Apartment Plans

Apartment Plans

If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient home for your family, browse through our collection of apartment floor plan designs. These floor plans are perfect as retirement homes, rental properties, small family homes and more. Our collection consists of apartment floor plans in various sizes and specifications that are suited to various locations in Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and other regions.

Our apartment floor plans are great for people looking for a home that is affordable and easy to maintain. Small apartment plans come in single story designs for 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom apartments. For a more luxurious house design, you can opt for a 2 story apartment floor plan, which gives you sufficient space for bedrooms, work areas, a kitchen area, and living room. If you are looking to make a major investment in property in Africa, you can also browse through our floor designs for entire apartment blocks. These plans provide you with space that can be used for residential or commercial purposes as per your needs. 2 bedroom apartment designs and 3 bedroom apartment designs are popular floor plans in Africa and are sure to give you high returns due to their appeal among families and single individuals.

In this collection, you can find the best apartment floor plan designs to suit your needs. Browse now and get in touch with our team to discuss any further requirements.

Fourplex 2-Bedroom apartment House Plan - ID 38801


Modern Studio Apartment Block Design - ID 26602


2 bedroom apartment building plan - ID 28802


Mixed-use building design - ID 48901


Single-storey Apartment complex - ID 19801


Duplex 2 bedroom apartment - ID 24412


6-plex Apartment building - ID 49902


2 Bedroom 4-plex building - ID 28801


Two-storey 2 bedroom apartment building - ID 28901


Modern Apartment building design - ID 69902


Apartment house design - ID 29905


Apartment Building Floor Plan - ID 29903


12 Bedroom Apartment Design - ID 29902