heights. And you can arrange them in your unused fireplace to create a focal point.


Some quick decorating tricks for your house

  • Is your dining table too small for accents? You don't need to spend on buying a new table. Just place a table runner at the center of the table. A patterned fabric or oversize scarf will do the trick.
  • Group items of the same color family together. These items may include pitchers, plates, books, and pottery.
  • Use more odds. Arrange items in threes and fives. It's more interesting that way.
  • Use pillows to make your living area more attractive. Gather up pillows from all areas of your house and arrange them on the sofa. They will add more colors to the living room and give it a fresh look.
  • Your low ceiling can look higher with the right curtain arrangement. Raise your curtain rod above the window frame and make sure your drapes don't reach the ground. This way, you can create an illusion of height and make your ceiling look higher.
  • Brighten your room with mirrors. Even if you can't put holes on the wall, use gorgeously framed mirrors. Large mirrors reflect light into the house and brighten it to trick the eye. It creates an illusion of space or an extra window.


In Conclusion

Your house is not ugly; it only needs your creativity and a touch of nature. Money doesn't do the décor, the homeowner does. Show your guests your creativity and intelligence by putting in minimal effort into decorating your house. Nothing in the home is irrelevant. You just need to use them adequately.

Interior decoration is not always expensive. Some of the beautiful houses you maybe have seen could have been done with little effort and less money.

Many people are quick to rush to the store and buy some décor items with the belief that expensive items do the trick better. You can decorate your house with little or no money at all and change the look for good. Your home only looks old and boring because it is waiting for you to take the right step.

Remember that you bring too many things out of the storage for decoration. Avoid clutters as much as possible. Use what you have, there are many options for you.

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