Modern House Plans

Modern House Plans

Find the best modern house designs for residential living in Africa through our collection! These popular floor plans come in a variety of readymade sizes and specifications for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost house, a luxurious family home, or any other, you can find the perfect floor plan design for your needs in this collection.

Small modern houses are great for people who are looking for their first home. Available in one bedroom floor designs and two bedroom floor designs, these one-storey house plans are affordable and easy to build and maintain. They are great for individuals, couples, retirees, and more! Find popular floor plans for small house designs in this collection for a home that’s compact but classy.

If you’re looking for a larger house plan, whether it’s for a family home or as property investment to rent the rooms out, take a look at our double-storey house plans for 3 BHK, 4 BHK, 5 BHK, or our modern mansion floor plans. These house plans are large, spacious and luxurious. They are perfect for joint residential living in any part of Africa including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya and others.

Choose a contemporary house design for a unique-looking property. These house designs use unconventional design elements to make your house stand out. Modern house designs are practical and bold in their simplicity. Find the best floor plan that suits your requirements and get started on a beautiful dream home for you and your family!

1 Bedroom Duplex house plan - ID 12232


Contemporary 4 Bedroom 5 Bath Plan - ID 24520


Modern 2-storey 4 Bedroom House - ID 24517


4 Bedroom brick house - ID 14513


L-Shaped 4 Bedroom House - 1D 14313


Small Real-estate House Plan - ID 12308


4-Bedroom Hipped roof house - ID 14312


Contemporary 4-bedroom house plan - ID 24519


4-bedrooom modern bungalow house - ID 14511


Modern 4 Bedroom Double Storey House - ID 24607


Fourplex 2-Bedroom apartment House Plan - ID 38801


Gym Thatch Roof Design - ID 11111


4 bedroom thatch roof villa - ID 14510