best paint color for dark bathrooms

11 Best Paint Colors for Bathrooms

best paint color for bathrooms

best paint color for bathrooms

You will agree that bathrooms are personal spaces and, as such, should represent your personality.

Unlike living rooms, which might be set up to suit the latest trend to show off your class and prestige, bathrooms are always made to suit "your default state."

For obvious reasons, your bathroom has seen your tears, your body, heard your awarding-winning voice that hasn't won a Grammy, or maybe you have the opposite of that.

In all, your bathroom plays an important role in your day-to-day life. Therefore, it should represent you and your choice of color.

How and what you use your bathroom for will determine your choice of color. For example, you might want a spa-like bathroom or just a shower-and-run-out kind of bathroom. Sometimes, your bathroom serves as a place to melt stress or get new ideas churned out while relaxing in the tub.


Bathroom Paint Color Ideas to Consider

Naturally, the color of your bathroom will affect all of the above if chosen wrongly. But you need not worry; this is a detailed guide on the best paint colors for the bathroom.


1. Taupe

    best paint color for bathrooms

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    Taupe is a gorgeous and classic shade of brown-gray. It is perfect for a neutral tone bathroom,  giving you feelings of warmth and coziness. It has a wide range of shades to suit your taste and preference. The gray-heavy shades are modern and cooler while the brown-dominated taupe's earthy look makes it stand out among other shades.

    Each variation gives you a different feeling, and the soft hue it creates makes your bathroom more serene and luxurious. Other colors that blend well with taupe when used for bathrooms are light green, blue, purple, cream, pink, and ivory.


    2. Gray

      best paint color for small bathrooms

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      Gray is another excellent choice of bathroom colors that gives a neutral tone and warmth. It tightens up your space and is a great replacement for a white color bathroom.

      Like many neutral hues, gray gives a soothing effect and the desired calmness. It can also help set the tone of your day.

      There are different shades to choose from, including warm gray, soft gray, pale gray, dark, and light gray. You can spice things up with dark colors like black and dark navy blue or bright colors like pink and orange.

      Brightly colored towels and shower curtains can also make a lot of difference in the tone of your bathroom. So, gray plus any color of your choice will make the magic happen whether you seek a classic tone or vibrant bathroom.


      3. White

        best paint color for bathrooms

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        Without uttering a word, a white-colored bathroom instantly gives off the "this is a neat person" statement. Over the years, this hasn't gone out of style as it ranks top among classic bathroom styles.

        A white bathroom, either bright white or chalky white, gives a sophisticated appearance effortlessly. Bathrooms are often small and may feel gloomy if you use dark paint. But the space appears bigger, lighter, and easily reflected with white paint.

        With a white bathroom, you’re at liberty to experiment with diverse tile colors and elements. You can experiment with white and bright colors or darker colors and still make a hit.


        4. Charcoal

          best paint color for small bathrooms

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          Having established earlier that your bathroom should reflect who you are and what you represent, it's okay not to desire or go with the norms. It’s okay if you prefer dramatic colors to spice things up and give you the "fire" you need every day.

          Charcoal is here to make magic happen for you. It’s an excellent alternative to the soft gray color; it’s moodier than gray, versatile, and gives you a warm bathroom.

          Your bathroom becomes a blend of cozy and contemporary when you work with charcoal paint. You can pair this with any bright color of your choice without losing the chic nature of charcoal.


          5. Blue

            what is the most popular paint color for bathrooms

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            Blue is arguably the most versatile and soothing color out there. It is one of the best paint colors for bathrooms. It has an array of shades: sky blue, navy, powder, dusty, royal, arctic, stormy, baby blue, ethereal pale blue, and many more.

            These are great shades of blue to give the desired calm you crave. For example, a sky blue bathroom opens up a small-sized bathroom taking the attention away from the small space. It also gives a refreshing feeling of what the sky looks like while bathing.

            This feeling might be all you need to start your day on a great note. An Arctic blue painted bathroom, on the other hand, can become your oasis to escape from the rowdiness out there and relax properly.

            The darker shades of blue aren't left out of the awesomeness that blue offers. Navy blue bathrooms are bold, classic, clean, and noteworthy. This shade of blue can inspire diverse designs. When paired with white, it's a different level of awesomeness, as it creates a stylish contrast and soothing ambiance.


            6. Green

              best paint color for bathrooms

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              Having a green-colored bathroom gives a feeling of outdoor inside your home. This paint color is calming and cooling at the same time, toning down a bright and sunny room.  It comes in different shades including sage green, deep green, powder, seafoam, leafy green, calke, kelly, spring, and mint green.

              Green pairs well with taupe, brown, and other bright colors of your choice, depending on the shade selected.

              For a bright and fun tone bathroom, mint and seafoam green is your best bet. Sage will give you an earthy feeling, seafoam a spa-like feel, light green gives freshness and vibrance, and calke green gives the timeless feel that's ever fresh and long-lasting.

              If you’re open to experimenting with less known or used colors, you can try the spring green or the pistachio. Pistachio brings a burst of fresh energy to the room without being forceful or overly in your face, while spring green brings a feeling of growth, rebirth, and a bright future.


              7. Cream or Off-White

                best paint color for small bathrooms

                The cream or off-white paint gives room for warmth without the intense overpowering of an all-white bathroom. It is one of the best bathroom colors as it gives a calming feeling. It makes darker and colder space come alive and enables versatile handling or experimentations. This shade of color can be paired with bright colors like pink or dark colors and still retain its classy nature.


                8. Brown

                  best paint color for small bathrooms

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                  Are you looking at creating a calm bathroom with an earthy look? Have you considered the color brown? Regardless of the shade of brown selected, it guarantees a calm, spa-like, and relaxed atmosphere.

                  Working with a light shade of brown gives the perfect backdrop feeling that you can complement with cream or beige. A medium-tone brown paint gives a soothing feel, and a dark shade of brown gives a chocolatey and dramatic feel that's sleek and sophisticated.


                  9. Yellow

                    best paint color for bathrooms

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                    Generally, it is believed that yellow is an "energy" color since it is bright and attractive. But when the right shade is used, it gives enough warmth as most colors of it class.

                    You might want to consider yellow paint for your bathroom if you live in communities with fewer sunny days. It might be your ray of sunshine for a bright day. If you’re considering a much earthy shade of yellow, mustard yellow is visually appealing and will get the work done.


                    10. Pink or Peach

                      best paint color for dark bathrooms

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                      For some, shades of pink or peach in a bathroom are too "loud" for a supposed "calm" room. As stated earlier, let your bathroom reflect you and what you need.

                      A pink or peach bathroom might be the morale needed to kickstart your day and hit your targets. These paint colors showcase fun, playfulness, and a vibrant atmosphere. You can touch it up with a dark shade of another of your favorite color to make it look more grown-up and glam for adults.


                      11. Violet

                        best paint color for bathrooms

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                        A purple-themed bathroom might seem out of place for some, but it's a great choice of color. Purple colors are known to be absorbing and soothing and are sometimes believed to lower stress hormones. True or not, who knows?

                        But a known fact is, it evolves peaceful-feeling. When paired with white, lilac, cream, or silver, it creates a charming and endearing room.


                        Final Thought

                        This detailed list we've created for you will help you decide which color best suits your bathroom, whether it's a new or a renovated bathroom.

                        Aside from considering the best color for the bathroom, it's important to consider longevity, functionality, a reflection of light, ease of maintenance, cleaning, dirt resistance, amongst other things.

                        Choosing the right color of paint for your bathroom goes a long way in creating the atmosphere you desire and represents you. Regardless of what others might think of your color choice, do it anyway. Do it for you. Because it's your personal space and it should reflect you.

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