Mediterannean House Plans

Mediterannean House Plans

Browse our collection of unique house plans to get you started on designing your dream home. We have a wide range of beautiful Mediterranean house plans which are the perfect combination of convenience, luxury, and serenity, to provide you and your family with a relaxing atmosphere to live in. Whether you want a family home or a stunning holiday home, take a look at these modern Mediterranean house plans and find the floor designs that best suit your needs.

Mediterranean house plans are available in one storey or two storey designs. They typically include well-planned and elaborate outdoor features including winding pathways, large outdoor living spaces, soaring windows that let in natural light and air, balconies, and tiled sloping roofs. Mediterranean house plans have an air of casualness even amidst a great deal of luxury due to the vast open spaces and spacious rooms and corridors. In this collection, you can found Mediterranean house plans with courtyards, provisions for a large swimming pool, patios, garage space, a veranda and more.

The stunning modern Mediterranean house plans in this collection include designs for 3 bedroom homes, 4 bedroom homes, 5 bedroom homes and more. The aesthetic features of the Mediterranean style house design can be incorporated in small house plans as well. These floor plans are the best for providing you with relaxing and comfortable spaces that are also visually appealing and unique.

Browse our collection now and find the best Mediterranean house plan to suit your needs!

3 bedroom Mediterranean house - ID 13422


6 bedrooms Modern Mediterranean mansion - ID 36702


6 Bedroom Modern Mediterranean house - ID 26707


3 bedroom Mediterranean house - ID 13220

$349.00 $149.00

6 Bedroom Mediterranean house plan - ID 26704


5 self-contained bedrooms house plan - ID 25607


9 Bedroom House Design - ID 49901