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How to Successfully Renovate Your House on a Budget

How to Successfully Renovate Your House on a Budget

how to renovate a house on a budget

Renovating an old house with a boring appearance is costly. Getting it done is often challenging when you’re on a tight budget.

To make things worse, seeing the old décor and paint fade off is depressing.

If you’re looking to renovate your house but don’t have enough budget, you have nothing to worry about. This article will guide you on how to get it done successfully.

With just a little touch in the interior and exterior of the house, you will come up with a beautifully furnished and remodeled home.

Proper planning is required at every stage. Picture your design and plan towards it. You may decide to take it one room at a time instead of the whole house at once — no need to rush things. Be willing to do research and check for prices that suit you best. Your old house is only waiting for your creativity.

First, we shall discuss simple techniques that will help you to stick to the budget when planning a renovation. Then, successful home renovation tips for a tight budget.


Small Budget Techniques

Renovating a house is expensive but there are ways to make it cheaper and still get a good result.

1. Budget and Research

    Nothing works without proper planning. You are not doing a big deal, but it's essential to have a budget. This is the most important rule. How much can you afford? Have in mind that you are planning to renovate on a low budget and keep it within your capability.

    Estimate the amount you need for the whole renovation and split it into sections. Budget for extra spending because they will always come up.

    Figure out the things you will need to replace or repair. Then, find out their costs. Brand new items will be too costly, so go for fairly used properties like furniture and doors. This will make budgeting easier and realistic.


    2. Take your time

    You must take out time to make wise decisions in every area of the house. Check for what should be replaced or repaired and take note of the changes you will like to make. Take a room or two at a time but not all at once.

    Many people find it difficult to prioritize things and finish a project before going onto another. Which part of the house will be most intensive? Start from there and perfect it before going to the next room. You don't want to live in a house with unfinished rooms.


    3. Do it yourself

      how to renovate a house on a budget

      Doing your renovation yourself is not a bad idea. Although other things will require that you hire a professional, but try to do the little things you can do yourself. It is another way to cut costs. Watch YouTube videos to learn how to do some simple skills. Be careful not to damage anything or get yourself injured. Feel free to ask for help from friends and relatives.


      4. Recycle or Reuse Material

        Recycling is becoming a common practice in our world. Plastic, wood, and many other materials are being recycled to help serve us better in another form. Recycled materials are cheap, durable, and readily available. This makes them the most suitable choice for a tight budget renovation.

        You can reuse materials if necessary; everything shouldn't be brand new. If you don't desire to use the appliances again, sell them instead. There are buy, sell, and trade websites where you can sell them or trade them for another item.

        When you purchase an item from a resale, confirm if it’s new enough for you. Ensure that the previous user has not used it for too long. It has to be able to serve you for a long time.


        5. Don't skimp for cheap things

          Buying things cheap will help you to reduce the cost of renovation. But you must inspect them thoroughly. When you see an offer with a great discount, don't be too eager to jump into a purchase. Think, breathe, and check the item well. If you buy a bad home appliance, for instance, it means you will repair it often and eventually spend more than you bargained for. Not all cheap things are cheap. Check durability before purchase.


          6. Borrow or rent tools

            You are trying to cut the cost of renovation, so buying new tools is not advisable. If you need to use large equipment, look around for a place to rent or borrow. You may not need that equipment until your next plan to renovate.


            Successful House Renovation Tips

            1. Clean up and de-clutter

              how to renovate a house on a budget

              Move all the items in the house and have it cleaned up thoroughly. Cleaning will spring up the idea of rearranging the house. Put things in a different location and look for a way to give your home a better look.

              After cleaning, do away with things that cause clutter. Give out excess properties and materials. You need to clear up more space to make your rooms look bigger.


              2. Painting

                how to renovate a house on a budget

                Don’t underestimate paint. Painting your house will create a vast difference both in the exterior and interior. Although painting the house in another color may be more expensive, it is still one of the best ways to change its look. If you think your wall paint is still in good condition, just trim it.

                Painting in bright colors affects the lighting of the home. You can create more light in your room without adding more windows or expanding the one you have. Just paint with bright colors to get a more brightened room. It reflects the natural light it receives from the window. This natural light can reduce your overall energy cost by 75%.

                A few coats of paint will work fine on the walls.


                3. Renovate your front door and update the exterior

                  how to renovate a house on a budget

                  Your front door speaks a lot of volumes. It creates an impression on the mind of whoever is visiting and tells them what to expect inside the house. So, your front door needs attention too. Use the painting approach for the front doors as well. But renovating it will increase the value of your house if you ever put it for sale.

                  Update your house exterior and make it appealing to visitors and neighbors. Add stepping stones for a gorgeous walkway and use a uniquely designed house number. Give your exterior the best lighting fixtures as well. Let people imagine that your interior is superb.


                   4. Kitchen and bathroom makeover

                    Build your kitchen cabinet and storage from recycled materials in your house. Or just paint the existing cabinets and make them look new. If you wish to change kitchen tiles, you may go for laminate flooring. It is cheaper and easy to maintain. Laminate will give you that modern style kitchen that you always imagined. You don't need to buy new dining chairs; be creative with the one you have or build another set from recycled materials.

                    how to renovate a house on a budget

                    As for the bathroom, shop for toilet and bathroom fixtures that you wish to change and make sure you buy them at cheaper rates. It is not compulsory to change all accessories; you can repair and paint the old ones.


                    5. Small rooms can look bigger

                      Changing a few things in the small room can make it look bigger. You don't need to pull down the walls in an attempt to make the house larger. It will be too expensive for your tight budget. Therefore, you must put in other measures to achieve the same goal. Consider the right color, furniture size, and arrangement. Add shelves where necessary to make sure your things are well arranged. And use mirrors, they have a unique way of making a room look bigger.


                      6. Garden renovation

                        Your garden should be well tidied up; cut down overgrown trees and dead plants. You can also move furniture there, maybe a bench, and paint it to blend in with the plants and flowers. If you don't have a garden, consider growing it now because gardens are attractive.


                        Final Words

                        You can make renovation cheap if you plan it well. Budgeting is necessary and you must do all you can to cut cost bearing in mind that durability is paramount. Don't buy less durable items because they are cheaper. Try to reuse your old furniture and appliances because not all of them need to be changed.

                        Paint and rearrange your furniture to give your house a different design. Creativity is vital in home renovations.

                        Follow the guide above, and your house renovation will come out successful and still on budget.


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