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Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpet Cleaning: DIY vs Professional

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpet Cleaning: DIY vs Professional

home carpet cleaner vs professional

Carpet cleaning is sometimes neglected by many homeowners, or not a priority at all. However, studies have shown various reasons why you should add carpet cleaning to your routine. It is something that should be highly kept in mind.

Homeowners lay carpets at home for aesthetic reasons, which also make them responsible for the cleaning.

The study shows that carpet is an exposure source for allergens, fungi, and dust mites. Those elements will remain on the carpet for a long time and may cause skin irritations and breakouts.

Cleaning your carpet can be done at a scheduled time or occasionally. It promotes proper hygiene, especially when you host a party in your house.

There are two major options when it comes to carpet cleaning. You either clean them on your own or hire professionals to do the job. Here are some pros and cons of each option.


1. DIY Carpet Cleaning

    DIY cleaning is much cheaper than hiring professional cleaners. It is done by renting or buying cleaning equipment suitable for carpets. The cost is lesser this way, as said by most homeowners.

    To know it better, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of DIY carpet cleaning.

     diy carpet cleaning


    • You save more money. Getting professional cleaners demands a higher price than renting or purchasing cleaning equipment
    • DIY cleaning is favorable for pet owners who will need immediate cleaning at times. Having your own cleaning materials allows you to clean up the mess in a breeze



    • Inconsistency is the biggest challenge for DIY cleaning due to lack of labor. The family members will be responsible to clean the carpet, but laziness among the members cannot be avoided
    • DIY carpet cleaning takes time, especially when renting the equipment. The cleaning material will be available just for a limited time, so you need to rush up the cleaning process. This may bring a not-so-good outcome
    • There are cleaning techniques for carpets to remain intact and look like new. The number of cleaners should not exceed the recommended limit. Applying too much chemicals on a carpet results in damage. Sadly, there are cases where homeowners become unaware of using carpet cleaners


    DIY Options to Try

    Vacuuming the carpet does not guarantee a deeper clean outcome. Thankfully, materials to make carpet cleaners are readily available. You can avoid buying commercial products without compromising your carpet’s durability.

     home carpet cleaner vs professional

    • Non-toxic Cleaners

    Non-toxic cleaners are easy to make with a few ingredients found in the kitchen. They include water, vinegar, salt, and essential oils. This spot cleaner is pet-friendly and effective in removing stains. The more stain you need to wash off the stronger your cleaning formula will be.


    • Gum or Wax Remover

    Children may accidentally smear gum on the carpet. It may be stressful but you can remove it using an ice pack and a scrape to clean the carpet. To lift the stain, allow the gum to be frozen with the help of the ice pack and gently scrape it off.


    • Carpet Deodorizer

    Dirt can build up bad odor that must be eliminated. Only three ingredients such as cornstarch, baking soda, and crushed bay leaves are needed. Leave the combined powder solution on the stained area and then remove with a vacuum.


    2. Professional Carpet Cleaning

      Nowadays, people are becoming so busy that they opt to hire professional cleaners. It costs higher than DIY cleaning but worth the investment. You can be sure of cleaners knowing the proper techniques in cleaning carpets.

      Check out the pros and cons of this carpet cleaning option.

       is professional carpet cleaning worth it


      • These people are more equipped with the right tools to remove carpet stains or other dirt than anyone else. After years of service, they must have already encountered every type of carpet cleaning scenario both imaginable and beyond expectations
      • Unlike DIY cleaning, professional cleaners use more specialized equipment for carpets. We are not against renting commercial cleaning equipment but this is much better. It will leave your carpet a lot cleaner and drier. It will even smell better
      • Professional carpet cleaning promotes convenience for every homeowner. You can relax in a corner while an expert does the cleaning. This way, you can allot time on more important matters without something stealing your attention



      • Hiring professional cleaners, in any way, is pricier than DIY cleaning. Nonetheless, homeowners allow them to clean only some parts of the house to reduce the cost


      Carpet Cleaning Services to Recommend

      Carpet cleaning is essential for homeowners. DIY or professional cleaning are the two options to choose from. Many cleaning companies are now extending a hand to promote cleaning indoors, particularly for all carpet types.

      If you’re looking for carpet cleaning specialists in Scarborough, contact BOAS cleaning services. They offer premium carpet cleaning services with the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

      They have skilled cleaners to clean and protect your carpets and rugs of different types. The team ensures regular carpet cleaning for a fresher home whether commercial or residential homes.

      Indeed, clients across Scarborough and coastal Perth can expect superior results at a competitive price.

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