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8 Most Creative Swimming Pool Ideas for Your Home

Swimming Pool Ideas

Swimming Pool Ideas

Decades ago, such luxuries as swimming pools could only be found in guest houses, hotels, and homes of high profiled individuals.

The sight of swimming pools gracing the gardens, backyards, and compounds of homes has become predominant in recent years.

This is because their values as a medium for exercise, hydrotherapy, comfort, and relaxation are now being appreciated more by the day.

Swimming pools are also known for their great contributions to the aesthetics of homes.

Having a pool of water situated in your home gives it a friendly and welcoming environment. It is enticing, and if constructed properly, maybe the reason passersby would want to take a peep into your compound and savor the beauty of your home.


Creative Swimming Pool Ideas for Your Home

Now that you’re probably considering constructing a swimming pool in your house, you may have exhausted so much time browsing the internet, flipping through magazines, and going around the neighborhood in search of a sample of swimming pool that isn't common.

It's normal to desire creative and unique construction designs. This article provides you with various creative ideas when constructing your swimming pool. You may choose to adopt some of the ideas directly or let them form the basis of your idea.


1. Explore a Tropical Theme

Swimming Pool Ideas

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You can give your swimming pool a tropical theme by leveraging the varying shades of brown of tropical hardwoods and the many shades of green of plants in tropical regions. This is a great idea if you’re a lover of nature.

You may decide to make seats for the pool-side using tropical hardwoods like bamboo, make a shade using thatches, and plant varieties of green tropical plants such as palm plants, banana plants, and umbrella plants if the space in your yard permits.

You may also choose to include some art designs on the walls near the pool. These designs can be paintings of exotic tropical flowers, palm trees, beach scenes, ocean scenes, palm trees, or any other cool design.

For the lighting of the swimming pool area, you can use earthy neutral colors that will bring out the beauty of the designs. A tropical-themed swimming pool gives a relaxing atmosphere with a resort-style feel. It makes you feel closer to nature.


2. Incorporate Walls

diy swimming pool ideas

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This idea simply suggests constructing your pool at an end of your yard and incorporating a side of the pool into the wall. Or conversely, extend the height of a side of the pool to serve as a part of the wall surrounding your yard. 

You may explore this style of construction if you intend to minimize the space in your yard. It makes your pool appear bigger from a distance.


3. Incorporate Water Features

diy swimming pool ideas

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You can add some water features to your swimming pool to give it a more lovely sight. Some of these features include.


  • Swimming pool gushers

Water gushers, also called bubblers, are features that bubble water from beneath the pool, thereby making a pleasant water sound. They are a good sight to behold just like water fountains. Three gushers are enough to make your swimming an interesting sight.


  • Swimming pool scuppers

Scuppers are water features that bring water from a water body into a pool through spouts. These spouts are usually attached to the wall of the pool and are at heights above the normal water level of the pool. Apart from the appealing visual effect they create, the sound of falling water is soothing.


  • Sheet descents

These are water features that can be attached to a raised side of the pool or a wall beside the pool. They are similar to waterfalls and scuppers but, in this case, they produce a defined arc during fall and have a focal point where they land.

Sheet descents produce just a little sound as the water lands in the pool. They come in different sizes, which can affect the splashing sound of water. The higher the sheer descent the louder the sound.


  • Pencil jets

Just as the name suggests, these are jets that are capable of shooting water from the swimming pool deck into the pool. The strong thin streams of water pouring from jets and surrounding the pool add some aesthetics to your swimming pool.


4. Incorporate Other Features on the Tanning Ledge

swimming pool ideas for home

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A tanning ledge, also known as a sun shelf or tanning shelf, is a wide shallow pool of water that’s usually at the entrance of a swimming pool and can serve as part of the steps into the pool.

While constructing your swimming pool, you could instruct the contractor to make the tanning ledge spacious to be able to include other features such as lounge chairs, a small table, and an umbrella.

The feeling of having your body partially immersed in water while reading a book, having a drink, or having a chit-chat with a loved one while under the shade of an umbrella is one you might want to experience often in your swimming pool. Aside from the pleasure you get from it, the tanning ledge is beautiful to see.


5. Do a Half Deck

Swimming Pool Ideas

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Your pool deck is the area surrounding your pool that serves as an area for setting up tables and chairs for relaxation and some fun facilities.

Instead of making the deck go round the pool, you can make it include one of the long sides of the pool and one or both of the short sides. The other long side should be close to the wall with a little space in between, where you can plant some ornamental flowers or trees.

The presence of flowers beside the pool makes the pool cooler during the day and improves its aesthetics. However, this design may require frequent trimming of the flowers to prevent the leaves from polluting the water.


6. Incorporate a Hot Tub

swimming pool ideas for home

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You can make your pool more fun by integrating a hot tub into the edge of your swimming pool. This design is more useful if you've always desired a hot tub alongside a swimming pool in your home but there's limited space.

While the hot tub serves you hot water and powerful jets for recreational and therapeutic purposes, your pool, which is just separated by a wall, provides you with cool water for swimming and relaxation.

This design provides a variety of fun with lesser cost compared to constructing the swimming pool and hot tub separately. This design makes your swimming pool look more exquisite.


7. Install Circadian Lights

Swimming pools are tools for relaxation. As such, every component of the pool (and around the pool) should support this motive. Hanging bright electric bulbs around your pool, especially in an indoor pool, isn't ideal.

Circadian lighting is a type of lighting that derives its concept from the human circadian rhythm. As humans, our brain receives signals from the eyes. They indicate when it's day or night, which in turn makes us sleepy or keeps us awake.

The circadian lighting follows the natural wake-and-sleep cycle of the human body. This means that the lighting system is specifically designed to make your body calm and relaxed whenever you step into the pool arena at the appropriate time of the day.

Adding this feature is more beneficial if you always have a stressful day at work and also have a hard time getting proper rest. The circadian light will help to influence the mood of the swimming pool arena and aid in giving you optimum relaxation.

You can enjoy the full health benefit of your pool by simply installing a circadian light.


8. Use a Variety of Pool Lights

Swimming Pool Ideas

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No doubt, colorful lights help to bring out the beauty of a swimming pool, especially at night. Many types and colors of bulbs can fit the purpose of lighting a swimming pool.

While some homeowners may choose to strictly adhere to the lighting plan of the designer, you may choose to include other types and colors of fancy lights in or around your swimming pool.

The two types of pool lights you should consider are Flush-mounted underwater LED pool lights and Pool garden lights.


  • Flush-mounted underwater LED pool lights

This type of light is directly mounted inside your pool on the walls below the water level. It has been gaining popularity over time because of its advantage over the traditional halogen lights.

You can try using different designs and color combinations that will improve the aesthetics of your swimming pool. Since this type of light comes in a wide variety of colors, you should be careful enough to choose colors that will blend with the color of your pool's tiles, flowers around, and the paint of nearby walls.


  • Pool garden lights

These are used in the pool arena. If colorful, they can make the pool attractive and irresistible. You can, however, blend the color of the light with other sources of light around the pool to achieve your desired result.

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