15 Unique Small Dining Room Ideas for Small Spaces

small dining room ideas 

One of the cons of having a small home is figuring out how to arrange things, manage the space, and still make the home beautiful.

However, having a small space doesn’t stop your house from looking radiant. There is a lot you can do to create a stylish and practical space that will impress your visitors.

The dining room is one of the most important parts of the home. Apart from it being a room where you can eat with your family and friends, it is also a place where you can entertain guests, socialize, and have meaningful conversations.

Hence, you can still make your space look larger than it seems and add more aesthetics to your home whether you have a separate dining room or just a little corner in your kitchen or living area. You can achieve this by arranging things properly.


Best Unique Small Dining Room Ideas for Small Spaces

As a homeowner, your small dining room can still look its best if you use the right accessories. By adopting practical decorating ideas ranging from eye-catching wallpapers to built-in seating, dining pendant light, and multifunctional tables, you can maximize your dining space to its full potentials.


1. Use a Slender Dining Table

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    You don’t have to use a round table. A slender dining table allows you to accommodate enough people if you have a large family or if you have many visitors coming over. Ensure that you get a piece of furniture that’s slim enough to allow 36 inches between the table and the wall.

    Also, you can get a large wall mirror and place it opposite the dining table, so that the room feels bigger as the mirror helps to expand your guests’ view.

    If the mirror is placed perpendicular to a window, it gives room for extra light by making it look brighter. Then, you can add artworks and table decorations for character and personality.


    2. Make Your Dining Room Multifunctional

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      With a double duty dining table, you can adequately manage your space and make your dining space multifunctional. Some dining tables have extensions that can be used as a low-level storage bench or demarcation while the other part of the dining table can be used as a shelf.

      By doing this, you are killing two birds with a stone as you will have a comfortable dining area and beautiful workspace.


      3. Build a Platform

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        You can elevate a small portion of your kitchen or living room with a platform, hence, demarcating the dining room from the kitchen or living room.

        Depending on your wall decoration, you can give your dining room a cube effect or draw attention to it by hanging a dining pendant light. You can, however, differentiate your dining area with a ceiling treatment if the height of the room does not allow for elevation.


        4. Get a Room Divider

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          The half room divider allows for the flow of light into the dining area. This can be multifunctional too as you can rest your dining table on one side of the divider and a storage bench on the other side.  Don’t forget to place décor on your table.

          A rectangular table is preferable for this purpose because a round table will take more space and not allow for easy passage.


          5. Optimize an Unused Hallway/Study

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            Do you know that your hallway or study can accommodate your dining table? You can erect a narrow dining table near the stairs or erect a round dining table at the center of your study.

            And, of course, you can always place a nice décor on the table for aesthetics. However, the choice of dining table is important; a round table can be erected at the center of a small space to make walking around it smoother as opposed to a slender dining table.


            6. Get a Foldaway Dining Table

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              You can invest in a foldaway dining table if you have a small space. This allows you to set up the dining table when it is time to eat and fold it back when you are done eating. You can then proceed to keep it safe by resting it on the wall, in a corner of the house, or behind the door.

              This table can be set for as small as two people or can be fully extended to host a dinner party during festivities or family gatherings.


              7. Dine by the Window

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                Making the most of your small space involves thinking outside the box. You can transform a bay window into a dining area; a round table will fit into this. A major advantage of this is that this area will benefit a lot from natural light, which helps to make it look bigger.

                Place a décor on the table to enhance the beauty of the dining area.

                The view of a well-stocked garden, open countryside, or cityscape adds interest and beauty to your dining room. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop you from hanging artwork or wallpaper in the room.


                8. Get the Lighting Right

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                  Lighting cannot be overemphasized when it comes to decorating your dining room/area. It helps to segment the dining area from other areas in the home.

                  Consider using a soft but effective light as this will be discreet enough to not dominate. It also allows sufficient light to put final touches on your food.

                  A dining pendant light is a very good choice. But when wiring cannot be moved, you can make do with a floor lamp or swing wall lamp.


                  9. Keep It Neat and Simple

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                    One of the best things you can do to your small dining room after setting it up is to avoid littering it. This is because it will look disorderly, busy, and even smaller. Also, keep the floor as clear as possible and get rid of oversized rugs. The only things you need in a dining room are tables, chairs, and a sideboard or dresser.


                    10. Use a Window Seat

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                      You can utilize the built-in seat by your window as your chair. Then get a suitable table that fits in. As discussed earlier, when your table is close to the window, you have access to natural light, making the dining area bigger and beautiful.

                      Also, using the built-in chair helps to save space and create a multifunctional system if it is a storage bench. To complement this setup, choose non-bulky folding chairs for the side, opposite the window.

                      Add colors to further beautify this space, then hang a dining pendant light.


                      11. Create a Focal Point

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                        It will be very nice to have a very attractive design feature in your small dining room so that the focus would not just be on the table. You can get a statement table cloth that draws the attention of guests away from your small space.

                        You can also place a sculptural accessory on the table. Artworks are a good option too. Hanging oversized artworks and painting a large-scale pattern are good options if a round table is placed in the dining room.


                        12. Get Dining Benches

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                          Benches save a lot of space. They can be tucked under the table when they are not in use, they can seat more than one person, and they can be used for reading. This makes them a great option for a person looking to maximize their small space. You can place a flower-pot on the table and hang a dining pendant light to enhance the beauty.


                          13. Dining for Two

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                            A bistro-style table is a chic choice for couples and people with small families. It saves a lot of space and can be made to look stylish by placing fresh flowers, candles, and other decorations on it. Pop your bistro-style table against the wall or in a corner of your kitchen — and you can finally have a very beautiful dining room.


                            14. Use a Floating Shelf for Your Dining Table

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                              If you have a little space but no room for a dining table, a floating shelf in your kitchen can be used as a breakfast bar or dining table. Just get some bar stools and you have a place to eat.


                              15. Utilize Color

                                small dining room ideas

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                                You can draw attention away from your small dining room by using color and patterns. Go for a single-color decorating scheme in a small dining room as this makes the room feel larger.

                                You can pick an element in the room and introduce a contrasting shade to provide interest, then introduce a patterned material for the seat covers.

                                You can also apply wallpaper at the center of the room. If you’re going for this, then bench sitting is a good choice.



                                Having a small space in your home is not all bad. You only need to arrange things neatly and orderly to prevent your home from looking untidy and unattractive. The ideas in this article will help you to effectively have a good dining area regardless of the minimal space.