how to buy tiles

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Buying Tiles

how to choose tiles

how to choose tiles

If you are looking for the perfect wall or floor tile, there are various options to choose from.

There is the natural stone tile, mosaic tile, porcelain tile, and ceramic tile.

However, it can be challenging to know what's best for your needs, as tiles serve different purposes and benefits.

In this guide, you'll learn how to find the right tile for your home renovation project.


Where Can You Buy Tiles?

If you are wondering where to buy ceramic tiles in Montreal, plenty of physical stores sell them. You just have to research which store has the most affordable one. There are also big stores that offer many types of tile and other tools you might need.

If you are in a different area, you can check the hardware shops near you. However, it would be better to check online first for shops around you that sell the tile you need for your convenience.


Choosing the Right Type of Tile

how to buy tiles

To get a worthy purchase, you have to be wise about choosing the right tile for your needs. Below, you'll see the most common types of tile that might be suitable for your floor or wall and learn about their pros and cons.


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are great to use as floor tiles due to their durability. If you install them properly, they can last for decades.

Even if one tile gets damaged over the years, you will easily replace it, especially if you have chosen a more common design. Additionally, you can always opt for new concepts that will fit the current one you have.

However, ceramic tiles are cold. So, if you will use them for your flooring, you'll have to add a rug or a carpet for your comfort. This drawback is what most homeowners encounter, especially if they have kids roaming around.

Beyond that, if you want them for your bathroom wall, it would be great to use a glazed ceramic as a wall tile.

Regular ceramic tiles might be durable and easy to maintain, yet they are not entirely water-proof, unlike the glazed ones, and you may have problems with maintenance.


Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles are widely used in homes or establishments because of their beauty, natural look, elegance, and easy maintenance. However, some stones are not suitable for shower areas because of their grout lines.

So, you have to choose carefully.

You can use marble or slate for bathrooms but make sure to maintain them properly. There are special cleaning solutions made for natural stone tiles to help maintain their look and durability.


Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are another common type of tile that experts prefer to ceramic tiles. While they are both processed clay mixtures, porcelain tiles are more durable than ceramic ones because they are more refined.

Plus, a porcelain tile is less porous and more water-resistant than a ceramic tile.

Ceramic and porcelain are great for flooring and bathroom as they can be slip-resistant. If your budget is low, you can use ceramic tiles. But if your budget is high and you want something that requires less maintenance, you should best choose the porcelain tiles.

Either way, it is best to consider both the beauty and function of these types of tiles.


Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles or mosaic glass tiles are luxurious to use for countertops and walls. They are stain-resistant, making them easy to maintain. However, they are costly than other types of tiles and more difficult to install. They are also prone to breakage when something hard is dropped.

You will see mosaic tiles mostly in huge houses as they are installed not only for function but also for aesthetic purposes.


Things You Have To Remember When Buying Tiles

Of course, it's up to you to choose and buy what you think is best. But we hope that you consider this guide and find it helpful when you purchase floor or wall tiles.

 how to choose tiles


Pick the Suitable Type

You can buy any type of tile, but you should consider how it is made and if its properties are suitable for the installation area. When you buy tiles, you have to keep in mind what room or part of the house you'll use them.

If you have children, it would be best to consider a slip-resistant one for safety. It's to ensure that the tile type you chose serves its purpose while preventing unwanted situations.


Consider a Long-Term Investment

Many individuals want to save money for their other needs. However, if you want to save, you should consider long-term investments.

If you buy cheap tiles, the quality may also be low. Because the lifespan of that tile is short, you may have to purchase new ones within a short time frame.

On the other hand, if you purchase costlier but more durable tiles, you can use them for longer,  keeping you from installing new ones for decades. So, aim at saving money on your first purchase.


Know Your Budget

It's nice to have something luxurious for your home improvement. Many people prefer tiles pleasing to their eyes and fit their styles.

But you have to set a budget and consider how much you have to spend to finish your project. Although choosing high-quality and long-lasting tiles is always enticing, remember that they are only one part of the overall cost of building or renovating the entire house.

When setting your budget, do not ignore the installation fees, as some tiles are more difficult and costlier to install. You can always check with your preferred installer to compare prices, installation, and maintenance costs to prevent you from spending over your allotted budget.

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