Rental Apartment House Plan - ID 39902

Plan Specifications

  • 15 bedrooms

  • 3 stories

  • 9 bathrooms

  • 609 sq m

  • Length 28m

  • Width 21m


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Plan Description

A Rental Apartment House Plan of a modern style and has 3 rentable units. The plan layout is similar for all the three floors levels. The building has a a straight forward structure that makes it easy to construct. The balanced design has simplicity and neatness, with a facade that is both refined and straightforward.

Each floor and unit has 5 bedrooms including one master ensuite. Master suite comes with a walk in closet and a working space for a home office. On the left side end and right side end there are 2 bedrooms with a shared bathroom. The Living room, dining and kitchen are an open plan and defined by furniture layout. Dining area opens to a kitchen veranda at the rear of the building. Living room opens to a balcony which used for a viewing deck. The plan comes with a laundry, a storage area and a linen spaces at the center of the plan.

This Rental Apartment House Plan is an ideal design for multi-family homes. For Real estate investors this plan give a great opportunity to compete with the present demand of rental homes in towns. 

Plan Details

Features Drawings List


Apartment units: 3
5- Bedroom Apartment

Stories: 3
Bedrooms: 15
Bathrooms: 9
Living Room: 3
Dining: 3
Store: 3
Linen: 3
Veranda: 6
Laundry: 3
Foyer: 3

Foundation Plan
Floor Plans
Roof Plan
Construction Details
Doors and windows schedule
Floor finishes and furniture layout plan
Schematic electrical layout plan
Schematic clean water layout plan
Schematic Foul water layout plan
Septic tank and Soak away pit

Structural Drawings

*Drawings delivered in PDF and DWG Format

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