How to Keep Your House Smelling Good All the Time

How to Keep Your House Smelling Good All the Time

How to Keep Your House Smelling Good All the Time

Having a home without smell is utterly impossible.

However, the kind of smell your home has can determine how well you've taken care of it.

Offensive odors in any home are a great turnoff for guests or visitors. And when the malodors become unbearable, they can send your guests away in no time.

In the same vein, having a house that smells good all the time is a complete winner for homeowners. It will continue to bring comfort, calm, and freshness to your home. And your guests will be eager to know the secrets to your nice-smelling home.

It is pertinent to note that there is no secret to a home that smells good frequently. You only need to pay attention to some crucial factors that might give room to offensive odors in your home and find a lasting solution to eradicate them.

If you've been looking for the remedy to eradicate offensive smell(s) from your home, then you need to look no further.

This article is the best guide to help you keep your house smelling nice all day. Here, we shall be taking you through the factors that cause offensive odors in homes and how you can totally eradicate them.


Factors that Could Cause Bad Odors at Home

The following factors could cause the most unpleasant smell in your home if they aren't properly monitored and taken care of.


Stale food items

    Stale foods and condiments that linger for too long in the fridge and on countertops are the biggest culprits for bad odors.


    Waste bin

    How to Keep Your House Smelling Good All the Time

    When you don't take the trash out from your waste bin regularly, you're simply inviting unpleasant odors into your home. Unfortunately, this can also breed bacteria, maggots, and other hazards that can be detrimental to the health, especially if the waste bin contains rotten foods and moisture.


    Dead animal(s)

    Sometimes, a dead animal might be the cause of bad odors in your home. For example, common house pests like rats and wall geckos might have died accidentally in any part of your home, causing a bad odor as the animal decay. Hence, it would help to locate them as quickly as possible to prevent the odor from becoming unbearable.


    Spills on rugs/carpets

    Accidental liquid spills on rugs or carpets could also be the cause of bad odors in your home if proper care is not taken.



    how to make your room smell good naturally

    Your pets could cause your home to smell bad when they defecate or urinate around the home.


    Stinky dishwasher

    A poorly cleaned dishwasher made to accumulate mold and bacteria due to dirt and moisture can cause unpleasant odor in your house, especially in the kitchen.


    Dirty sheets & sofa

    Your bed sheets and sofa often absorb sweat, dust, dirt, and other kinds of particles that might lead to a bad odor if they aren't cleaned regularly.


    Poor ventilation

    Any home that is poorly ventilated might continue to have unpleasant odors for a long time.


    13 Practical Ways to Keep Your House Smelling Good All the Time

    Now that you know some of the factors likely to cause unpleasant odors in your home, below are the practical solutions to keep your home smelling good at all times.


    1. Use Baking Soda and Vinegar when Cleaning Your Home

    How to Keep Your House Smelling Good All the Time

    Baking soda and vinegar are some of the best remedies for smelly homes. You can mix them with different cleaning agents to make deodorizers, detergents, or cleaners.

    Baking soda is essentially a deodorizing agent that you can use to keep your carpets or rugs smelling fresh and nice. All you need to do is sprinkle baking soda on your rug and allow it to sit for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then proceed to vacuum your rug to enjoy an odor-free space.

    In addition, you can mix vinegar with lemon to make scented cleaning vinegar for your home's cleaning agent.


    2. Essential Oil Diffusers are Very Handy

    You can make a rewarding investment for your home by purchasing an essential oil diffuser. It's effortless to use and can help to keep your home smelling fresh all day long.

    There are a wide variety of essential oils that you can choose from. Some of them are lemon, vanilla, sandalwood, and tangerine.

    You just have to fill the diffuser with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Then watch it turn your home into a nicely scented abode.


    3. Dispose of Your Garbage Regularly

    Often, the bad odor in your home is a result of your undisposed garbage. For example, the smell of leftovers, rotten food, and other dirt in your garbage can give your home an offensive odor if the trash is not disposed of regularly.

    Therefore, make it a point of duty to throw out the trash daily to achieve the goal of a home that smells good all the time.


    4. Get Some Air-Purifying Plants

    how to make a house smell good fast

    Air-purifying plants are a viable alternative to the essential oil diffuser. In addition to purifying the air around, they give your home a nice aesthetics. Hence, you can choose air-purifying plants in place of air diffusers if you are a lover of nature.

    However, you must ensure that you take care of the plants regularly to prevent them from dying.

    Some of the plants you can choose from include jasmine, gardenias, and eucalyptus. They have a great fragrance that will keep your home smelling nice all day long.


    5. Use Scented Candles

    You can do no wrong with scented candles. They have been used for ages for aromatherapy. They’re one of the best and cheapest options to keep your home smelling pleasant.


    6. Give Your Shoes a Refreshing Odor

    Soiled shoes are another set of culprits that often cause offensive odors in the home. Freshen up your shoes by spraying their insides with shoe-Pourri to kill bad odor.


    7. Bake Some Vanilla, Spices, or Cookies in the Oven

    This option is a hack that some realtors frequently use to attract home buyers. You can choose to either bake vanilla, spice, or some cookies to keep your home smelling nice and inviting for visitors.


    8. Eradicate Moisture as Much as Possible

    Endeavor to always keep your home neat and dry at all times. Mop the floor regularly and ensure that you don't allow moisture to build up in any part of the home. Moisture is capable of causing molds and mildew, which also releases unpleasant odor in the home. You can equally use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture in the air.


    9. Pay Attention to Your Fridge

    How to Keep Your House Smelling Good All the Time

    Cleaning your fridge at least once a week will go a long in eradicating bad smells from your home. Different types of items and perishables stored in the fridge can give room to unpleasant smells. Therefore, clean the fridge regularly and put a box of baking soda or deodorizer inside it to keep bad odor away.


    10. Open Your Windows for Effective Ventilation

    A well-ventilated home can go a long way in helping you to achieve the best deodorizing result. A stuffy home, on the other hand, traps bad odors, especially cooking smells or other uncomfortable odors.

    So, always open your window when necessary to keep bad odors at bay and let in some fresh air.


    11. Use a Pet Deodorizer

    If you own a pet or pets, there are chances that they cause the smell in your home, particularly when they are not properly groomed. You need to brush your pet regularly and use a veterinarian-approved pet deodorizer.


    12. Keep Your Towel(S) Dry and Neat At All Times

    how to make a house smell good fast

    The moldy smell that comes from wet towels can be quite unpleasant. Always wash your towels regularly and ensure that they are dried properly after usage. This routine will go a long way in giving your home a nice smell and improving your hygiene.


    13. Make Your DIY Air Freshener Spray

    There are different ways to make air freshener sprays at home. Instead of buying them from the stores (which is quite expensive), you can make yours with your favorite blend of ingredients to give your home a great smell.

    You simply need to add alcohol, water, and any essential oil(s) of your choice into a spray bottle. Shake the mixture thoroughly, spray it generously around the house, and then watch as a pleasant smell takes over your home effortlessly.



    A nice smell isn't just the best gift you can give your home. It's also one of the ways to enjoy the comfort and proper hygiene in your house. Therefore, knowing the causes of offensive odors in your home and how to tackle them is crucial to improving your home's odor and hygiene.

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