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Contemporary Modern House

Contemporary Modern House

Contemporary house design changes over time and transforms based on what is popular at a particular time. It combines elements of minimalism and modernism to allow for more versatility and freedom. On the other hand, modern house design is characterized by balance, crisp lines, and warm neutral tones.

While contemporary and modern homes have been thought of as separate entities, recent architectural developments allow homeowners to mix elements from both design styles to result in contemporary modern homes.

Here are a few contemporary modern house design features.

What are contemporary modern houses?

contemporary modern houses

Contemporary modern homes reflect the current 21st-century architecture and design that changes and grows to adapt to what is new and trending in the realm of home design.

This design language often overlaps with other design styles such as farmhouse design and mid-century modern design.

A contemporary modern house is not just about adopting the latest trends, rather it is about pushing the boundaries of what is new. This includes focusing on sustainability and smart features through energy efficiency, eco-friendly building materials, and smart home products and services.

Key design elements and features of contemporary modern houses include;

  •  Simple and clean design
  • Open floor plans
  •  Large windows and natural light
  •  Sustainable, energy-efficient design
  •  Integration with nature
  • Minimalist interiors
  • Smart home technology
  • Industrial and mixed materials
  •  Integration of art and ornate design

How do you design a contemporary modern home?

contemporary homes

Open floor plan

It is essential to create open spaces between walls, furniture, and rooms because minimalism is key to contemporary modern home design. Remember that less is more and you do not want to fill the rooms of a modern house with unnecessary décor and clutter.

Open spaces allow you to highlight simplicity, lighting, and clean lines.

Lots of light

Lighting is a key element of modern houses, and a mix of natural and artificial light can maximize the brightness and airy nature of your home.

There are a lot of things you can do to emphasize light throughout a contemporary modern home. These include;

  • Window treatments: Various window treatments can make all the difference in determining how much natural light enters your house. Some elegant options include sheer shades, neutral shades, curtains, and blinds.
  • Ambient lighting: This includes track lights, recessed lights, chandeliers, and pendant lights to ensure that you can see well in a room. If you prefer layered lighting, consider table lamps and floor lamps to create further visual appeal in your contemporary modern house.
  • Accent lighting: Fixtures such as sconces, uplighting, wall lamps and LEDs can brighten up your home particularly when used to highlight key décor elements like artwork and cabinetry.

Wise use of color

Black, white, and warm neutral tones are the primary color hues common in contemporary modern homes. Other colors can also be used generally as accent pieces rather than the primary shade of a room.

You can use a color pattern that highlights bright and bold colors against contrasting primary colors or neutrals.

Muted earthly blues and grains will ground the space and give it a contemporary aesthetic. You can then add pops of color using décor, art pieces and other small but impactful elements.

Up-to-date floor

The floors of contemporary modern homes are typically plain and smooth. You can layer in some color and texture using geometric-patterned area rugs. Popular examples of the flooring of contemporary modern homes include wood and vinyl.

You can use wood floors or wood-styled vinyl in combination with area rugs and carpets to soften some areas without using overwhelming levels of texture. On the other hand, ceramic tiles like porcelain and terracotta are likely to appear dated in a contemporary modern home.

Well-thought-out furniture

Furniture has an influential role in the design of any house, and more so in contemporary modern homes. Clean, geometric shapes are a hallmark feature of this house design.

Beautiful décor

Contemporary modern homes have a place for well-balanced and thought-out décor pieces such as;

  • Large indoor plants
  • Ornately framed artworks such as portraits
  •  Metal and glass accent pieces
  •  Elements made of natural stone

Experts recommend avoiding multi-colored prints like paisleys and plaids, tasseled window treatments, and heavy drapes. You can also avoid shabby chic elements like distressed wood and lace.

Like with any other design language, a contemporary modern house should follow your preferences more than the current fads. You can always align the contemporary aesthetic with what you feel is the right style for you.

Add lines

Clean lines are a crucial element of contemporary modern design. These can be straight, vertical, or horizontal, and can be placed in different areas such as bare windows, high ceilings, and painted walls.

Why are contemporary modern homes growing more popular?

Contemporary modern homes are popping up because buyers and builders find it easier to personalize spaces and integrate unique design changes. These homes can be customized in endless ways.

Contemporary modern homes emphasize individuality without losing functionality and practicality.

Pros and Cons of Contemporary Modern Homes

pros and cons


These homes are unique and individualized since they can be personalized to one’s liking. Contemporary modern homes are also low maintenance because the clean lines and minimalist layout design are easy to maintain.

Contemporary modern homes are environmentally friendly based on the emphasis on using sustainable building materials and energy-efficient systems.


  • High costs: Contemporary modern homes are constructed using quality materials that can be expensive because of their sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Challenges with incorporating other styles:  Some homeowners can find it difficult to incorporate other styles into contemporary modern homes based on the elements and materials used. Blending design styles can also be challenging if you prefer changing the look of your home frequently.


Contemporary modern homes continue to be a highly sought-after option for buyers and builders alike. They draw on current and emerging trends in design and architecture.

Investing in a contemporary modern home can be a smart choice when executed with finesse.

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