best kitchen faucets

Most-Effective Types of kitchen Faucets to Consider for Your Home

types of kitchen faucets

types of kitchen faucets

The kitchen is one of the most functional parts of every home. It is the place where food is prepared.

Therefore, it must be kept clean and hygienic at all times.

One of the ways to achieve this is by cleaning the kitchen countertop, floor, and other surfaces from stains and debris, washing the dishes, and doing other necessary activities.

However, the cooking and cleaning process can only be made possible with running water, especially when it comes out of a good faucet.

The importance of a kitchen faucet in the home cannot be overemphasized; it is like the focal point that every activity in the kitchen relies on.

There is a wide range of faucets available on the market. They range from modern to vintage and classical faucets. Their distinct features and functionalities make the process of choosing the best one tedious.

But that shouldn't be something to worry about anymore because you’re going to be getting the best information on how to choose the most effective type as you read on.

So, if you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or get a new kitchen faucet for your existing or new apartment, this article will guide you in making the right choice.


Things to Consider before Choosing a Kitchen Faucet


The size of your faucet will mostly depend on the size of your sink and kitchen. Go for a short faucet if your sink is deep. This will prevent water from excessively splashing everywhere. However, if your sink is shallow, choose a long faucet.


Mounting method

There are different ways to mount a faucet in the kitchen. You can go for a deck mounted, sink mounted, or wall mount kitchen faucet.

Your choice should mainly depend on how the water pipes are connected to your kitchen sink to allow water to flow through your faucet. Also, consider the ease that comes with being able to install it, make repairs, and replace the faucet when the need arises.

types of kitchen sinks and faucets

The wall mount faucet is particularly not DIY-friendly; therefore, you need to employ the service of a plumber if you must make any changes. This is unlike the deck-mounted faucet that is very easy to install, especially for DIYers.


Sprayer type

There are different types of sprayers that you can choose from. Some of them include a pull-out sprayer, side prayer, and central sprayer.

The pull-out sprayers are commonly used in recent times due to the convenience they offer. They can be easily detached from the faucet and used to spray food and other items without hassle.


Faucet material

Kitchen faucets are made from different materials. They include plastic, stainless steel, gold, copper, brass, and so on. The material your faucet is made of will go a long way in determining its durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

Faucets made from copper, brass, and stainless steel are often the most durable — even though their prices may vary.


Reach and height

A large sink calls for a long faucet that is capable of reaching every nook and cranny of the sink and its surroundings while a small sink doesn't need a faucet that's too high.

Hence, being able to determine the size and depth of your sink will help you to get the right faucet with the appropriate height and range.


Type of faucet finish

The type of finish you want should also be put into consideration. Some available finish types are chrome, stainless steel, matte black, brass, white, brushed, and polished nickel.


Valve type

From ball valves to compression values, ceramic disc valves, and cartridge valves, your choice of faucet valve is limitless. They all differ in terms of durability and functionality. So, you should determine the ideal one for your kitchen.


Handle or knob type

Every faucet basically has a handle type that can either be single or double. The handle you choose determines how you access and control the temperature of your water.

types of kitchen faucets

The single or one handle faucet has been the most widely used type by most homeowners, especially when it comes to water temperature control. Whereas, the double or two-handle faucet has two separate connections to both cold and hot water. This makes water temperature quite difficult to control.


Faucet neck

The neck of your faucet goes a long way in determining its size. Some necks are designed to give your kitchen nice aesthetics; there are a couple of them you can choose from, depending on your preference.

However, there are mostly three types of faucet neck. They are straight neck, standard neck, and goose neck faucets.



Your budget must also be put into consideration. Some faucets are expensive and cost hundreds of dollars, depending on their design, functionality, and the material they are made from. But the good news is that you'll always find a nice faucet that will fit your budget as a result of the many varieties available out there.



This is another aspect that you must not do without. Don't just buy a faucet because of how attractive it looks. Go for functionality by knowing how well it will serve your household. Endeavor to know its level of durability, versatility, and other essential features that will enable you to enjoy working with it at home.


Different Types of Kitchen Faucets for Your Home

Commercial style faucet

types of kitchen sinks and faucets

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Even though this is not the most stylish type of faucet, it offers flexibility and convenience. These are the major reason why it is often used for commercial purposes, especially in large restaurants.

If you usually spend most of your time in your kitchen or run a food business from home, this is the faucet to go for. It has a very heavy sprout and can come with a single or double handle. It can be styled in a pull-down or pull-out design.


Touchless or motion detector faucet

types of kitchen faucets

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Technology has taken things to the next level with this amazing faucet type. With the widespread germs and viruses in today's world, there is no better option for a kitchen faucet than the touchless or motion detector faucet.

Now, you are guaranteed to cook in a healthier, cleaner, grime-less, and germ-free environment.

Just like the name implies, it is a faucet that doesn't require your physical touch before getting water out of it or turning it off. All it takes to get it running is the wave of your hand (or any object you want to fill with water) in front of the sensor. Then it automatically goes off once you’re done.

It is a very effective faucet for the kitchen because it helps you to save water. It is also durable and easy to use and maintain. However, one of the downsides is that it is expensive.

It comes in different variants, some of which require your touch to control their temperature. Such variants are mostly powered by electricity or battery.

So, you need to weigh your options to choose the most ideal type for your kitchen and home in general.


Pull-out and pull-down faucet

types of kitchen faucets

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These are another set of modern and budget-friendly types that are commonly used by most homeowners.

The pull-out faucet gives you the comfort of detaching the head of the sprout from the faucet to enable you to easily get water to the hard-to-reach parts of your kitchen sink area. It is efficient but has a lower sprout level when compared with its counterpart.

The pull-down faucet, on the other hand, can only be directed into the sink with the use of its sprayer or wand. Its range is also very limited and restricted to only move downwards to enable you to effectively wash things in the sink. It, however, has a higher sprout level than the pull-out faucet.


Smart luxury faucet

types of kitchen faucets

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If you think the touchless faucet is great, wait until you try out the exceptional smart luxury faucet. This type is modern, efficient, and has taken technology to a whole new level.

It has facial recognition technology that enables it to identify the user and helps you to instantly adapt water temperature and pressure to the exact level you want it.

Also, it can be connected to the internet, which gives you the ability to get access to your email, reminders, and other types of notifications from your phone.

The faucet heats water faster with its internal coil, and it has an LED lighting that changes color according to the temperature of the water that comes out of it.

Just like the touchless faucet, the only downside of this type is the price. So, if you have enough budget to spend on luxury, you can consider getting one for your kitchen.


Pot filler faucet

types of kitchen faucets

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This is useful for residential and commercial purposes. It creates a great level of convenience for most homeowners, especially those who love to cook and spend hours in the kitchen.

With this faucet, you don't have to carry your pot to the sink before filling it with water. It is often located above your cooker or stove for you to easily fill your pot with water or add more water to your food while cooking.

It is fast, efficient, and enables you to keep your sink free for other activities like doing the dishes, scrubbing your vegetables, or rinsing your fruit before eating.


Choose Wisely

From modern to traditional faucets, the list of kitchen faucet types is endless. However, this article has been able to adequately narrow it down to the best types. Choose a durable type that suits your lifestyle and will enable you to get the best in aesthetics and functionality.

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