Bathroom must haves


In every home, a bathroom serves the important function of helping to keep people clean and the rest of the home tidy. However, to serve this function, a bathroom requires some important installations, amenities, tools, and products.

Here is what ought to be in a tidy, organized, and fully functional bathroom.

What are the things inside a bathroom?

Shower or Tub


Depending on the size of the room and your preferences, you will either have a standing shower, a bathtub, or a hybrid mixture of the two fixtures. These are the centerpieces and serve the biggest function in a bathroom.

When choosing what to install, consider the available space, your energy budget, maintenance, and which of the two you are likely to get the best use out of.

Shower Curtains

shower curtain

Unless you have glass doors that cover your shower stall, a shower curtain is a must-have. This will prevent water from excessively spilling and splashing onto your bathroom floor, making it slippery and messier to clean before leaving the room.



Every home needs at least one toilet, and having one in your bathroom is a decision that comes down to you as a homeowner. Separate facilities make more sense to some people, with the view that a toilet and a bathroom may be used concurrently.

Others find it more convenient to have them in the same room, which saves on space and the lessened complexity of plumbing involved.

If you have both facilities in the same room, remember to create a place where toilet paper can safely be stored without getting wet. 

Non-slip Bath Mat


Whether you have a shower or a bathtub, you will seldom avoid getting your bathroom floor wet. To prevent yourself from slipping when your feet are wet, get an absorbent bath mat on the floor adjacent to your shower or tub.

We all are too familiar with the danger of stepping out of a bath with wet feet, and a bath mat will go a long way to prevent any accidents.

Towels and a Towel Holder

towel rack

After cleaning yourself, the next logical step is to dry yourself off Thus, every bathroom is well served by a towel rack or holder mounted close to the shower or the bathtub.

With these in place, you can reach for a towel with minimal fuss and dry yourself off without getting your floors overly wet.

You also need to keep some extra towels in a storage compartment in case the one near the bath is not dry or becomes dirty. This storage compartment needs to accommodate different types of towels like bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels.

This would ensure that every possible need for a towel in your bathroom is catered for, something that will be convenient to you, your family members, and any guests that may use your bathroom.

Storage Cabinet

bathroom cabinet

Inject some storage capacity to your bathroom by installing a mounted cabinet. This can act as a medicine cabinet with some leftover storage to keep extra items like soap, personal care products, and an extra bulb among other items.

If your existing medicine cabinet is too small, consider installing a freestanding cabinet or a wall-mounted cabinet. This will increase your ability to keep whatever you, your family members, or houseguests may need within reach.


bathroom waste basket


Every bathroom needs a wastebasket for the product packages and any other thing you may want to discard within the confines of the room.

A lot of the things in a bathroom come in plastic wrappers which can make your sink, counters, and floors dirty. These include toothpaste, bath soap, skin care products, tissue paper, and detergent.

Also, while you may not make a lot of trash in your bathroom, you may have guests over who you will want to make sure they have a place to toss away tissues and other items discreetly.



You don’t want to get your floors wet reaching into the bath or the shower stall to wash your face, hands or brush your teeth, do you? 

A sink mounted under a bathroom mirror will provide you with a good place to wash your hands and face.

Bathroom sinks and basins come in different shapes and sizes, from pedestal sinks to under-mounted bathroom sinks.

Personal Care Tools

After taking a shower, you may want to apply some skin care products, treat your hair and groom yourself further. 

It is therefore advisable to store some personal care tools in the storage compartment within your bathroom.

Drying Rack

drying rack

Hang a drying rack high up on the walls of your bathroom so that you have somewhere to air dry hand towels and your delicates without taking them outside or to the dryer every time.

This little bit of convenience will make your bathroom experiences more pleasant, knowing that you always have what you need within reach.

Hand Soap Dispenser

soap dispenser

Good hygiene is a must in every bathroom, granted that you need to wash your hands after using the toilet. 

Place a soap dispenser on your sink, and this will ensure that you never have to reach for the bathroom handle with dirty hands.

Other items you need in a bathroom include

  • Extra toilet paper
  • A mirror
  • A toothbrush holder
  • A plunger tucked out of sight
  • Wall hooks


Think of what is in a bathroom logically – what do you use frequently? What runs out the quickest? What may another person need in your bathroom?

With enough storage capacity, a sink, a drying rack, towel hooks, and a wastebasket, your bathroom will most likely meet every possible need for anyone who may step into it.

Therefore, take the time to make a list and visualize your ideal bathroom experience. This will help you stock up your bathroom with enough supplies to make it a pleasant place to be.

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