luxury modern house plans with photos

5 Super Creative Modern House Plans (with Photos)

modern house plans with photos

modern house plans with photos

House plans have evolved over the years to become what they are in today's world. The advancement in technology has fostered a significant level of improvement in how house plans are designed in modern times.

Now, there are thousands of modern house plans available for homeowners or real estate professionals to choose from.

Some great advantages or benefits come with having a modern house plan; we shall be discussing them all in this article as you read on.

If you’re also looking for the best and most creative house plans for your next building project, you’re in the right place.

Here, we will take you through the five most super-creative modern house plans that will dramatically transform your dream home into a paradise on earth!


Benefits of Having a Modern House Plan

1. Aids easy modification or customization

With modern house plans, homeowners are free to customize or modify the home to their taste when the need arises, especially during future renovations. Modern home plans don’t use space haphazardly, making them easy to customize and upgrade at any point.


2. Adequate space

When it comes to modern house plans, space is effectively used to create functionality. Unlike the traditional house plans that don’t usually have adequate space, modern house plans come with enough space to move around. The space they create enables more airflow and a balance between the size of the house and the available space.

Also, modern home plans equally create space at the exterior part of the house, thereby working effectively with nature and following the house zoning laws of the state, if there are any available.

Spaces for gardens, gym, cinema, patio, indoor or outdoor swimming pool, and so on are also created in the design or plan of a contemporary house plan.


3. Eco-friendliness and energy conservation

The advancement in technology has made it easy to create an eco-friendly modern house plan that will conserve energy and save you money in electricity bills.

Everything that will make you save water, energy and maximize recycling is one of the integral features of the plans

Furthermore, most modern homes run on durable energy-saving bulbs and appliances; this makes it easier for you to drastically save a lot on energy bills.  


4. Easy access to natural light

The large windows in modern home designs help to bring in enough natural light to illuminate the room. It equally enables you to cut down energy expenses in the long run because you will have to put on fewer lights, especially during summer.


5. Good functionality and flexibility

Another crucial benefit of investing in a modern home plan is the ease of revamping the house to fit your taste or desires. Most modern home designs are flexible or versatile enough to fit any future renovation or house remodeling plan. The appliances are equally easier to upgrade at any time to aid better functionality.


6. It gives room for innovative technology.

Technological development in recent times calls for modern home designs that can work effectively with such advancement. It is why architects and other building professionals devised new ways of incorporating any latest technology into their modern home plans to give the home the contemporary touch it requires.


7. Aesthetics

Aesthetics is one of the most enchanting things about having a modern home. The beauty, radiance, and splendor that most modern homes exude are some of the merits that continue to make them on-demand on the real estate market.

Homeowners and real estate professionals often make modern house plans a priority because of the aesthetics they possess. The creativity that goes into designing a beautiful modern house plan cannot be overemphasized.

Various materials like wood, glass, stone, among others, are incorporated into the building process to give it an eye-catching look. Such designs can give your visitors the wow factor when they come visiting.


5 Best Modern Home Plans with Photos

When it comes to beautiful and creative home plans, there are a handful of them that you can choose from. Below are the five most creative modern house plans that you can select for your next building project. 


1. 6-Bedroom House Plan

modern house plans with photos

If you crave a radiant luxurious mansion with cutting-edge features, then this is the ideal home for you and your family. This two-story mansion is 1023 square meters with a length and width of 45 m and 25 m respectively.

It is a 6-bedroom house plan that has the comfort and style that every homeowner desires. Some of its amazing features include a gigantic home cinema, two kitchens, six-bedroom self-contained, eight toilets, a gym, three living rooms, and a garage that can accommodate about three cars, among other unique features.

You also get to enjoy enough space to unwind with family and friends while getting the best that nature has to offer with the mansion's six beautiful balconies and three verandahs.

It is a stylish and creative house plan that mixes luxury with elegance to give you every contemporary touch that you can find in a modern home.


2. Timber-Clad 5-Bedroom Contemporary House Plans

small modern house plans with photos

The ability to take your modern house plan to another level just got better with this modern 5-bedroom luxury house plan with timber cladding. It has a dimension of 374 sq.m and has a length and width of 18 m and 16 m respectively.

Apart from the radiant aesthetics that the timber cladding gives the house, its durability and ease of maintenance make it one of the best and most creative home plans to go for.

You get to enjoy a beautiful and serene environment with its open spaces from the balcony and the three verandahs it has. This radiant 2-story building has everything that you need in a standard modern house. And you can modify it at any point to fit your taste and lifestyle.


3. Modern 5 Bedroom Double Story House Plan

modern house design plans

Here is another modern-style home that is ideal for you and your family. This two-story luxury 5-bedroom mansion has every benefit that a modern house possesses. It has three en-suite rooms, five toilet/baths, two balconies for relaxation, and a garage that can accommodate about three cars.

Another fascinating feature about this 427 square meter luxury apartment is the front porch, which accommodates double doors that swing open. These doors lead you to the living room and every other part of the house.

There is also an open-air living area, a closed kitchen with a walk-in pantry, a TV room, a guest bedroom, and a laundry.

All these great features and more are what you get to enjoy in this beautiful house if it becomes your choice of house plan.


4. Flat Roof 4-Bedroom Mansion

modern house design plans

When you want a creative and futuristic house plan for your dream home, this is the plan you should look out for. This luxury 2-story mansion screams modernity. It is designed with the best technology that gives the interior and exterior a radiant look.

Even though the roof is hidden, it gives you the appearance of a modern flat roof house. This rare design, among other beautiful features, help to accentuate the beauty of this luxurious masterpiece!

The house has four en-suite bedrooms, a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a family lounge, five toilets, a study/office, two verandahs, and balconies, alongside other incredible features.


5. Vertically Accented House Plan

modern house plans with photos

If you want the best and most creative house plan for a staff house, boy's quarters, or office building, this Cape-Dutch style simple house plan is the right pick for you!

With a dimension of 179 sq.m, this single-story with three en-suite bedrooms has three office rooms, a shared bathroom with a kitchen, of which they are all accessible through the house's common corridor.

This simple but stunning one-story house plan merges simplicity with a chicness to give you a creative and beautiful modern touch in every way.

The radiant doors and large French windows add more grace to the aesthetics of the house. These features make the house a perfect choice for a small family or newlyweds who love to have simplicity, modernity, and elegance for their home.


Wrap Up

In today's world, many homeowners and real estate professionals primarily work with modern house plans for their building projects. It has made such plans more in-demand due to the many advantages it has over traditional house plans.

If you’re looking for the best and most creative modern house plan for your home, you can choose any of the aforementioned plans to enjoy an exquisite modern touch!

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