Bedroom Ideas for Kids

bedroom for kids

A bedroom for your little ones should be a fun space for them to grow, play and rest. Creating and crafting the look of this space can be a challenging experience. 

The challenge is worth the hassle since a beautiful and functional room will serve your child well for years to come.

How do you style a kid’s bedroom?

Keep it simple

kids bedroom

Less is usually more when it comes to designing kids’ rooms. Try to keep the décor and furnishings simple and to the minimum. 

This will help you to leave more space for play and a neutral canvas for further developing and updating the bedroom as your child grows.

Including a loft bed or a bunk bed is ideal for small rooms shared by multiple children

Create different zones

play area

You can create different zones for various activities and allocate the space accordingly. 

You can have a bunk bed on one side, and create a schoolwork and reading zone on the other end. The reading zone can be near a window accessorized with a desk and chair, with a bookshelf mounted on the wall above the desk.

With some space left over, you can consider a playing zone fitted with a beanbag and located near the toy storage space. You can add an area rug near the play zone to encourage expansive play. 

Finally remember to have some tubs, baskets, or open shelving units with easy access to encourage neatness and tidying up different zones once they have been used.

Focus on Play

bedroom for children

Children need some personal space where they can play, keep their toys and feel at ease when just hanging around the home. This will not only help develop their creativity, but it will help to burn up all that pre-bedtime energy.

The bedroom is likely to be a central avenue for children’s play, and they are likely to spend a lot of time playing on the floor. Remember that having floors can cause some bruises and injuries amidst play.

Thus, flooring is an important aspect of a child’s bedroom since they require comfort and a soft underfoot to protect their little feet. Adding some plush carpeting to the floor provides the aforementioned comfort and is a welcome respite from the cold floor. 

A carpet adds some cushioning to protect children from trips and small falls as they play in their rooms.

Add some statement furniture

play tent

Try to incorporate some furniture that is fun and stands out in the bedroom. You can add a cozy chair, an egg swing chair, or a low-slung hammock with cushions. 

This is a fun addition that your children are likely to enjoy for quite a while, concurrently adding some sophistication to the space.

Double up on storage


It is quite likely that your children’s bedrooms will be small, presenting a particular challenge with limited storage space for all the stuff that comes with kids.

Kids have a lot on hand, ranging from games, toys, books, clothes, and other keepsakes you may have gotten them. You are likely to need some storage accessories to help to corral the resulting clutter in children’s rooms.

Consider adding hooks, book rails, under-bed storage closets, and pieces of furniture with built-in storage. You can also add a second rail to your child’s closet, an innovative and inexpensive way of expanding the storage potential of bedrooms.

Ensure that you maximize vertical space available in small bedrooms, which is very helpful in shared bedrooms where there is a lot to fit into limited space.

Floor-to-ceiling storage will likely make a bedroom’s footprint feel and look smaller than it is. You can counter this by painting these storage options with light and pale color tones. This will not only make the room feel brighter, but it will also give the illusion of space.

Another way of being space-smart with children’s bedrooms and using every possible inch of space is incorporating clever headboard ideas. 

You can elongate the height of a headboard to create open shelving within which you can store books and even a lampshade. This will navigate the need for a bedside cupboard or shelving which takes up valuable floor space.

Window seating options allow you to hide storage compartments in plain sight. They also allow you to inject a bold color and some pattern to compliment the overall appearance of a child’s small bedroom.

Play with Color Tones

kids colours

Shades of white and cream are great for small spaces like children’s bedrooms since they make the space appear larger and reflect natural light to reduce the need for having lights on during the day. 

You can then inject some color into the room using accessories like pillows, shelves, carpeting, and toys.

A similarly interesting way of bringing some bold colors and personality into the bedroom includes obtaining reversible duvet sets. This will give you a more aesthetic return for single items that are often the centerpiece of bedrooms. 

Your kids will have fun and some variety in switching up the two sides of the duvet before they outgrow it.

Engage Kids’ Opinions

kids playing

Let the kids have some input on their rooms, in simple aspects such as the color of the walls, area rug options, and accessories strewn around the room. You can get your kids involved by asking for favorite paint ideas or colorful accessories that you can incorporate into their bedrooms.

Children can also be guided in choosing fun wallpapers for a particular section of the wall or the entire room. You can also let them put up a few colored stickers to give their rooms a personal touch, something they are likely to enjoy.

An interesting idea is to turn storage compartments into colorful art displays. You can allow your children to put up drawings and paintings on cabinets and other large surfaces of storage spaces. 

This is a chic way to hang up all the drawings brought home from school. It beats having these art pieces cluttering the fridge door and other surfaces of your walls.


Children’s bedrooms require some planning and involving children’s preferences to create a space where they feel comfortable spending their time. Remember that much like yourself, children need a cozy space to get away from it all.

Remember to keep play in mind, have some interesting furniture, ample storage space, and a generally fun aura to set up a bedroom that children will find interesting for long periods. 

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