Top 10 Ideas for Flawless Bathroom

Top 10 Ideas for Flawless Bathroom

Keeping your bathroom organized and free of clutter can be challenging due to limited space. However, with a few creative bathroom storage ideas, it’s possible to have a well-arranged bathroom. These tricks will even make your bathroom feel twice as big.

The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. As such, it can become cluttered quite easily, leaving you with barely any space to move around. So, if there are toilet papers and all sorts of toiletries lying around, it’s time you invested in household products that will provide you with space-saving bathroom storage.

No matter how small you think your bathroom is, trust us, there are numerous bathroom storage ideas that will ensure you have space for everything. We’ve compiled a list of top 10 ideas that will keep everything that you’re not using out of the way, and even out of sight in some cases. You can decide to use some of these bathroom storage solutions if you’re building a house, or even incorporate them during remodeling.

So, let’s dive right into it by looking at ten bathroom storage space ideas which are guaranteed to transform that tiny or not so tiny room:

1. Shelves

If you have empty wall space, then you definitely have space for shelves. This is one of the best places to put products such as shampoos, towels, toilet paper, and basically anything else you can think of. With shelves, access to these items is also easy, since it’s an open space. Do you already have shelves installed, but there’s still insufficient space?

Well, let’s introduce you to some unconventional places where you can have additional shelving fitted. The space below your vanity, underneath or above your mirror, and below the sink are ideal places to put shelves. That said, there are various types of storage options that you can use on your walls, so let’s look at our next idea.

Bathroom Cabinet

2. Hooks

Your towels, robes, and other bathroom linen can be easily hung on hooks attached to the wall. The same goes for accessories such as brushes, hairdryers, jewelry, and curling irons. You can place the hooks strategically throughout the bathroom, where they’ll always be easily accessible whenever you need them. Hooks can also be attached to the back of the bathroom door.

3. Storage Ladder

Utilize the vertical space in the bathroom by using a storage ladder. You can hang towels and baskets containing products on the rails. This will work perfectly for you if you have been wondering how to add storage to a small bathroom. If you have a larger bathroom, our next space solution will work better for you.

Bathroom Accessories

4. A Shelf-Ladder

As you can tell by the name, this is a ladder that has shelves instead of the normal rails. It should be designed in such a way that the shelves at the bottom are larger than those at the top, with the size decreasing upwards. Place your large toiletry and linen baskets at the bottom. Higher up, use smaller containers to keep your toothbrushes, powders, and other bathroom essentials in order. 

5. Baskets

Is your sink counter forever cluttered? When every small item in your bathroom is free-standing, the room will look disorganized. To solve this, put all of these items in baskets. Not only can these keep the small stuff contained, but also things such as towels and extra toilet rolls. You can find nicely designed baskets that will not just provide storage space, but improve your bathroom’s aesthetics too.

Basket Storage

6. Top of the Toilet

If the top of your toilet is bare, then that’s a storage space you need to put to use right away. Here, you can use a simple tray to arrange various bathroom products on top. You can also place one of your baskets here. Bathroom storage over toilet can be great for keeping extra toilet rolls.

Top of the toilet

7. Above the Door

The space above your door is an ideal place to keep items that you don’t use regularly. Have a shelf installed and store your extra linen there.

8. Mirror Cabinet

One of the most popular creative bathroom storage ideas is having the mirror placed on the medicine cabinet door. That way, you get bathroom mirrors with storage which gives you two functional features with twice less space. If you have a bathroom storage cabinet, consider using this solution to free up more shelving space on your wall once you move the mirror.

Mirror Cabinet

9. Cabinet Doors

Another creative way to use your cabinets is by introducing more bathroom storage on the back of the doors. In this space, you can attach bins to hold essentials like brushes and flat irons. This will keep them out of sight, but still easy to access.

10. Magnetic Strips

Do you find yourself misplacing or losing your small metallic bathroom items more often than not? If so, a magnetic strip can help you keep your razor blades, hair binders, tweezers, and bobby pins in one place. This is also a safe option compared to keeping them in containers with other items, where you risk injuring your hand when you reach for them.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Today

As you can see, turning your bathroom into a more functional space is not all that hard. The secret is to work with what you have. Look for any free space, whether below the sink, behind the door, or even above the bathtub to keep things off your sink or floor.
There is endless bathroom storage furniture in the market that provide extra storage space, so be keen the next time you go shopping. These efforts will leave you with a clutter-free space where you can relax and reduce stress and anxiety after having a nice long bath or shower. Have you tried out any or a few of our bathroom storage hacks? If so, please share your experience with us.

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