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Small Laundry Rooms

Small Laundry Rooms

While it serves an important function in your home, a laundry room does not have to be massive for it to be effective. 

There are many awesome ideas for small laundry rooms that duly complement the home and make for a good place to do your laundry.

Here are some tips to help you set up a small laundry room.

Maximize Storage

Use storage solutions to maximize small spaces, such as wooden shelving with big slots, onto which you can store two or more laundry baskets stacked on top of one another.

laundry room storage


Hang some wall hooks in your laundry room is an easy way to add handy storage that can serve many purposes. Wall hooks do not crowd tight spaces as much as closed shelving does, and you can use them to air dry items, hang laundry bags, and can hold clothes hangers if you need to hang larger items.

Attach a hanging rod on top of counter surfaces to make full use of the vertical spaces. This not only saves space but also provides a suitable space where you can use a garment steamer with minimal fuss.

Another creative use of space is to mount dryer racks to the wall so that you can hang small items of clothing and towels 

Mount your drying rack on the wall directly above your laundry sink to ensure that your clothes do not drip onto surfaces meant to remain dry.

Clothes hampers may take up lots of valuable floor space, and a good solution to this is fitting a free-standing shelf that can serve several different purposes. 

A free-standing shelf can host clothes baskets on the top surface, a hanging rod for hangers on the main space, and useful essentials like an iron box, detergent jars, and small hampers on the smaller compartments.

Consider a mixture of drawers and pull-out shelves to designate specific places for laundry products, clothes hampers, and properly folded clothes and linen.

Invest in smart devices

Having a washer and a dryer placed side by side in a small laundry room is likely to take up a lot of valuable floor space that you can make better use of. Consider front-loading washing appliances that can be stacked on top of one another. 

Alternatively, you can invest in newer devices in the form of single-unit washer-dryer appliances that are compact enough to be set up in a corner next to a cabinet or counter space.

smart laundry room


Remember that you can mount an open shelf above washing appliances to keep cleaning essentials like detergents and fabric softeners close to where they are needed.

If you have your front-loading washing appliances stacked side to side, consider mounting a broad shelf on top of them. This can double as additional counter space when sorting out laundry before and after washing them.

You can also install folding tables on top of your appliances so that you have a practical counter that can be put away at a moment’s notice.

Make better use of your washer and dryer by maximizing their exterior. Affix small bins to the side of your machines where you can place what you need at arm’s length. 

You can find small bins and flat-backed baskets that attach magnetically, making them easy to remove and clean. You can switch out for newer baskets when you feel like having something different in place.

Another way to use your washer and dryer innovatively is to raise them off the floor by building pedestals. You can build some drawers into the raised pedestal to increase the amount of storage without taking up more space.

An added benefit to installing a pedestal with built-in drawers is that it will make it easier on your back when bending down to put in and remove your clothes from front-loaders appliances.

Use a single color shade for a cohesive finish

washing mashines


Using one color shade across the laundry room is key to achieving a coherent look that flows throughout the space. White works best since it matches most washing machines on the market. It can easily be coordinated by using white cabinets and storage jars that you can display on open shelving.

If white is not an ideal choice for you, you can always go for grays, dark blues, and blacks on different surfaces as shown below. Ensure that different areas of the room such as the walls, appliances, and flooring carry a similar color shade.

Find a folding table

ironing in a laundry room

You may not have enough space to have a full island counter where you can sort out your laundry both before and after washing. 

Look for a folding table that is slightly lower than the standard height tohelp you lean into the table more, which is better for your back and shoulders. However, you should also keep your height in mind, and shoot for a table that feels most comfortable to work with.

If a dedicated laundry table is more up your alley, pick one with some shelves, drawers, and deep compartments to allow you to keep the rest of the room tidy.


There are many ways to maximize a small laundry room. These include vertical stacking your washing appliances, installing wall-mounted shelves, and a hanging rod, and raising your washer and dryer on a pedestal with in-built drawers.

Remember to use overhead spaces, and maximize every possible surface to have some storage. Folding tables, open shelving, and overhead storage hold the keys to having a small and functional laundry room.

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