bathroom shelf organizer ideas

10 Very Small Bathroom Storage Ideas to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

very small bathroom storage ideas

very small bathroom storage ideas

Apartments can be very tricky to find sometimes, particularly when you have a long list of requirements that have to be met.

After ticking the main boxes on your list—like location, pricing, and water and electricity availability— you might find yourself compromising; letting go of certain things like choosing an apartment that has a fantastic location over the one with big bathroom space.

The bathroom, like every other room in the house, has its furniture and appliances.

This article is a must-read if you have a small bathroom with limited storage space but would love to have everything in an ideal bathroom and keep things organized.

Small space does not mean that your bathroom would have to look any less tidy, beautiful, or functional than you want it to be. You can always improvise.

This article brings to you the different storage ideas that can help to keep your bathroom organized without crowding the space it has to offer.


Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Part 1: Use what you have…

You know the rest. Take a clue from this cliché phrase and use all the fixtures already installed in your bathroom. It will surprise you to find out just how much you can store in unexpected places.


1. Your Medicine Cabinet

    very small bathroom storage ideas

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    This is one storage area that you probably already use. Maybe you have already filled it to the brim, but the key phrase here is— to maximize!


    • Add on the Outside

    Place a magnetic rack against the outer walls and the front of your medicine cabinet. The sides are suitable for items that you need to have easy access to but you don't necessarily want openly displayed.

    It is a clever way to keep something left in the open overly hidden. You can insert items like your toothbrush and toothpaste in the front panel so that you can easily reach for them and keep them back immediately after use. Asides from this, you can use your cabinet for what it is made for—to store medicines.

    If your bathroom is small, chances are that the cabinets are just as small, providing insufficient space for other medical essentials. The big containers can stay inside the cabinet while you place the small items in the hanger you have attached. This includes items like pills, muscle patches, and contraceptives.


    • Don't Forget the Inside

      Sometimes, medicine cabinets (as well as other cabinets) come as boxes without shelves, making the bottom of the shelf the only surface to store items. Shop online for mini shelves and easy shelf add-ons to place inside or attach directly to the walls of the cabinet.

      Depending on how creative you are, one storage surface can turn to two or even three. All it takes is your discretion.


       2. Your Water Closet

        very small bathroom storage ideas

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        Yes! This might seem hilarious and unbelievable but your water closet is a very good storage spot for items that could otherwise clutter your space.


        • On the Water Tank

          The most obvious solutions are usually the hardest to spot.

          The water tank is an ingenious spot to place perfume spray bottles and air fresheners. They can be very handy, especially after using the toilet. Also, the bottles add a beautiful look to your bathroom, particularly when they come in unique shapes and colors.

          If your water tank operates with a push-button on top and not a handle on its side, you might want to limit the number of bottles to two to avoid them sitting directly on the button.


          • Above the Water Tank

            You don’t have to limit yourself to the top of your water tank alone. You can attach portable racks and shelves firmly against the wall, directly above your toilet water tank. These racks can store fresh body and face towels. They can also be used to store bathroom cleaning equipment like detergents, scrubbing brushes, air shampoos and conditioners, among others.

            Aluminum racks or shelves add an elegant look but colorful plastics also help to add character to your bathroom space. So, get choosing already!


            3. The Bathroom Door

              Small bathroom storage ideas

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              This is a very common and quite useful storage spot.

              Do you shake off your robe by leaving it at the mercy of the floor each time you climb into the shower? Do you throw your towel on the bed or hang it on your wardrobe door after use? Or maybe you despair having to settle for awkward places to dry your underwear? Well, fret no more!

              Get a pole, the width of your door, and use fixtures (you can get them at any hardware store) to mount the pole on your bathroom door. This would be very ideal for hanging your robes before your shower and hanging your towels to dry when you finish.

              You can also opt for adhesive hooks by attaching them to your door instead of the poles if you find them more comfortable. The hooks take up less space and firmly stick to other surfaces as well.

              Also, you can equally fix an over-the-door shelf right on the wall, above your door, to store your linen, duvet, and fabrics. This will allow you to easily reach for those materials whenever you need them without going through the hassles of ransacking your bathroom. You only need to have a small stool around if your height does not enable you to reach the shelf easily.


              4. Your Bathroom Sink

              very small bathroom storage ideas

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              • Over the sink

                If you cannot afford a vanity but you still want a mirror to check yourself and take fancy pictures, then this spot is perfect for you. You can screw the mirror into the wall, just above your sink. And voilà! You have your makeshift vanity!

                Sinks also tend to have panels on top of them, making them great for placing toothbrushes and toothpaste holders for easy access. The panels are also great for placing soaps and little hand lotions to use after wash. Aside from these, the sink is usually a great place to feature items like potpourri, which adds fragrance and beauty to any space.


                • Below the sink

                  The little space beneath the sink is equally great for keeping items. Boxes, bins, and bags can hold just about anything. All of these can go under the sink. You can also store items that can stand on their own like toilet brushes, fabric softeners, bleaching agents in bottles, brooms, and so on.

                  Hooks can also be placed against the wall beneath the sink to hold items like sponges that are used for cleaning the bathroom.


                   Part 2: Bring in Some Things

                  5. Little Woven Baskets

                    very small bathroom storage ideas

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                    Your bathroom will most likely not give room for new furniture or any heavy storage items, so you can opt for items that are not only small but also pocket-friendly.

                    Handwoven baskets are a beautiful fit for this purpose. You can find them in thrift stores, arts and craft shops, online markets, and even yard sales. You can also get them at a bargain, especially when you buy a few pieces instead of one.

                    These baskets can be hung against the walls of your bathroom and door. Small-sized nails would also be the most proper tools to hold them well. This is important as they make it sturdier to fit in lots of items.

                    Asides from items like toiletries, you can use your baskets to store underwear and little beauty items like scrunches and headbands.


                    6. A Dual-Purpose Mirror

                       very small bathroom storage ideas

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                      Two-in-one items are splendid for when you have little to no space. Not only do they save you the cost of buying two separate items but they also save the space that the individual items would occupy—a dual-purpose mirror does exactly this.

                      The mirror helps to improve the aesthetics of the bathroom. And when you swing the doors open, you get to see an array of shelves that you can use to store items at your discretion.


                      7. Magnetic Strip

                        very small bathroom storage ideas

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                        These are the items that take up the least space in the bathroom. When fixed to any surface of your choice, they can store all kinds of metallic items. This includes tweezers, pins, nail cutters, and hair clips. You can place them discreetly or in spaces where they can be easily reached. They can also be gotten from hardware stores and ordered online at astoundingly cheap rates.


                        8. Fancy Ladders

                          very small bathroom storage ideas

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                          No, you are not going to use them to reach for objects placed on high surfaces, if that's what you are thinking. Fancy ladders serve two main purposes; they add to the aesthetics of your bathroom and, most importantly, they are incredibly useful for storing items. They come in different shapes and sizes; hence, you can buy the one that fits into a corner in your bathroom.

                          You can also have one tailor-made to fit in the space you have. The ladders usually have shelves for placing bottled items, racks for towels, and holders for tissues. They are a great buy for any small-sized bathroom.


                          9. Shower Caddies

                            very small bathroom storage ideas

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                            Pretty, small, cute, and elegant— they are everything you want for your bathroom, especially when it comes to functionality. Depending on the type you choose, a shower caddie gives the touch you need to add color to your shower space.

                            They can also hold all shower essentials like your sponge, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, among other bathroom essentials.


                            10. Vertical Vanities

                              very small bathroom storage ideas

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                              This is a no-brainer for people without vanities, cabinets, or drawers. You can buy them with specifications or have them made by carpenters. They are usually pocket-friendly, and making them takes less than a day. Vertical installments are great because they take up less space and add a unique dimension to the bathroom space.

                              Aside from adding color and life to the bathroom, vanities are also great because they come with shelves. And the floor space beneath them is a beautiful space to store laundry baskets, dustbins, cleaning materials, and small stools for self-care practices, doing the laundry, applying make-up, and other activities that require a stool.



                              Whether you are adding storage units to your bathroom or revamping the small space available to fit in different things, this article gives you all the ideas you need to increase the storage space of your bathroom.

                              You also get to keep things tidy and organized, regardless of how small your bathroom size might be. If anything, we hope that this inspires you to think of even more creative ways to store items in your bathroom without worrying about insufficient space or size.

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