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10 Most-Effective Ways to Improve Your Garage Door Security

10 Most-Effective Ways to Improve Your Garage Door Security

Garage Door Security

The garage is often separate from the home, making it vulnerable to theft, unlike the rest of the house.

Homeowners tend to worry more about their indoor valuables and less about what they’ve got in their garage. The truth is that burglars are aware of this fact, and they use it to their advantage.

How often do people get robbed from leaving their garage door open? More often than not, maybe. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), about 7 percent of burglars get in or escape through the garage door. That’s something to raise an eye on.

You may find people investing a fortune in enforcing the security of their doors, entrances, and exit routes. They make the mistake of neglecting their garage doors.

As a homeowner, maintaining your home and family’s security is no doubt a top priority, more reason why you should pay attention to your garage door as much as every other part of the house.


How to Improve Your Garage Door Security 

We’re going to discuss extensively effective ways to improve your garage door security to beat burglars in their game. Let’s deep-dive!


1. Motion detecting lights

Garage Door Security

How lovely it is to have a lighting system that shines brightly whenever someone comes close to your garage door. Motion lights can scare off potential burglars and alert you that someone is close by.

The initial step to take when trying to pad up your garage security is to have a sound lighting system. Burglars find it easy to navigate through the night as a cover. Therefore, installing some exterior floodlights with motion sensors is a spoiler alert for their mission.


2. Frosted/tinted window

Garage Door Security

Windows allow light rays to enter your garage; unfortunately, burglars can use this as an opportunity to peep and see if there’s something valuable they can steal.

Adding a thin layer of frost or tint can make your window translucent and prevent anyone from seeing through while still allowing light to filter through.

Cheap windows make an easy target because they can be broken easily to give burglars easy access. Similarly, extra-large windows allow burglars to have a clear vision of what exactly is in your garage. 


3. Smart Opener

Garage Door Security

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One of the ways to secure your garage door is to install a smart door opener. A smart opener is suitable if you often forget to close your garage door; with your smartphone, you can lock or unlock the door. This device has an app that is synchronized with your smartphone to get alert notification whenever your door is open.


4. Additional locks

Garage Door Security

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As much as smart locks are recommended for garage door security, adding mechanical locks for extra protection won’t harm you. Smart locks may not be 100% reliable as they are prone to be hacked by professionals, in which case mechanical locks will serve as a sufficient reinforcement.

If you intend to leave home for vacation for an extended time, you can rely on the mechanical locks to do the trick while you’re away.


5. Robbery simulation

This might sound weird but attempting to break through your garage door can provide an insight into the weak links you have in your home. Think like a burglar and observe around your garage. Ask yourself questions like “how can a burglar break-in?.” Do this in the day and at night to get a better perspective on how tight your security is.


6. Quality doors

Making a decisive selection of your garage door is of paramount importance. Steel doors provide better security than wooden or aluminum options. It is essential to make use of the appropriate material.

Replace old doors that have become rusty and creaky; burglars can easily maneuver them. And if you observe any gap or breakage on the door, fix them without hesitation.

Handle your garage service door like you would maintain your front door because a low-quality door can be ripped apart with one kick. So, a well-designed garage door is a good investment for the best home security.


7. Remove valuables

A garage can serve as a warehouse for tools and other items that you don’t think are suitable for placement inside your home. However, highly valuable items should be kept away from the garage. As a form of precaution, do not risk leaving valuable items in your garage even with all the security measures taken.


8. Shut your garage door

Never forget to lock your garage door. Garage doors can be vulnerable entry points for burglars and trespassers. A simple way to ensure that the door is secure is to remember to close it. Shut your door when you’re at home and when you’re not, the garage’s location at the outer part of the home makes it easy for passersby to lift valuable items from your garage when you’re indoors. Also, make sure to lock the entry door inside your garage.


9. Garage protectors

Garage Door Security

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Garage door protectors do not only bolster the level of your security but also provide a visual deterrent that burglars will overlook and proceed on to a less secure door. To use garage door protectors with up and over garage doors, the solid steel base plate should be secured to the ground and a strengthened steel post using a padlock of your choice. The steel plate serves as a reinforcement that is difficult for intruders to jack open.


10. Bolted doors

Another suggestible solution is to use a large garage door bolt that locks in place effortlessly. This bolt functions by pairing with its other part that extends towards the wall to the ground. The bolt can be fixed to each side of the garage door either vertically at the bottom or horizontally on the edges.


 Best Garage Door Security Gadgets

Having seen effective ways to improve the garage door security, here are some reliable gadgets to consider using.  


  • Chamberlain MyQ-G0201

Talk about remotely controlling your garage door, this device helps ensure your door is locked when you’re away from home. 


  • Stanley N330-712 Door Viewer

A portable device you can install on your garage door. If you need to peep in to see who’s at your door without opening the door or alerting your guest/burglar, this device is your best bet. 


  • MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Security Spotlight

“Turn night into daylight” with this lighting device. If you’re looking for an adjustable bulb that shines so bright at night, this is what you need.

It is easy to install and has several customizable settings; you can determine how quickly it turns off, the range for motion detection, and the amount of darkness needed to activate the light. 


  • Garage Shield

With the development of lock systems, burglars also stay up to date and invent different tactics to bypass the systems. There are incidents where burglars wedge open the top of the garage door so that they can create a small opening to tip off the emergency release on the door.

A garage shield is attached to the emergency release bar to shield the release handle from the attack. It’s a one-time purchase that shouldn’t need to be replaced, and it doesn’t require any additional tools for installation.


Wrap Up

The problem that might be encountered having an unsecured garage is that your home becomes at risk and a place burglars will likely target for two main reasons:

  • You probably keep your expensive tools in the garage, making it the main target area.

Many garages offer enough space for items to be collected as thieves move through each room of your home.

  • Burglars can drive up a vehicle into an unsecured garage door. They break in, load the valuables in their car, and cart away without any obstruction because you’ll think a neighbor or familiar person is getting out of your driveway or garage.

The door is the entry point of your home and garage. Hence, safeguarding these places requires that you take conscious steps to make sure that your home and garage doors are as safe as possible for yourself, children, and anyone else who visits your home.

We often overlook the importance of reinforcing our garage door security, forgetting it can be a pain point in the home if not adequately secured. You might incur some expenses while buckling up your garage door security but in the end, it’ll be worthwhile.

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