Thatch roof villa - ID 13411

Plan Specifications

  • 1 story

  • 3 bedrooms

  • 4 baths

  • 476 sq m

  • Length 19.8

  • Width 34.1


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Plan Description

This 3 bedroom thatch roof luxury villa with a swimming pools is the perfect plan for the countryside. Thatch roofs are the original African roofing methods used throughout most of Africa. The construction method is making a big comeback with more the environmentally conscious and the people who value traditional African values. Depending on the type of thatch you use it may last over 30 years without the need for repairs. The plan is open allowing a direct connection between the kitchen, dining and living rooms to the large veranda and master bedroom which all overlook the swimming pool. The master bedroom has an additional outside bath for the warm summer night showers under the stars. If you have a large plot and want to go with a traditional look then this is the plan for you.

Plan Details

Features Drawings List

Stories: 1
Bedroom: 3
En suite rooms: 3
Toilets: 4
Kitchen: 1
Pantry: 2
Dining room: 1
Living room: 1
Power room: 1
Laundry: 1
Outside bath: 1
Veranda: 2

Foundation Plan
Floor plan
Roof plan
Schematic electrical layout
Door and window schedule
Furniture layout
Wastewater layout
Clean water layout
Entrance gate and perimeter wall
Septic tank and soak pit
Bill of Quantities (editable excel format)
Schedule of Materials (editable excel format)

*Drawings delivered in PDF and DWG Format

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