Types of Bathrooms


There are different kinds of bathrooms to suit different uses in a home. Any home may require more than one type of bathroom depending on size and your use preferences.

Here are a few types of bathrooms, hopefully understanding each one will help guide you decide whether and how to install them to best suit the needs of your home.

Master Bathroom

master bathroom

A master bathroom is often the largest bathroom area within a home and is directly connected to a master bedroom. At the very least, a master bathroom features a toilet, a shower system, or a bathtub, and is supported by a hot and cold-water supply.

Most people enjoy a master bathroom because it offers a lot of privacy and a certain measure of luxury, being the largest bathroom in the home.

The focus of a master bathroom is 

  • relaxation, 
  • an ambiance created by a large open space for easy changing,
  •  a large bathing area, 
  • and a vanity sink for shaving, skincare, 

A master bathroom is often thought of as more than just a room for getting ready for the day. It can be a personal retreat spot where you unwind after a tiresome day, surrounded by your favorite finishes, colors, and decorative accents.

What can I put in my master bathroom?

If you have the space, you can consider a freestanding tub to give you a large area to stretch out and relax.

You can also consider a double vanity that provides 

  • a more usable counter, 
  • more drawers, and 
  • increased cabinet space to hold personal care products and extra supplies for your bathroom. 

Consider some decorative wall sconces surrounding the mirror for additional aesthetic appeal.



Walk-in showers add a cutting-edge touch to a master bathroom, on top of maximizing usable floor space. It is also easier to clean than showers with edges or bathtubs and affords you the luxury of creative shower doors.

If your budget allows it, incorporating heated floors into your master bathrooms will ensure that you always feel warm and toasty. 

Many people dread the feeling of stepping on cold tiles and adding under-floor heating mats will go a long way to keeping your feet from getting cold in the bathroom.

If you like getting changed in the bathroom, you may want to consider including a changing area in your master bathroom design. Add a comfortable chair or bench to get a spot to sit while getting ready, and a nearby built-in closet makes it that much easier to grab what you want to wear.

To put a finishing touch on that luxury space, add a chandelier to your master bathroom. A crystal chandelier in the bathroom can elevate the room into a more elegant space.

If that does not match your style, look over the available offerings of geometric chandeliers that feature a more unique design of your choosing.

Mood lighting can similarly elevate your master bathroom. From soft recessed lighting around the room edges to surround lights on your vanity mirror, these can greatly change the way your bathroom looks. 

Match these lighting options with glossy tiles to help reflect light that will create an interesting visual effect.

Half Bathroom

half bathroom

A half bathroom is the type of bathroom attached to common areas of the home adjoining the dining room, the living room, or a corridor between some of the recessed rooms. Half bathrooms typically contain toilets and washbasins or sinks but no showers or bathtubs.

Bathing areas and showers are not necessary for these bathrooms because they do not serve their intended purpose here. A half-bathroom is usually meant for quick bathroom needs and washing hands and faces.

Also referred to as a powder room, a half-bathroom is generally located on the main level of a multistory house and is used both by guests and family members.

Based on the fact that guests are supposed to use these amenities, half bathrooms often feature plush tiles, decorative accents, and fancy basins.

Guest Bathroom

guest bathroom

Having guests stay overnight in your home is often a great feeling. However, entertaining your guests can become quite a challenge if everyone is sprawling over bathroom time.

Therefore, having enough bathroom space to accommodate you, your family, and guests at the same time is important.

A guest bathroom is more like a hotel bathroom – it does not have to be as luxurious as a master bathroom or as fancy and whimsical as a powder room. Thus, they mostly feature the essentials which are a sink, a shower or tub, and a toilet.

Guest bathrooms are ideally full-sized bathrooms found in a more common area of the home, and provide some privacy without taking up much space.

 One advantage of a guest bathroom is that it can be a backup when a guest is absent and one of the main bathrooms is in use or needs some maintenance.

Apart from being quite convenient, a guest bathroom lets you keep people out of the more private areas of the home, thus avoiding the likely feeling of intrusion when people are forced to venture into your intimate spaces to access bathroom amenities.

Jack and Jill Bathroom

jack and jill bathroom

Named after an iconic sibling duo, this is a full-sized bathroom often found between two bedrooms. As a result, it has two or more separate entrances that can be locked to guarantee privacy in each bedroom. 

Thus, a Jack and Jill bathroom is often thought of as an excellent use of space, and a way to give two bedrooms direct access to an ensuite bathroom. 

This eliminates the need to have a separate bathroom for each bedroom. Your wallet may thank you down the line, as you only have to clean or repair one bathroom space.

A Jack and Jill bathroom can also be shared between a bedroom and a hall.

What you can include in a Jack and Jill bathroom depends on the size of space you have and what you need. A small space will be best suited with a shower/bath combo, a single toilet and one sink. 

A larger space can be fitted with a bathtub, a separate shower, a double sink and whatever else you feel is appropriate, such as a vanity.


Different types of bathrooms in a home meet different needs, and thus, the four aforementioned types of bathrooms can concurrently exist in the ideal home. 

After all, wouldn’t you feel more at home if you were always confident in your bathroom amenities whether you have a guest over or family members are just relaxing at home?

Having more than one type of bathroom in your home brings peace of mind, and it is a decision worth considering. 

Consult your budget and architectural experts to determine how to fit these amenities into your home. You will likely reap the benefits of your decisions for a lifetime.

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