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How to Choose the Best Size of Area Rug for Under Your Bed

How to Choose the Best Size of Area Rug for Under Your Bed

what size area rug under queen bed

When you cover the carpet or bare floor of your room with a rug, you've succeeded in enhancing the mood, exquisiteness, and color of the room. Rugs are an integral part of the interior decoration of the home.

They give a background upon which other decorations or designs are built. This implies that they influence the choice of color, material type, pattern, and design of other decorative materials.

Different types of rugs are classified according to the purposes they serve; the area rug falls under one of these classifications.


What are Area Rugs?

Area rugs provide a "soft landing" for furniture and are smaller in dimension than the size of the room. If chosen correctly, they blend with the available pieces of furniture to give your room a homely feel.

They can be placed under the center table, dressing table, bed, or other pieces of furniture.

what size rug under king bed

The area rug under your bed doesn't only make your feet feel great when you step on it every morning you rise from your bed, but it also makes your eyes wet with admiration. It makes your bed so endearing that you look forward to spending another night on it. Also, it makes cleaning the room an easy and fun task to do.

The supposed beauty of your area rug might, however, become a disaster if you fail to choose an appropriate size meant for your bed.

Rugs smaller than beds are unappealing and even defile the basic essence of rugs. Bigger ones may make the room look small and rowdy. Either way, it is best to avoid the wrong sizes.


Determine the Purpose of the Rug

Before you begin to consider how to get the right size of an area rug, first determine your goals and what you aim to achieve with the rug.

  • Area Rug as a Soft Ground for the Feet

If you love your feet to rest on a soft wooly mat when you sit on your bed, then an area rug is what you need. Or if you hate it when you wake up to meet a cold carpet or tile, consider getting an area rug for your bed. To achieve this, the rug must extend out of the normal area of the bed.


  • Area Rug as an Interior Decoration

The color, design, and pattern of an area rug can greatly affect the decoration of a room. It can complement the blanket, curtain, and light of the room.

If you want the rug to be a part of the reason why your room is beautiful, then you have to be knowledgeable in getting the right size. If you purchase rugs that are smaller than your bed, you won't achieve your aim. And if you have an oversized area rug, it may end up encroaching into unwanted space and may make the room look untidy.

The rug needs to extend just enough to make its design visible and have an effect on the overall mood of the room.


  • Area Rug to Include bedside Furniture

what size rug under king bed

Some love their nightstands on the rug, some love them near the rug, while others love them far away from the rug. These preferences can be easily achieved when you purchase a rug with the right dimension.

Usually, only about three-quarters of a bed is placed on an area rug. But individual preferences can alter such standards. You only need to know how to get the desired dimension.


How to Choose a Befitting Size of Area Rug for Under Your (Queen/Kind) Bed

When you’re clear about your aim of having an area rug under your bed, you may begin searching for ways to get the right size. These ways are discussed below.


Consider the Size of Your Bed

The focus here is the size of your bed, not necessarily the size of your room. At least, the rug there should be an extra 18 inches to 24 inches of rugs protruding from the sides and bottom of the bed. You can then proceed to get the size of the rug required to fit your bed.

However, if you don’t wish to include other bedside furniture (like your nightstand) beside your bed, you can consider buying only two-third of the area of your bed.

You may also choose to explore having your bed sit on a different rug shape. It could be having a rectangular bed on a semi-circular or oval rug or a circular bed on a square or rectangular rug. Even though it could be fun to try out, care should also be taken to ensure that you don't over-ride the main essence of the rug.

The four legs (or two outer legs as the case may be) of your bed should be balanced properly on the rug. The extensions out of the main size of the bed should be regular and restricted to only a few inches around the bed.


Take Accurate Dimensions

should i put a rug under my bed

Before you proceed to a rug shop, you must take accurate measurements of the area you need to be covered by the rug. Use a measuring tape calibrated in Feet or Inches, or convert your measurement unit to Feet.

Record your dimensions whilst taking into consideration the additional 18 to 24 inches that would be extended by the sides of the bed.

You may also take some snapshots of the bed so that you can have a better image of the rug that may suit your bed when you’re choosing the rug to purchase.


Use a Removable Tape to Map Out the Area Needed

After you've taken your measurements and have determined the area that you need to cover with the rug, use masking tape to produce the outline of the area. This will give a preview of what to expect when you finally buy the rug. You will also be able to decide the kind of adjustments to make.

Using a removable masking tape to map out the required area before rolling out the rug will help to achieve symmetry. The bed will be neatly positioned on the rug and the rug will be at equidistance from the sides of the room.


Go for Standard Sizes of Area Rugs

Using the size of a queen bed (which is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide) as a yardstick, there are different standard sizes of area rugs you can select from. Always keep in mind that the rug must runoff by at least 18 inches on both sides.

The different sizes come with their pros and cons, especially as it concerns the size of the room and the number of nightstands to be placed on it.

Let’s take a close look at some of the available sizes.


  • 4 × 6 Area Rug

Rugs that are 4 feet in width and 6 feet in length are usually used in pairs. They are not large enough to contain a queen bed. A disadvantage is that it will occupy more space when used instead of a 9 × 12 rug.


  • 5 × 7 Area Rug

what size area rug under queen bed

This area rug is fit for bedrooms that are small in size because the rug itself is small. It is the most economical and can only contain just one nightstand. It’s a good option if you live in a small apartment with a queen-size bed.


  • 5 × 8 Area Rug

An area rug of 5 feet wide and 8 feet long will allow your nightstand to be symmetrical when placed in front of the rug.


  • 6 × 9 Area Rug

A 6 by 9 feet area rug provides an extension (on both sides of the bed) that allows you to rest your foot when you sit on the bed. It can also be used for beds that are wider than the standard queen bed.


  • 7 × 10 Area Rug

This is a large rug that befits a large room. It allows for enough extension on which bedside furniture can be placed. Any area rug larger than this shouldn't be used in a standard room.


  • 8 × 10 Area Rug

This size can be used in larger rooms. It can be used for a normal queen bed, allowing for spaces by the end. It can also be used for longer beds, under the last quarter area of the bed.


  • 9 × 12 Area Rug

This is a large area rug that covers more parts of the room and should be used for only large rooms. The design of the rug contributes greatly to the floor design of the room.


Wrap Up

In conclusion, having the right size area rug under your queen or king bed is only a matter of carefulness in applying the above-listed procedures. You may eventually fall in love with the whole process and may consider becoming a professional in the art.

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