factors to consider when moving to a new city

Factors to Consider when Moving to a New House

Factors to Consider when Moving to a New House

things to do before moving into new house

Are you moving to a new house? It's a major event in anyone's life.

Moving houses is not easy! There are so many things you need to prepare beforehand. That is why you need ample time before the moving out day.

The earlier you prepare the better. This way, you don't cram days before moving houses.

What should you prepare before moving to a new house? What factors do you need to consider?


Things to do Before Moving into a New House

Planning Stage

things to do before moving into new house

You can space out your packing, depending on how much lead time you have. If you have work or other things to do, you should have more than enough lead time to pack.

Planning involves many things in moving out. One task to do is to write out the things you have to buy. Usually, you would have boxes of different sizes, tie wires, and markers. How many you will buy is dependent on how many you will pack. But it is good to buy in advance so that when you pack and they’re not enough, you have enough lead time to buy more.

Another thing you need to do is to plan out dates. You need to do this whether you’re working, running errands at home, or doing other things. Plot the dates when you will sort and pack each part of the house.

If you need to sell or donate items or bring them elsewhere, you need to plot out those dates too. This is very important so you don’t get pressed for time.

You also need to itemize when you plan out other tasks you need to do.  This includes contacting your property manager for both your current and future houses. The schedule has to be properly arranged with both of them. Check the requirements, if any. If there are forms you need to fill up, do so in advance.


Organizing, Sorting, and Packing

things to do before moving into new house

Now comes the hard part. First, you need to dispose of items you no longer need. You can either choose to throw them out or donate them. Sorting out takes a lot of time. But you need to give it a lot of time and careful sorting and packing.

When you sort, you can do it in however grouping you may like. You can choose to pack according to the owner. You can also group them according to the room. But if you are changing rooms in your next house, think of a way to group them that will help you to unpack better.

If you still have the original boxes, put your appliances or gadgets in those. If you no longer have them, find boxes that best fit the items. Don’t put the gadgets and appliances in boxes that are very big for them. The main reason is not to risk the items being shaken during transport.

Label your boxes well; legibly write on the boxes. Better if you can write in big letters. Make sure you mark the boxes with ‘FRAGILE’ for those that need extra attention and care.


Choosing a Removalist

things to do before moving into new house

You also need to find a good removalist company. Not all removalists are the same. Make sure you get a trusted, reliable, and experienced removalist. You don’t want your things destroyed during the moving day, right?

It takes a very experienced team to ensure a smooth and hassle-free moving out day.

Find the leading furniture removalists in Perth. Research your choices well and compare the quotes. See what are the inclusions, exclusions, and terms and conditions.

It is also important that you select a removalist that is an AFRA member. AFRA is short for the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). It is the official body of removals experts.  AFRA helps to regulate the removals industry.

AFRA accredits only those that have the right equipment, vehicles, and tools. They also check if the members of staff are trained professionally to do the move-out.

Once you have selected your removalist, make a contract with the terms and conditions. Check details stipulated in the contract to make sure you are covered and that it is a fair deal.


Getting an Insurance

things to do before moving into new house

If you have a lot of valuable items, it is best to get insurance. There are insurers for move-outs. In choosing an insurance policy, make sure you read the fine print. Check the product disclosure and the policy document well.

Many insurers also offer removalist-related insurance. But others don’t cover accidental damage while on transport. If you want this covered, make sure it is stipulated in your policy with your insurance company.

What are the types of insurance related to moving out? One is the specified events insurance. This covers only the events that are stipulated in the policy.

Another one is transit insurance, which covers goods while on transport. Usually, this does not cover damages that can happen upon loading and unloading.

Lastly, there is also what we call the damage caused by the moving process. This includes scratching, breakage, and denting. While this may seem more coverage, there are still exclusions. So, check out the details in the policy.


In Summary

Moving out is a big thing. You need to carefully plan. Plan out important dates relevant to the tasks you need to do. Coordinate in advance with property managers. Find the leading furniture removalists in Perth like Adlam Transport. It is also best to get insurance. Check the details in the policy.

Good luck with your move-out! If you need any help, let us know at Adlam Transport.


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