18 Must-Have Cleaning Equipment for Every Homeowner

house cleaning equipments

house cleaning equipments

Are you planning to move into a new home, renovate your old home, or give your home a good clean?  

There are some essential pieces of cleaning equipment you must have to ensure a great cleaning result or outcome.

As a homeowner, some pieces of cleaning equipment are a must-have. They will not only help you to make your home sparkling clean but will also save you a lot of time and money because some of them are DIY-friendly and made from recycled or old materials or objects lying around the house.

To find out more about these tools or equipment,  endeavor to read this article to the end.

In this article, we shall be giving you a comprehensive guide on the must-have cleaning equipment for every homeowner, which will help to make your home look clean and inviting to guests.

Without further ado, let's get started!


1. Spray bottles

house cleaning equipments

These are some of the cheapest and most important home cleaning equipment. A spray bottle will effectively come in handy when you have to clean a surface or wash something with water, especially your glass mirror, windows, and doors.

Even though spray bottles are very cheap, you can recycle your old glass or plastic bottles by using them to make your DIY spray bottles for your home cleaning activities. All you need is to get a spray cap or lid that perfectly fits each bottle.

Once you can do that, you can have different spray bottles that will help you with the cleaning of various parts of your home. They can help you store different cleaning agents while saving you the stress of refilling if you only had one spray bottle.

You can also use a spray bottle to mist your cloth before ironing if your iron doesn't have a mist tube.


2. Brushes

Every homeowner should have brushes in their homes for different cleaning activities.

There is the need to have brushes for cleaning the toilet, tiles, tubs, fixtures, and other parts of the house that cloth or sponge cannot clean properly.

An all-purpose scrub brush will be very useful for cleaning tough stains and stubborn dirt that linger within your home.

Also, you can have a set of small brushes to clean the not-so-easy-to-reach parts of your home. Your old toothbrush will do a good job in helping you to achieve this by cleaning your grout, sink rims, taps, among other dirty small places.

So, don't be in haste to dispose of your old toothbrushes because they are great cleaning essentials that you should have at home.


3. Gloves

house cleaning equipment list

Quality rubber reusable gloves are must-haves for your home. Wearing gloves will protect your hands from dirt, germs, grime, and harsh cleaning chemicals/agents that might be harmful to your skin.

By wearing your gloves, you will be able to carry on with your cleaning activities without bothering about the filth that might stain your hands during the whole cleaning process.


4. All-purpose cleaner

There are different brands of all-purpose cleaners available on the market. They are very functional and can help you to clean multiple surfaces, particularly when you have to clean from one room to another.

You can simply fill in a spray bottle (if the cleaner doesn't come with one) and begin to clean your bathroom countertops, windows, kitchen appliances, and other places.


5. Broom and dustpan

housekeeping cleaning equipment

Every home must have a broom and dustpan for regular cleaning of the floor from dirt, sand, and any other dirt particles.

You can get the broom and dustpan with long handles to easily reach different corners of your house and save you the stress of bending over while cleaning.


6. Mop and  bucket

After sweeping the floor, you must mop it to ensure an optimum cleaning result, especially when you have a tiled floor. Therefore, mop and bucket are another set of must-have household cleaning essentials for every homeowner.

Most mops come with their customized buckets; however, if yours doesn't have one, you can get a good bucket that perfectly fits the size of your mop.

You can also use a mop to clean liquid spills or stain on the floor.


7. Wood/leather cleaner

Often, you need a special type of cleaner for some furniture in your home. Some of such pieces of furniture are wood and leather. An all-purpose cleaner might not clean your wooden furniture effectively; that's why you need to have a wood cleaner to help you do a good and satisfactory job.

The use of a special cleaner is also applicable to leather furniture. You can get good leather wipes to help you remove stains and dirt from your leather surfaces.


8. Disinfectant

One of the major reasons for cleaning your house is to keep it tidy while preventing germs and diseases. However, this can be more effective when you use disinfectant for your cleaning, particularly for your kitchen, toilet, and bathroom.

Therefore, apply disinfectants to your cleaning agents before cleaning the germ-prone parts of your house and everywhere in general. It will go a long way in protecting you and your family from bacteria and germs that can cause illnesses and diseases.


9. A strong bucket

Every home should have a quality set of sturdy buckets useful for cleaning the house and moving cleaning supplies from one place to another.

You can use these buckets to wash your towels and other equipment after usage and mix cleaning agents or chemicals before pouring them into spray bottles.  


10. Squeegee

Having an all-purpose squeegee helps you clean your glass doors, windows, and mirrors by getting rid of smudges and buildups. You can use it to clean off the excess water on your tiled bathroom/toilet walls after washing. It is equally an effective way to get rid of soap scum, especially after taking a bath.


11. Sponges

house cleaning equipments

Sponges are another must-have home cleaning equipment. It would be best to have sponges of different types, textures, and sizes to aid in easy cleaning.

You can use a particular sponge to wash the dishes, another for washing your cooking utensils, and another for cleaning your bathroom. Using separate sponges for various cleaning tasks will go a long way in preventing the transfer of germs from one part of the house to another.


12. Ceiling fan cleaning brush

There are appliances in the house that require a special type of brush during cleaning due to the nature of the bush's bristle and handle. A ceiling fan is one of such appliances; it requires a ceiling fan brush. With this type of brush, you can easily and effortlessly clean the entire ceiling fan in your home while saving time in the process.


13. Baking soda

house cleaning equipments

Baking soda is a helpful cleaning agent many homeowners often overlook. It isn't just useful for baking, it is also excellent for absorbing and eliminating bad odors. Hence, you can use it to expel bad odors coming from your kitchen and other parts of the house.

When combined with a good detergent, baking soda will wash stubborn stains off your cooking utensils.


14. Vacuum cleaner

If you have a carpet or rug, having a vacuum cleaner is crucial. It will go a long way in helping you to eliminate dirt and animal furs from your furniture if you keep pets in the house.


15. White vinegar

Just like baking soda, vinegar is another good cleaning agent that every home must have. It is also a mild disinfectant that can serve as a good alternative to the chemical-based disinfectant. You can apply it on various surfaces to remove dirt, grime, and grease while disinfecting the surface at the same time.


16. Microfiber cloth/towel

house cleaning tools and equipment

These clothes are ideal for cleaning due to their gentle texture that doesn't leave scratches, streaks, or cracks on any surface.

In the same vein, towels are another set of versatile cleaning equipment useful for the home. They’re an effective hand cleaner after washing your hands. They’re also great for cleaning the dishes after washing them. So, they should be available in your kitchen and bathroom drawer at all times.


17. Extension Hand duster

A good duster with an extension will help you to dust your furniture easily and drastically reduce indoor allergens. You can use it to dust your light fixtures, ceilings, chandeliers, walls, and other parts of the house that have dust on them.


18. Furniture polish

After cleaning your furniture, especially the wooden ones, a nice furniture polish will help to give you a perfect finish. It gives your furniture a nice sparkle while eliminating watermarks from your furniture.


Clean Your Home

Having a clean home to admire gives every homeowner a sense of peace and fulfillment. It also makes it the perfect place to entertain guests and friends. That's why you must look for the best and most effective ways to clean your home without breaking a sweat or the bank.

The aforementioned cleaning equipment for every homeowner will help you achieve the best cleaning result for your home. They are functional, efficient, and budget-friendly.

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