Hallway Design

Hallway Design

Hallway design

A hallway is a transitional space with a long passage with doors into it and rooms on either side of it. Thus, a hallway is an interior space within a house that is used to connect other rooms. 

Hallways are generally long and narrow and can be tailored to meet individualized purposes.

Hallways often fall prey to the designation of being the dumping ground of the home, with scarves, bags, and shoes strewn around the space. This makes it a space that is frequently neglected in terms of design and decoration.

Remember that your hallway has a huge impact on how your home is generally perceived. This is mostly because the first few seconds after entering a home make the initial impressions 

Read on to find out more about hallway design and how to get the best use out of your hallway.

How do I style my hallway Design?

styling a hallway

A hallway is not a room in the traditional sense of the word. This does not mean that it should be neglected in terms of décor. It is the first thing that you and your guests will see when you set foot in your house, and it should therefore set the tone for the rest of your home.

For your hallway, you will want to create a space that echoes your design sensibilities while being welcoming and functional. 

This initially sounds like a tall order, but with some ingenuity, you can introduce plenty of personality to create an appealing pathway.

Create a gallery wall

hallway gallery


A simple solution to giving your hallway a personal touch is to hang artwork, family portraits, and photos. Enhance this aesthetic by choosing coordinating frames in a single color and design to create a cohesive look. 

If you are feeling more adventurous, try to match the colors and design of the frames to pieces of furniture you have within the house. 

A blank hallway can be viewed as a gallery just waiting to happen, and this is a relatively inexpensive solution.

Alternatively, you can create a picture ledge that can allow you to place more than just photos in your hallway. A ledge can allow you to display meaningful mementos and trinkets that have some deep-seated significance to you. 

A picture ledge will allow you to utilize the upper wall spaces while leaving the bottom available for other uses like a shoe rack.

Add some functional aesthetics to the wall

functional hallway

You can incorporate some function that meets form and fashion by hanging wooden wall hooks in your hallway. These hooks can be used to hang numerous items like hats, tote bags, and shopping baskets.

Also, consider expanding the space using large mirrors. A round mirror accessorized with a narrow console under it will be your best friend during those crazy mornings as you prepare to leave the house.

How do you make a hallway feel cozy?

hallway seat

If you have a long, narrow drab corridor, consider laying down an area rug or a runner to define the space and add some warmth to it. 

You can further this cozy feeling by giving the hallway a splash of earthy paint and adding in pendant lights and a few plants.

A creative alternative to a fresh coat of paint is the use of wallpaper. Consider botanical wall coverings that will reduce the burden of artwork to give the hallway a homely feel. Think of flirty florals, verdant vines, and banana leaves that will instantly cozy up the space.

If botanical prints are not your favorite, you can find other fail-proof wallpapers to liven up your halls. Deck out the space with stripes, such as the classic black and white, or for an extra pop of color, pick a wallpaper with a fun combination of bold colors. 

Remember that pale and neutral color shades increase the essence of light and space, while bold and bright colors give a cozier feeling. For a transitional space, bold colors, and busy wallpaper designs can work well. 

Richer shades like warm greys, petrol blue, or olive green will make the adjacent rooms feel brighter and appear more spacious.

Add some feature furniture

hallway features

If your hallway space allows it, it is a good place for certain types of furniture. Remember to consider furniture that is decorative as well as functional, such as an antique chair or an heirloom. 

You can create a focal point with a beautiful bench that is a good place to sit and take off dirty and muddy shoes. A bench with a storage compartment is even more useful since it will allow you to make better use of the space.

If your hallway space allows a small table, consider accessorizing it with beautiful details like wicker baskets or an antique leather chest that can also serve as storage. 

A table will also allow for decorative touches such as a vase adorned with pretty flowers or a stylish bowl to store keys and other essentials.


A hallway is a transitional space that joins a few rooms within the home. Thus, it is an important ‘room’ in itself that should echo some personality and design language from other parts of the home. 

Designing a hallway means ensuring that it is beautiful, and functional and welcomes you into the home.

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