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Top 9 Amazing Security Tips At Home

Top 9 Amazing Security Tips At Home

security tips at home

Setting up maximum protective measures against burglars is crucial.

Protecting the house is a top priority for homeowners, which is why ensuring home safety has become a thing of premium importance.

Home security refers to the combination of non-human or electronic components that work together to protect the home.

Home security systems secure points of entry like doors and windows as well as interior space containing valuables like art, gadgets, jewelry, and documents. They are designed to perform certain tasks when the secured zone is breached. What your system does in the event of an intrusion is dependent on the type you’re using.

Read on to learn how you can protect yourself, your properties, and your loved ones from burglar attacks.


How to Protect Your Home

Property crime is on the high rise and people worry every day about securing their properties from home invaders. It’s reported that a burglar incident occurs every 26 seconds around the world. This is a scary stat and is something to worry about.

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time worker, the home is a resting place and an abode after a long stressful day at work.

You wouldn’t want your night rest to be interrupted by intruders, would you? There are different ways you can set up maximum protection for your home; traditional methods and advanced technological methods.

We will provide tips on how both ways can be applied to your home to ensure adequate security.


Traditional Home Security Tips

1. Set up a ring alarm

To protect your home, you need to be intentional about using the right measures. Consider installing an alarm system that triggers upon impact by an intruder.


2. Update door locks

security tips at home

Door locks vary in terms of quality; some perform security functions better than others. Over time, burglars familiarize themselves with locks and decipher ways to manipulate them to gain entry into homes. It is essential to remain updated on the latest locks available on the market because they are geared with an up-to-date system that cannot be easily cracked by burglars.


3. Keep your windows secured

 security tips at home

Even if your doors are secured with the best and latest locks, it will be a grave mistake to leave your windows open. It’s like trying to hide a carrot away from a rabbit by keeping it in its hole.

To ensure maximum safety at home, always remember to lock your windows whenever you leave home.

During hot weather conditions, it is crucial to avoid leaving your windows open at night as this provides a smooth entrance point for burglars. Carry out a maintenance routine on your windows to ensure that the rusty locks and frames are replaced in due time.


4. Conceal valuables

“Out of sight is out of mind.” The easy way to catch a fish is to use a bait. Similarly, the easiest way to attract thieves is to show them something ‘steal-able’. Keep your valuables such as jewelry and expensive gadgets out of sight. Prolific burglars cannot resist the urge to steal when presented with an opportunity.


5. Avoid holiday triggers

Whenever you’ll be away from home for days, weeks, or months, ensure you avoid doing things that’ll make it obvious to passersby that the house is empty. It’s easier for a burglar to invade your home and cart away your belongings if you’re not there to disturb them.

Cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries, so that they don’t pile up outside your door. Have someone to help you cut your grass when overgrown and collect any post that accumulates.

Avoid disclosing your absence from home on social media platforms; your predator might be right there on your contact list.


Technological Home Security Tips

With the birth of IoT (Internet of Things), setting up a smart home is easier than ever. You can control your door locks, light bulbs, thermostats, vacuums, lawnmower, sockets, oven, and so much more by using an app on your smartphone. It is simple, convenient, and affordable.


6. Control Panel

security tips at home

The control panel acts like the main switch that controls all other security systems installed in a home. From the control panel, you can arm and disarm your surveillance camera and alarm system. All your passcodes are stored in the control panel if you need to reset or recover your password at any point.

Whenever any security-enabled zone is breached, the alarm system communicates with the control panel, which then notifies the alarm monitoring company about the breach. Having a control panel is essential as it serves as an easy interface to monitor all your home security devices in one fold.


7. Door and window sensors

The door and window sensors work concurrently and have two parts installed adjacent to each other. One aspect of the sensor is installed on the door or window and the other on the door frame or window sill.

The two parts of the sensor join and create a security circuit whenever the door or window is closed. This security circuit can be armed or disarmed from the control panel.

The security panel is broken in the occurrence of a door or window breach, which triggers the alarm and notifies the monitoring company.


8. Surveillance cameras

security tips at home

One great benefit of a surveillance camera is that it can be used while away from home. The simple way is to access it remotely on the computer, smartphone, or tablet. A surveillance camera is simply the best to watch out for deliveries and other service personnel like caregivers and landscapers, and to monitor children after school and check for any intruder lurking around.

You get to rewind a video to moments ahead to capture happenings in your home environment while you’re away.

Surveillance cameras are excellent home security devices because the recording feature helps to identify the facial or physical features of burglars or the plate number of their vehicle for tracking.


9. Panic button

security tips at home

On different occasions, burglars break into the home and cart away with belongings before security personnel can be reached. The panic button helps to solve this. The moment you sense imminent danger, the panic button is an easy and fast way to alert emergency services to come to your aid. It is recommended to keep one close to your bedroom and where it’ll be visible at night.


Benefits of Home Security Systems

You’ve seen what it takes to secure your home using traditional and technological home security measures. Let's briefly recap the significant benefits of using a home security system.

  • Fast emergency contact

In your absence or presence at home, any breach in your security system triggers your control panel to send an automated message or call to the nearest emergency center. The police or other emergency responders will be notified even if you are not at home.


  • Easy safety alerts

Perhaps you forgot to lock your door or close your window. Entry sensors will notify you if there’s any intrusion in your home from anywhere you are. You can also be notified if a person is detected or movement is detected, allowing you to check-in and make sure that everything is okay at home.


  • Remote management

Using components like the surveillance camera and alarm system, you can manage your home while away from home. With your smartphone connected, you can stream live happenings in your home environment and trigger your emergency alert if you suspect anything fishy.


Home Security Systems Shortcomings

  • Cost of equipment

Home security systems are highly unsubsidized, which makes them very expensive. Some components cost as much as $400 to install. In the case where you have to install about 10 - 15 components, the cost might be unbearable and unaffordable.


  • False alarms

There are cases of false detections and false alarms. In such instances, emergency service might show up only to discover that it was a false detection. This might backfire and affect their motivation to show up next time they receive an emergency alert from your home.


  • Forgetfulness

Forgetting to arm your security system is more or less like you have none installed. You become vulnerable to attack at your home for that moment. People often report that they have trouble remembering to arm their security systems when they leave the house, making the entire system useless.

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