how to make a room look bigger with curtains

How to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

How to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

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The type of décor, paint, and furniture you choose for your bedroom can make it look bigger or smaller.

If you have a small room, certain fooling-the-eyes tricks can make it look bigger and more spacious.

Small rooms can be very uncomfortable and challenging to design. When you have a small space, everything counts.

This article will give you simple furniture, décor, and paint ideas that will make your small bedroom appear bigger.


Simple Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Do you have problems decorating your small room? Follow these tricks.

1. Avoid Excess Furniture

Well, you don't always need two bedside tables in your small room. Why not pick only one? It sounds simple but may be challenging to practice.

There is still that feeling to keep extra things. Although they make life easier, they also occupy space. Remove additional tables, chairs, pillows, or nightstands. This move will help you to free up some space.


2. Vertical space

Use the small space vertically. Since the floor space is small, arrange the room from the wall to the ceiling. This trick will make your room seem larger.

You can use built-in shelves that stand vertically from floor to ceiling; they’re very suitable for small room space even though many may not like them. Wall shelves that hang on the wall will do the trick.


3. Use Leggy Furniture

Leggy pieces of furniture make it possible to see the floor, which makes the room seem larger. Make sure you expose the legs. Not all pieces of furniture need to have legs.

If you choose to use a low bed arrangement, make sure your chair has exposed legs. This way, you will create an illusion of space in your small room. Raise your bed shirts to expose the legs.

When you choose a bed with legs, watch out for this next trick.


4. Low Bed Placement

Keep low grounds. Even if you choose to use a bed and chairs with legs, you must not let them be too tall. Allow more space above by using low bed placement.

Keep your furniture short to the ground, and the ceiling will seem higher. This arrangement helps you to avoid scrapes and scratches on the walls as well.


5. Transparent furniture

This tip is tricky but straightforward enough. Imagine how transparent glass doors appear in stores. It feels like there are no doors at all. Placing transparent chairs and tables in your bedroom makes it look larger because they seem like they just appear when you need them and disappear again. They seem not to be always on the spot.


6. Mirrors

mirror small bedroom bigger

Hanging mirrors in your bedroom is not only essential to check out your outfit, but also to create an illusion that there is more space. They reflect light and, if placed cleverly, create depth or height. You can set your mirror near the window to give the small room a broader sense of space.


7. Be organized

Try as much as possible to put all things in the right place. Take out a day and de-clutter your room. Move out dirty laundry and excess magazines. Put clean clothes in the drawer and arrange shoes on a rack. Make sure you free up space and remove all unwanted and unattractive items.


8. Maximize Furniture

Don't gather up small pieces of furniture because you have a small bedroom. Buy furniture that fits into your space. A small size bed with two large nightstands does not look good.

Your furniture should match in scale. Get the right size of dressers that fit into space beside your bed. For a small room, a tall and slim dresser fits in more than a wide and short dresser.


9. Built-in storage

shelve small bedroom bigger

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Built-in storage around the bed can serve as shelves and also bedside tables. They may require extra effort and can be challenging to complete. But this is a good move that can make your small bedroom look bigger. This bedside shelving creates a recess around the bed. It gives you more space.


10. Items off the floor

Try as much as possible to leave your bedroom floor free of any sort of décor. This step emphasizes the importance of mounting shelves. Mounting a bookshelf creates more space than buying one. You can also mount shelves for your flower vases and other decors.


11. Drapes

drape small bedroom bigger

Drapes are not necessary. But if you must use one, avoid solid color drapes as they do not allow light into the room. Light rays are essential because they also create depth illusions.

Allow the natural light to illuminate your small bedroom. If you choose to use drapes, make sure they don't hit the floor. This can cut off the flow of the room.

An option is to tie them or trim them to leave a few inches free below the floor.


12. Leave Empty spaces

Try as much as possible to avoid filling up all the space. You don't need to. It is not necessary to fill up your shelves. Allow some space and let the room breathe.

You may like to decorate your room with small things. It will be pretty for small bedrooms but you need to follow the Cantaloupe rule. The rule says that no décor should be smaller than a cantaloupe, else, it will become clutter.


13. Small lamps and Sconces

Use smaller lamps instead of putting a single source of light in the middle of the ceiling. You can use as many as you want. Scatter them in the room. They will help you to exaggerate your bedroom space. Free up your bedside tables or night tables by mounting sconces above. It helps to clear some space around your bed and gives your room an airy look. It draws the eyes upward and keeps the bedroom open.


14. Simple but creative

This tip comes last because it crowns it up. You have a small bedroom, so there is no need to seek complex designs and interiors. Just keep it simple but sophisticated. Be creative with your choice of furniture, fittings, and other decors. Arrange and rearrange until you give your bedroom the right touch.


How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger with Paint

As mentioned before, your choice of painting can also make your room look bigger. It is hilarious but real. Colors have a way of brightening and lightening up a bedroom. This feature, if used correctly, can also make your room appear more spacious.

  • Paint walls with light colors

light paint small bedroom bigger

Light colors reflect light while dark colors absorb light. Painting the walls of your small bedroom with bright colors makes the room seem airy and open. Apply this tip to the colors you choose for your furniture.


  • Use bold pattern or solid colors for the ceiling

This technique tricks the eye to look upward. The patterned ceiling will draw the eyes and create an illusion of height. It makes the ceiling look higher even if it is not. You may use a dark blue night sky color for the ceiling.


  • Paint trim with a lighter color

Use a slightly lighter color for the trim. It gives the eyes perception of depth. The walls seem farther away. Your wall, trim, and other detailing should be painted in different shades of the same color.


  • Mix prints with solids

Some people prefer to use all prints in the bedroom. But it is more advisable to subdue prints with solids in a small bedroom, especially for large objects like your bed. Use a solid bedding sheet for your bed and add printed throw pillows. Items can have different textures and prints but you must bring in more solid colors to make things look better.


  • Stripes

Do you notice that you look wider when you wear a striped shirt? Having striped patterns on your wall makes the bedroom feel the same way. If you have a room with a low ceiling, go for vertical stripes. But if your room just doesn't seem wide enough, opt for horizontal stripes.

Vertical stripes on the wall make the room look higher while horizontal stripes make the room seem wider.


  • Monochromatic Painting

Your bedroom has to be very coordinated; this coordination does not stop at avoiding clutters alone. Use different shades of a particular color when painting and choosing furniture.

Using opposite colors in your room ruins the flow and fluidity. It also makes the room look smaller. The opposite color will stand out and occupy space, thereby making the room feel small.


Final Words

Decorating a small bedroom may seem complicated but these tricks make it simpler. When your room is well organized and clutter-free, it will look more spacious. Your room organization affects all other objects in the room.

Simple design, excellent color combination, and befitting furniture is the best technique for making your small bedroom seem bigger.

One last tip; after implementing these tips, take a before and after picture of your small bedroom and see the difference. You will be marveled at the beautiful transformation.


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