34 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

unique housewarming gift ideas

Moving into a new home comes with a lot of stress.

Unpacking boxes and unloading furniture can be a pain in the neck. But after all is set and done, there's nothing more exciting than settling down into the home and hosting a fun housewarming party.

This article is the perfect guide you need if you’re lucky to be one of the invited guests to a housewarming party but stuck on the best and most unique gift to give your host.

Getting your host a nice and thoughtful gift would surely earn you great points. The question you, however, might be grappling with is, "What should I gift them?"

Luckily for you, there are hundreds of unique housewarming gifts to choose from. We’ve helped to make things easy by compiling the best housewarming gift ideas that will make new homeowners super happy.  


Best Unique Housewarming Gifts

These ideas are not just budget-friendly but also creative and DIY-friendly.

More interestingly, they will make other guests quite jealous as your host(s) open the gift.

Without further ado, let's get started!


1. New Home Couples Keyholder

    unique housewarming gift ideas

    The annoying search for keys is over, and the solution is sleek. A nice key holder personalized to add more style to the interior décor of the new house will be very handy. It's a simple but ideal gift that every new homeowner will appreciate.


    2. Acrylic House Sign

      Nothing says, "This is my house" better than a house sign, right? If it is modern and admirable, that makes it even better.


      3. Smart Lighting Starter Kit

        This kit allows light bulbs to be turned on or off using your phone. It's a handy gizmo that gives the home a nice aesthetic and techy touch.


        4. House Number Wall Art

          This piece of art is a welcome addition to any home. It comes in different colors and sizes. If you are creative and DIY-savvy, you can design a wall art personalized for the new homeowners. You'll only need a few tools like colors, paint blush, and cardboard.


          5. Flower Subscriptions

            Bringing a flower to the party is very thoughtful. But a year-long flower subscription? Now that's thinking outside the box. Your host will be marveled, especially if they love decorating their house with flowers.


            6. Letterbox Brownies

              A box of treats brings happy memories. So, why not give the latest homeowners some delicious brownies treat? They'll definitely love it!


              7. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

                A chic and simple wall-mounted bottle opener is a perfect gift for new homeowners. Regardless of its simplicity, it's indispensable in every home.


                8. Tassimo by Bosche Coffee Machine

                  If your hosts are coffee lovers, why not give them a lifetime of coffee treats with this compact and easy-to-use coffee machine? They will thank you greatly for that!


                  9. Rainbow Doormat

                    We bet your host's kids (if they have) will find this enchanting. Doormats don’t have to be boring; this is ready to brighten the doorway. It's also a DIY-friendly gift that you can make at home.


                    10. Ceramic Succulent Pot Set

                      Add greenery to your friend's home with this ceramic set. Whether real or faux succulents, this pot set will bring color to any living space.


                      11. Rattan Planter

                        A Rattan Planter is simple, hand-woven, and natural — those who appreciate nature love this gift. It will give a nice touch of aesthetics to your host's new home, just like the ceramic succulent pot set.


                        12. Amazon Echo

                          unique housewarming gift ideas

                          How many times do we need an assistant that can do everything? Apparently, every time. Here’s your chance to transform the home of your tech-savvy host with this smart device.


                          13. Wine Tumbler Set

                            A set of stainless-steel tumblers will be extremely useful during summer picnics. Its insulation can keep hot cocoa or tea tongue-sizzling for hours. The beautiful thing about this gift is that it comes in different unique colors and shades. Therefore, it will be nice and thoughtful to gift your host a tumbler set in their favorite color.


                            14. Marble Board Set with Knife

                              Marble and gold serving board, a matching knife, and yellow cheese (optional) could get your host running to the kitchen during the party.


                              15. Two Set Hanging Baskets

                                For crochet lovers, this would be a masterpiece. It is functional as a place for storing items ranging from fruits to umbrellas and plants.


                                16. "Home Sweet Home" Doormat

                                  This doormat is a popular gift idea that you can give any new homeowner. It is stylish, practical, and unique.


                                  17. Geometric Trinket Dish

                                    Aside from aesthetics, this super-duper durable plastic tray is functional too. It is a safe container for keeping keys, rings, and other accessories that would fit in. In addition, it is easy to wash and relatively affordable.


                                    18. Ceramic Flower Vase

                                      The astonishing bodywork of a ceramic flower vase is enough to make heads turn when entering a home. Therefore, giving this as a gift to new homeowners is a plus in every way.


                                      19. Modern Salt and Pepper Shakers

                                        best housewarming gifts

                                        Big gifts come in small packages.  This gift will be handy in any kitchen and will be a chic addition to the kitchen's design. And, of course, it's an even nicer gift for your foodie friend.  


                                        20. Torrento Marble Desk Organizer

                                          Add a luxurious style and space to your friend's new workspace with the Torrento Marble Desk Organizer. Surely, it will help to keep the mind organized too and will be well appreciated.


                                          21. Boudoir Scalloped Pillow

                                            Let your host have a monogrammed pillow to mark their housewarming party. It will give you both an unforgettable memory to cherish forever.


                                            22. Knotted Decorative Object

                                              No decor can be complete without art — and this is art. On this note, a knotted and decorative piece for the coffee table is a must-have.


                                              23. Custom House Portrait

                                                Gifting a portrait does more than just show art; it makes the house residency official. With this, your host will not forget you in a hurry.


                                                24. Concrete Hand Catchall Holder

                                                  These are artsy objects to gift to friends who appreciate the unexpected. These hand-shaped bowls are perfect for holding cards, jewelry, or tealight.


                                                  25. Oven Gloves

                                                    unique housewarming gift ideas

                                                    When it comes to uniqueness, oven gloves are great additions to the kitchen. They are just as good as traditional oven mitts and potholders, helping owners get a good grip on hot dishes. Your host will absolutely appreciate you for this gift.


                                                    26. Mason Jar Indoor Herbs Garden

                                                      If your nature-loving friend moved into a small space, this is an ideal gift to give them. The jars fit comfortably on a window sill, and all the seeds need is water.


                                                      27. Custom Return Stamp Address

                                                        If the new homeowner is an old school friend who still prefers their handwriting on paper, get this customizable return address stamp for their envelopes. They will definitely send you a “Thank You” letter.


                                                        28. Essential Oil Diffuser

                                                          Keep the scent in the air and the Zen flowing in the new home with this top-notch diffuser. Use essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus to give the home a serene and aromatic aura.


                                                          29. Microwave Rice Cooker

                                                            A microwave rice cooker is a perfect gift for newly married couples. In just 15 minutes, this rice cooker makes fluffy white rice that will fill their stomach with thanks.


                                                            30. Cloud Cotton Robe

                                                              After the unpacking and decorating of the new home are over, a spa routine is a suitable payment for all the stress. This cloud cotton robe will help the new homeowners give themselves a spa treat at home after the housewarming party.


                                                              31. Pineapple Candle

                                                                Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality while candles represent warmth. Putting these two together says 'Great Home' like nothing else.


                                                                32. Personalized Throw Pillow

                                                                  personalized housewarming gifts

                                                                  Keep memories alive with this DIY-friendly and heart-warming throw pillow. You can personalize it by adding the family name and the date your friend moved into their new home.


                                                                  33. Weighted Blanket

                                                                    It might not seem much at first, but it begins to look like gold after a good night's rest. Weighted blankets also relieve stress; they will make a great gift to a workaholic.


                                                                    34. Freestanding Wine Rack

                                                                      Expect to get invited back for dinner after giving any new homeowner this unique gift to store their non-alcoholic wine.


                                                                      Wrap Up

                                                                      The stress of settling into a new home is heavy, but a great housewarming party can subdue all that. And without a doubt, housewarming gifts are one of those things that make the party interesting and memorable for the host.

                                                                      So, having a beautiful and unique gift idea to give new homeowners will be delightful.

                                                                      While noting your budget and the quality of the gift ideas you have in mind, it's vital to make sure that your gifts are durable and useful in the daily life of your host.

                                                                      There is no one-gift-fits-all category, so we advise that you pick a gift that suits the new homeowner’s personality.