Pros and Cons of Wood Flooring in Bedrooms

Pros and Cons of Wood Flooring in Bedrooms

Pros and Cons of Wood Flooring in Bedrooms

Every house owner goes through the exciting procedure of choosing the right flooring for the bedroom. To make a good decision, a homeowner must analyze carefully the pros and cons of each considered flooring. One must consider not just flooring itself but also the intended occupants of the bedroom.

Most homeowners would agree that a typical hardwood floor is always eye-catchy and great for bedrooms. Consequently, wood flooring always makes it to the list of considered flooring if not topping it.

A hardwood floor is made of natural materials from harvested trees in forested areas. Wood flooring is not just unique and timeless, its durability and elegance is one which gives your bedroom a perfect quality and a great look. If you have several unanswered questions considering hardwood flooring, this article is solely written to answer your questions and enable you to make a great choice you won't regret.

Pros of Wood Flooring in the Bedroom

Hardwood flooring gives you several benefits that are paramount to a homeowner. Here are the advantages of hardwood floors in the bedroom.


Hardwood lasts almost indefinitely compared to other floors. If you decide to choose a hardwood floor, you will enjoy having your mind off renovations for a very long time. The durability of hardwood keeps the homeowner from worrying about changes and repair for a very long time.

In addition, hardwood brings value to your house and enhances the reselling price. It can be refinished to give that perfect look you want from the bedroom. Saying hardwood could last century with good maintenance is no exaggeration.

Tremendous resistance to dust and allergens

Every homemaker has great value for health. Fortunately, hardwood at a higher level than other flooring has good resistance to dust and allergens. Besides, carpets also have volatile organic compounds but hardwood offers a healthier environment by its obstruction to such particles harmful to human health.
If you share your bedroom with pets, you don’t have to worry about dander, fleas, and fur getting absorbed by the floor. Fumes, dust mites and allergens may contribute to health concerns if you have asthma or allergies.

Effortless cleaning procedure

A stress-free life is always easier and healthier. Hardwood flooring makes one out of your chores easier as it doesn't stain easily since dust, dander and allergens are not trapped by hardwood floors in the way other floorings might do. It makes your cleaning easier offering fewer blots to concentrate on.

Owning a pet that frequents your bedroom is not a problem with hardwood floors. The stain doesn't stick and its dust is not trapped.

Aesthetic quality

Everyone would like to own an elegant bedroom and get nice compliments for it. Hardwood flooring offers that special aesthetic value to your room just by keeping its original beauty. The great thing is that there are varieties to choose from that would fit perfectly into the blend and structure of your bedroom.
Additionally, a good amount of homeowners find it easier to match the furniture with wood floors than with carpet. Wood can go with any blend of colors of your furniture since it is neutral. The neutral quality of wood becomes extra valuable when you are redecorating a room.

Bestows a warm and cozy sensation

Another advantage of a wood floor is that it gives a cozy feeling when you walk across the floor. It is an amazing insulator that retains heat, which makes it comfortable to walk on and bestows a cozy feeling.

Consider giving wood flooring a second thought if these are features you want for your home floors

Cons of Wood Floors in the Bedroom


Wood floors are not one of the cheapest flooring ideas for a good reason. The durability and quality of hardwood tend to make it higher in cost than other flooring patterns like carpet.

A real hardwood floor can be expensive, with the cost of hiring a professional to install them added to the price of the required materials.

However, in the long run, saving money with carpets or other floors might turn out not to be the best option as carpets will tear easily but the durability of hardwood would keep your mind safe and unworried about the floor.


Ever had to tiptoe while walking across the floor to prevent waking up a roommate at night? You might have to do this over and over again if you're planning to share your room with someone when you choose hardwood flooring. It’s a bit noisy, enough to wake any light sleeping bed mate up.

Moreover, hardwood hardly has sound dampening properties. This makes it a not-so-suitable choice for a second-floor bedroom, as it could be so audible to disturb even when dropping an item on the floor.

Scratches and dents

Some finishes on hardwood scratch easily. These scratches are unavoidable in a bedroom with children and pets. Kids’ toys and pets’ sharp claws can leave marks and scratches. You can, however, prevent the scratches and marks with the use of modern hard-poly finishes in a room with children and pets.

Susceptible to moisture

Hardwood is extra susceptible to moisture. Swelling and damage of hardwood might occur due to moisture and high traffic. You might have to always clean up with every spill of water and leakages would have to be prevented or fastened very quickly.

Usually impacted by humidity and temperature.

Another disadvantage of wood floors is the effect of humidity and temperature on them. Wood floors swell in the wet season and shrink in the rainy season because it doesn’t absorb moisture.

How Do I Maintain My Wood Floor?

Wood floors might require you to do a little refinishing to amend the wear and tear of the everyday use of the floor. Once in 10 years, you might want to refinish your wood floors to restore its original beauty.

You might also need to ensure quality maintenance by preventing moisture and scratches by extra carefulness with water and the use of an area rug respectively.

Wrap Up

Withstanding these few cons of wood floors in the bedroom through preventive measures already noted clearly, wood floors are ageless, unique, beautiful and perfect for your bedroom convenience.
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