5 things to consider when buying a home

8 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying a House

8 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying a House

factors to consider when buying a house

Are you tired of living in a rented apartment?

Or you’ve saved a large sum of money over the years so that you can get your dream house?

This piece is for you.

In this article, you will understand the most critical factors to consider when buying a house. Take it as your checklist or criteria that must be met before bringing out your hard-earned money to pay for any home.

Know that buying a house, whether as a person or a family, is one critical financial decision. It takes a lot from you to pull resources together to want to buy a home. Therefore, it is wrong to buy a house you’d dislike after spending your money to get it.

This is the reason you need to read this piece to the end.


Factors to Consider When Buying a House

The factors discussed in this article are outlined under 2 categories:

  • Economic Factors
  • Physical Factors

It is essential to note these factors are not independent of each other; if you ignore or neglect one aspect, the other might just be as insignificant.

Now, let’s look at each of them.


  • Economic Factors

These involve everything about money and your finances. The economy is a crucial aspect to consider when you want to buy your house because if it’s not in your favor, you might as well reconsider the decision to buy the house.

What then are the economic factors to consider?


1. The Budget

factors to consider when buying a house

You have this dream house in your head, and the picture is so clear that you don’t seem to want any other thing apart from that.

However, the honest question you should ask yourself is if you can afford it. You don’t want to live in your dream house and be in debt. And you don't want to be servicing a loan at the bank that might have the same place as collateral.

Buying your dream house is the best thing that can happen to you. On the other hand, it shouldn’t turn out to be a liability that you will be servicing for years.


2. The Agreed Payment Plan

factors to consider when buying a house

There must be a system for payment.

You can’t cancel out that you might not have all the money to pay for the house in full. Also, waiting until you get all the money together might be a bad idea because the house might have been gone by then.

So, what do you do?

You can agree on a payment plan with the seller, agent, or realtor. This means that you’d be stating how you plan to complete the payment and for how long. With this agreement, whether written or by other means, you’re legally bound to follow through with it.

It’s important not to make an agreement that will not favor you or might become a burden to you eventually. Buy a house that aligns with your financial state and not way above your means.


3. The Prospects

A house is an asset!

You must’ve heard that before, and that’s the truth.

Buy your house just for yourself and your family to live in. Well, that’s all right, but you can’t rule out that there might be a need to put the house up for sale later on.

You could be relocating to another place, have acquired a better house, or urgently need money to fix financial needs. These things happen and you can’t predict when they will.

So, you want to buy a house that would profit you or not incur huge losses in the long-run if at all you sell it. A home that devalues quickly is not worth it.  If after a few years of purchase, the house would’ve depreciated severely, then you don’t need it.


4. The Insurance

factors to consider when buying a house

Only the insured are safe!

You must be sure that there’s an insurance plan for the house you want to buy. It is wise to be ensured of a mishap.

There’s never a guarantee that your house cannot fall victim to one disaster or the other. Nobody prays for it but it happens anyway. And not a thing can be done about it. You can prevent these disasters but you can’t stop them from happening if they do.

This is the reason your house must have an insurance plan that will not weigh you down financially and will still ensure you from any disaster or harm.


  • Physical Factors

The physical factors are those things that will make you feel comfortable in the house and appeal to others, too.

They give you a feeling of satisfaction when someone can’t help it but compliment you or your choice of housing. They bring about the little pride you feel because “you got good taste.”

You’re about to discover those factors you must look out for if your choice must be right.


5. Home Site

factors to consider when buying a house

The location of the house matters a lot.

You don’t want to enter the environment you live and develop an automatic headache because it’s not your kind of location. 

Your choice of where you want your house to be located depends on you.

You might like it in an estate where there are other houses around and the neighbors are always everywhere. Or you might prefer a place not too occupied by many people and you can count the number of people in and out of the environment every day.

When choosing, remember that it’s not only about you but also about others if you need to sell or lease it later on.

So, choose a location closer to a good school. One that has all the necessary infrastructural facilities like adequate water supply and is close to the market or places where you can get your essentials. Also, consider if it has good network coverage for internet connection.


6. Home Size

You’re not wrong to want a big or a small house. It all depends on the picture you have of your dream house.

You might consider a big house if you want enough space in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room and if you have a family or expecting one. If you frequently have guests and relatives that visit, get a big house that will accommodate you.

Remember that it’s just a factor to consider, which doesn’t rule out the others. If every other aspect has been satisfied, it is not a bad idea to go for a house size that you’re less comfortable with.


7. Home Age

factors to consider when buying a house

The age of the house shouldn’t be an issue.

It all depends on your preference. You might want an old house that gives the thrill of many years ago or a modern home with enough latest fixtures.

Either choice has its advantages and disadvantages. You decide which you’re comfortable with and go for it.

The old houses might require additions and re-touch to make it fit for living. This might also cost some money, but you can go ahead with it if it’s not much of a burden.

If the house is in good living conditions, the age matters less.


8. Home Environment

You’ll be living with people!

Understand the environment you want to buy a house—the neighborhood also matters. The environment could be noisy as a result of the people living there, commuting vehicles, and trains close by.

Also, confirm if the people around are friendly and interact well. Ask questions and make inquiries from them. You never know, making friends around will come in handy sooner or later. Find out the level of crime to ascertain if it’s safe to live there or you need to find somewhere else.

If you can’t cope in an environment, you shouldn’t buy a house there.



There you have it; eight (8) important factors to consider before buying a house. They are useful in helping you to decide the right home to buy.

Now that you know the factors to consider before you make a purchase, it’s up to you to make the best choice that’ll benefit you and make you comfortable as you live in it.

Go out there and buy your dream house because you deserve it.

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