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Everything You Need to Know About Stucco

Everything You Need to Know About Stucco

stucco exterior wall

Stucco, also known as the render, is a type of construction material made up of a binder, water, and aggregates.

This material is a shape-changing construction item that’s applied wet, then it later hardens to a very dense solid. The material is known to be utilized as a decorative coating for walls and ceilings.

Additionally, it is used as an accessory for sculptural and artistic materials in architecture and as an external building siding.

Stucco is a very viable option for covering less visually appealing substances during construction. These substances might include materials like a cinder block, metal, concrete, or clay brick and adobe. They are very significant for building the foundation of a structure.

However, they are not very well appreciated by viewers in a decorative sense, and that is when Stucco comes into the picture.


Etymology in Different Languages

Different languages have different applications for the word "stucco". Starting with the famous and most widely used language, English, there is a clear distinction in the usage of the word.

"Stucco" is referred to as the coating for the outside of the building while "plaster," on the other hand, is the word used to refer to a coating for interiors.

Apart from English, other European languages, most importantly Italian, don’t have any such distinction. "Stucco" means plaster in Italian and can serve for both words interchangeably.


History of the Material

stucco exterior wall

Image credit: thestruccoguy.com

Stucco was traditionally utilized as a potential material for both interior and exterior finish which used one or two thin layers laid directly over a brick, stone, or solid masonry surface.

These layers were then finished off with a finish coat that mostly contained an essential color and was textured for a better appearance. As time changed, so did the materials involved in building construction.

The introduction and development of heavy timber and light wood-framed construction methods led Stucco to evolve itself into this new role. The role allows for the material to add reinforcement of lattice or lath for structural support and elevate the number of layers to increase the system's overall thickness.

These changes provided support and tensile strength for the brittle material's wet plaster and helped control cracking.


The Application Procedure 

Application procedures for Stucco - Maramani.com

Image credit: stamfordstucco.com

The application of Stucco traditionally consists of three coats; the scratch coat, brown coat, and finish coat.

The two foundational or base coats of Stucco are either manually applied by workers or automatically sprayed on the surface by machines. The final or finish coat, on the other hand, is a little more eclectic. This finish coat can be of different forms such as troweled smooth, hand-textured, sprayed, or even floated to a sand finish.

It is vital to note that the lath material was made up of strips of wood in the very beginning, which was installed horizontally on the wall. This technique was widely utilized because it was essential to support the wet plaster until it cured with the spaces in between.

When a similar approach is used in exterior wall applications, the lath is foremost installed over a weather-resistant asphalt-impregnated felt or paper sheet. This particular procedure helps to protect the framing from the moisture that can potentially pass through Stucco's porous nature.

After World War II, the material and its application were revolutionized by integrating metal wire mesh or netting to the traditional wood lath. The integration made the method more useful, considering that the galvanization technique made the wire corrosion-resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

Even after the transformation, the authentic usage of the traditional method of wire mesh lath and three coats of exterior plaster is still highly maintained.


Attributes of Stucco

stucco exterior wall

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When looked at as a potential building material, Stucco is celebrated as one of the best materials available. Some of its qualities include durability, attractiveness, and weather resistance.

Elaborating upon these attributes, you must consider how long it is going to last when you’re looking for building materials.

With the material keeping up with the contemporary times, most brand new homes have been built with an exterior Stucco that has an acrylic-polymer finish.

This finish keeps the cracks to the minimum, which makes it last for more than 50 years before needing to be repaired. After that, they can be corrected by Stucco Repair Columbus Ohio.

Other than durability, this finish also enhances the weather-resistance of the material as it expands and contracts with the material and, thus, can be an excellent option to consider.

In terms of attractiveness, Stucco is unparalleled on the list because of its intricate and beautiful textured designs. The material adds a sense of heritage and royalty to the aesthetic of your place and is well appreciated by visitors.


What to Do If You Need Repair

stucco exterior wall

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Stucco is known to be a rigid material that has the potential to stand well to any kind of impact. It is essential to realize that even after the attributes listed, some things need to be taken care of specifically for this material.

Essentially, the need is to make sure that no moisture is entrapped in the walls, or else, the material can begin to deteriorate because of water infiltration. If any type of cracks or holes is left unattended in the structure, then they can result in moisture seeping beneath slyly.

This water infiltration can cause the wood lath to rot and the metal ones to rust. And this needs to be taken care of for sure.

In such instances, you can rescue your home from damage by providing your Stucco with reasonable care and repair through Stucco Columbus Ohio. A good repair can return the material to its original condition in no time with brief maintenance, and these restoration services can indeed provide you precisely what you need.

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