beautiful bungalow designs in kenya

Top 12 Beautiful House Designs in Kenya with Images

beautiful house designs kenya

beautiful house designs kenya

Having a house in Kenya is not just about seeking shelter.

To get the satisfaction and peace that comes with owning a house, there are other important factors that you must put into consideration.

Whether you are looking to build your house from scratch or renovate your house to look different and aesthetically appealing from how it currently looks, there are different amazing designs that you can work with to enable you to get started.

In this article, we shall be looking at the things that you should consider before choosing a house plan and the top 11 beautiful house designs in Kenya that you can conveniently choose from.


Things to Consider When Choosing a House Plan

Before you can get the dream house you have always envisioned or longed for, you need to consider some integral factors when choosing your house plan. They include the following:


·        Family Needs and Lifestyle

This is one of the most crucial things to consider. The size of your family and the preference of every member of the family should be put into consideration. The female members of the family might love their rooms to be designed in a certain way, which might be quite different from that of the males.

If you are newly married, then consider how to incorporate additional rooms into your home if you intend to expand your family in the future. Big families who are sporty can also plan on including recreational facilities for indoor and outdoor games.


·        Privacy/Serenity

Most people want their homes to be in a serene environment with a lot of privacy. If you fall into this category, then you should consider it when planning your house.

The position of your windows, doors, patio, and balcony should be effectively planned to provide you with enough privacy from your neighbors and prying eyes.

You can also soundproof your house to prevent any noise or disturbance. Also, you can consider designing your house with the U or L-shaped design to enjoy optimum privacy.


·        Safety

This is equally very paramount, especially if you have kids around the house. The playroom and the house itself should be safe for children. Ensure that the balcony and furniture of the house are positioned in such a way that kids can safely play around the house with little or no supervision.


·        House Structure

Being able to know the total measurement of your house per square foot is equally germane – whether you intend to build a duplex or bungalow. Ensure that the structure of the house is well-planned to accommodate future renovations and developments.


·        Budget

When planning a house, make sure that the plan is within your budget. This will enable the completion of the house without you becoming bankrupt. Ensure that you effectively conduct your research on the cost of building materials that will be needed and the furniture that will be required to work effectively with your budget.


·        Maintenance Cost for the Future

A house is an asset that either appreciates or depreciates over time, depending on how it is maintained. Hence, if you wish to increase the value of your house, you must consider the cost of maintaining it in the future. Therefore, the higher the price of the architectural feature of your house the higher the maintenance cost.


·        Aesthetics and Design

The aesthetics or beauty your house exudes goes a long way in adding luxury to your home. From the interior decorations to the exterior furnishings, making it top-notch will keep your visitors amazed and also give you the homely satisfaction you've always craved for.


Best House Designs in Kenya

Kenya is known to have a lot of beautiful and jaw-dropping homes. But some house designs surpass others when it comes to beauty and splendor. Sequel to that, we bring to you the best designs among them all.


1. 4-Bedroom House with 2-Car Garage

beautiful house designs kenya

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This house plan is what beauty is all about. It is a standard 2-story building that has 4 ensuite bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2-car garages, a swimming pool, a kitchen, 4 balconies, a living room, a lounge, 3 verandas, 2 study/offices, a dining room, a pantry, a store, and a laundry.

If you crave an exquisite house for you and your family, then this 714 sq.m house that has a length of 23m and a width of 22m should be your foremost choice.

It has everything a dream house requires. And you can equally go the extra mile to perfect it to your preference, even though it already seems perfect.


2. Thatch Roof Villa


simple house designs in kenya


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For those who value the African tradition and want a design that displays the African heritage in their homes, the thatch roof villa is a perfect choice. The thatch roofing system is peculiar to the African traditional style of roofing, and this particular house is exceptional because of its modern design.

It has an open design plan that connects the living room, kitchen, dining room, veranda, and master bedroom. It equally has a swimming pool, a laundry, and 3 bedrooms.

However, the longevity of the thatch roof varies; a quality thatch roof can last for more than 3 decades without the need for any mainstream whatsoever.


3. Panoramic 3-Bedroom House

beautiful house designs kenya

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Here is a 21st-century house design that’s suitable for you and your family. If you’d love to have a panoramic window in your home, then you should consider this.

It is a 1-story building house with 3-bedrooms that have a panoramic window that is 10 meters wide. The length of the window extends to the living room, kitchen, and veranda.

It has two toilets and a bathroom – the first for the master bedroom and the second is shared by the other two bedrooms.


4. Small House Floor Plan


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If you want simplicity and class in one simple house, you have it right here! This 2-bedroom (with an in-built closet) house has a wide living room, a bathroom, 2 verandas, and a semi-open kitchen layout. This house might be small but its unique and simple design makes it stand-out.


5. Intricate Façade 2-Bedroom House

beautiful house designs kenya

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This India-Inspired temple-like building is ideal for a small family. It is a 2-bedroom single-story building that has a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a veranda. The living room is equally spacious, coupled with a store-room that can be used to store different valuables.


6. House on a Hill

beautiful house designs kenya

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A 3-bedroom hillside house plan is the ideal adventurous family home. It consists of 4 bedrooms (with the master bedroom being the only room on the first floor while the remaining 3 are on the ground floor), 3 toilets, 2 balconies, 2 verandas, a living and dining room, a laundry, a kitchen, and a store.

It is a home design that offers great comfort and enjoyment – while you are surrounded by nature.


7. Swimming Pool House


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If you plan on having a swimming pool in your home, then this pool house is a perfect fit. It is made with timber cladding and has two changing rooms (having 2 toilets each), a pump-room, a store-room, a kitchen, and a lounge.

The best part of this pool house is its in-built grill, which comes with a stone chimney that helps to enhance the aesthetics of the house.


8. Australian Influenced Design

 beautiful house designs kenya

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Here is another single-story building with class. Its sleek and beautiful design makes it the perfect family home. It comes with 4 bedrooms, 3 toilets, an office/study, a media room, a beautiful living and dining room, 2 car garages, 2 verandas, and a laundry. This makes it perfect for a large family.


9. White House Residential Plan

beautiful house designs kenya

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If you've ever dreamt of living in the White House, here is a dream come true. You can have your replica of the White House right in your home. How cool is that? With this 2-story building and 4-bedroom home, you are in for an amazing White House experience.

This beautiful home design has two balconies, 2 verandas, 2 stores, a kitchen, a spacious living and dining room, and 4 toilets – making it the ideal presidential suite for you and your family.


10. 9 Bedroom House Design

 beautiful house designs kenya

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This is a beautiful luxurious mansion for a big family. It comes with classical Mediterranean architectural styles that beautify a stunning 4-story building, 9 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 3 offices/study, 4 balconies, 3 verandas, a large kitchen, and a beautiful living and dining room. This house is absolutely the epitome of beauty.


11. Apartment Design

beautiful house designs kenya

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Here is an apartment design for those who have small families or wish to commercialize their house. The 2-story building has about 5 apartments, but the apartment number may vary, depending on the size of your land.

You can have your apartment and lease the rest for an extra source of income. Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, 3 toilets, a kitchen, a living and dining room, a balcony, and a veranda. It equally has a great design that adds splendor to every home.


12. Mazera Stone Finish House Design

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Having a house with a Mazera stone finish design is an ideal thing to aim at when designing your home. This design is popularly used in Kenya for both interior and exterior finishes.

It is made from sand, which is cemented with silica, lime, and iron. Mazera stones are similar to sandstones but have a more organic and natural look that helps to accentuate the beauty of your home and add a lot of character to it.

One fascinating thing about this design is that it is versatile and can be used for all kinds of buildings and structures like hotels, office buildings, and houses. You can also use it to overlay your swimming pool aprons and gratings, fireplaces or chimneys, pavements, aquariums, landscapes, and other areas of your building. The Mazera stone design is always anti-scratch and durable. Hence, it can last for many decades without the need for maintenance.

You can cut Mazera stones into various sizes and shapes to suit your design needs. They also come in different colors like grey, rustic mixes, brown, black, white, and many other beautiful colors that will leave your house stunning and appealing.



You can now make your perfect choice from the beautiful home designs that have been discussed so far. Having a home that is aesthetically appealing and comfortable is one of the goals of most homeowners.

This is why we have helped to make things easier for you with this article. We hope that you are now inspired to go for your best pick and start your building process as soon as possible.

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