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Yes we can live in the White House!

Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington D.C. the White House has been the residence and principal workplace for every U.S. president since 1800. Built between 1792 and 1800 in the Neoclassical style the White House got its name from the white-painted Aqua Creek sandstone.

This design gives you a chance to build your own piece of history in the form of a 4 bedroom residential White House. It comes complete with exact replicas of the windows, decorative details and building style. A master bedroom, en suite guest room and two additional bedrooms allow large families to live comfortably while allowing adequate privacy between each of the bedrooms. An optional opening connects the ground and first floor while increasing the head height by an additional 3 meters.

If you want a design that has stood the test of time, stands in a class of its own, gives you the comfort and will have every head turning - then this is it!

Width: 16.1 meters
Depth: 11.1 meters
Open areas: 63.4 m2
Enclosed area: 307.8 m2
Total Area: 371.2 m2
Stories: 2
Bedrooms: 4
Self-contained rooms: 2
Toilets: 4
Kitchen: 1
Dining room: 1
Living room: 1
Balcony: 2
Verandah: 2
Store: 2
Laundry: 1

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