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Top 18 Home Improvement Projects that Add Value

Top 18 Home Improvement Projects that Add Value

Home Improvement Projects

There are many creative ways to add value to your home no matter how old it might seem. Carrying out some home improvement projects regularly will enable you to keep your home highly valuable for a long time.

Whether you choose to sell your home on the real estate market, lease it to people for a particular duration, or just revamp it to aid more comfortability, having a home that has value and can guarantee you a return on investment is very important.

Oftentimes, most homeowners make the mistake of choosing home improvement projects that add little or no value to their homes. You need to be mindful of this and select the right projects for your home.

This article is in place to guide you in making the right choice whenever you decide to improve your home. Here, we shall take you through the various factors or things to put in place and the top 18 home improvement projects that will greatly improve the value of your home and give it a refreshing look.


Things to Put in Place before Improving Your Home

Do a thorough inspection of your home

You should thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of your building to enable you to know the various defects that need to be repaired.

From the wall to the ceiling, roof, and plumbing system, attempt to check for any damage and repair them accordingly. This will make your project hassle-free when you decide to start.


Invite an expert to guide you

If you can afford or seek the service of home improvement professionals like architects and interior designers, they will aid or guide you on the right projects that are ideal for your home.

In the same vein, you can seek advice from a real estate agent in your locality to know what people look out for when they wish to buy or lease a home. Doing this will help to give your home great value in the long run, particularly when you decide to sell it.

However, if you are on a budget and can't hire the service of a professional, you can look for inspiration online through the various home improvement project catalogs available.


Ascertain the remodeling technique to adopt

Are you interested in improving your 2-bedroom apartment by making it a 4 bedroom luxury apartment? Or do you wish to improve your 3-bedroom bungalow by turning it into an elegant but simple 6-bedroom 2-story building?

Whatever remodeling technique you choose to adopt, make sure that you get the right plan and document in place to have a hitch-free project. This is very important for projects that require you to add more story buildings or rooms.


Determine your budget

Just like building a new home, every home improvement project requires money. Therefore, you need to have an estimation of the total amount the project will cost.

If you’re looking to make your home more luxurious and classy, you need a high budget. You can, however, still have the simplicity and elegance you want if you’re on a low budget. This is easier if you’re creative and DIY savvy.


18 Best Home Improvement Projects that Will Give Great Value to Your Home

Below are the best home improvement projects you can choose from.


1. Do some painting

Home Improvement Projects

There is no gainsaying that paints are great home improvers. They tend to give your home a new and refreshing look when you creatively use the right set of colors to paint your home. Aside from the aesthetics they add, they also make the home more valuable than it was.

But you must be very cautious of the paint to use if you intend to sell your property. Using a neutral color that can fit well with your potential buyer's style will make it easier to sell your property quickly.


2. Enhance the energy efficiency of your home

Every homeowner loves to save costs, especially when it comes to electricity. You can drastically decrease your electricity bill by installing energy-efficient appliances.

Replace your bulbs and home appliances with the ones that consume little power. This way, you'll be saving cost and adding more value to your home when you eventually put it on the market.


3. Grow a garden and plant some trees if you have enough space

One of the things that can greatly improve the overall aesthetics of your home, especially outdoors, is to have a beautiful flower garden and some trees that will aid ventilation and improve serenity. So, if you have enough space outside your home, you can begin to plant trees and make a garden, which will eventually mature over time.


4. Mow your lawn

cool home improvement ideas

If you have a lawn, endeavor to mow it often. A bushy lawn is usually a turnoff for potential tenants or homebuyers. Endeavor to keep your lawn clean and neat at all times.


5. Do a roof replacement

Most homeowners hardly pay attention to their roofs, as long as they aren't leaking or damaged. The roof is an integral part of the home that must be maintained regularly regardless of how functional it is.

Most roofs are often rusted and no longer in vogue. Replace your old roof with the best roofing sheet on the market to keep up with modern styles.


6. Revamp your bedroom, bathroom, and toilet

A lot of people determine the value of a home by considering the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and toilets in the building, and how well they are furnished. Revamp these sections for the best outcome.


7. Declutter every space to help increase the square footage of your home

Sometimes, a big or large room might look small due to clutter. Free up some space by decluttering every cluttered space in the house. Recycle useful items and dispose of the others. This will keep your home neat and give it more space.


8. Install new fixtures for a luxurious and refreshing ambiance

If your home is an old building with old fixtures, it's about time you change the fixtures. Replace old center bulbs with modern chandeliers. Change your old ceiling fan to a new and energy-efficient one. Install recessed lighting to give a modern and luxurious feel.


9. Upgrade your kitchen

best home improvement projects

The kitchen is one of the most important and valuable parts of the home. Give it an upgrade to get the best value. Change your kitchen faucet(s), sink, and countertop(s) to better versions. If you have enough money to splurge, replace your kitchen appliances and cookware with more durable and efficient ones.


10. Your living room is no exception

You can upgrade your sofas, dining area, and entire living room furniture to better and more luxurious ones for the best value.


11. A home cinema will take things to the next level

If a luxury home is what you intend to improve, consider adding a home cinema. This can be a major selling point for your home whenever you decide to sell it.


12. Revamp your basement and/or garage

Your basement and garage add value to your home once you can maintain them and give them an appealing look. Clear them of junk and keep things as tidy as possible.


13. Save water by installing a new plumbing system

Home Improvement Projects

Saving water makes things better. You can achieve this by installing a new plumbing system to get rid of leaking pipes. Also, using a toilet with low-flow fixtures can help to save more water and cut costs.


14. Replace old furniture

If you have any old piece of furniture in your home, replacing it is a good idea. This also has to do with changing your doors and windows to aid better ventilation and air quality.


15. A patio, deck, or swimming pool is not a bad idea

For a luxury home, a patio, deck, or swimming pool is a valuable addition. Hence, you can build either or all of the aforementioned in your home if you have enough space.


16. Pay attention to the flooring

Home Improvement Projects

There are different types of flooring to choose from. Whether you go for marble tiles, hardwood, or concrete, the type of flooring you opt for can determine how valuable your home will become. You can also add accent rugs or carpet for better aesthetics.


17. Add one or more story to your building for a greater value

This is one of the most expensive but profitable improvements you can do for your home. If done right, you can generate high returns. However, ensure that your home has a solid foundation that can enable it to withstand one or more buildings above it.


18. A gym or home office is a profitable addition

Another point of attraction or selling point for most homes is a gym and home office. If you have enough rooms, you can convert two into a gym and home office respectively. This will greatly have a rewarding impact on the price of your home if you decide to sell it.



Having a well-improved home can go a long way in adding value to the home. And being able to frequently make repairs and maintenance when the need arises will help to further enhance its value on the real estate market.

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