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How to Style a Laundry Room

styling a laundry room

A laundry room is a very utility-focused part of the house, and it brings a lot of order and cleanliness to the rest of the home. However, just because it is a functional space, it should not lack some style and visual appeal. 

Highly functional and beautiful laundry rooms are nowadays a must-have. Design options have suitably expanded to meet the demand of the changing times.

Here are a few tips to help you bring some style into your laundry rooms.

How can I make my laundry room better?

laundry room style

Practicality takes precedence over style in a laundry room, so thinking with organizing in mind is a great place to start. 

Consider a combination of space-enhancing storage solutions, and how you and other people will move within the room. Particularly when it is loaded with laundry as opposed to when everything is neatly tucked away into cupboards. 

Make your laundry room more practical by maximizing the available vertical space. Wall-to-ceiling cabinets increase the storage potential for your laundry room. This increases the convenience of storing detergents, bleach, and even surplus cleaning products and equipment for other areas of the home. 

Large cabinets will also help you tuck away large laundry baskets, which often take up valuable space on the floor and the counter.

You can make the room beautiful by installing some eye-catching wallpaper to ease your views as you deal with the chores. Consider bold floral wallpaper which is simple yet sophisticated, or palm tree patterns in a rich blue color, which is visually refreshing compared to most wall paint color options.

How to style a laundry room?

Laundry Island

laundry island


If you have some space to work with, consider adding a small kitchen island or a kitchen cart to your laundry room. This not only looks great, but it also creates a practical surface on which you can fold clothes, sheets, towels, and other linen in a clean and dedicated space.

Having an island to work with will also give you some space to sort out clothes, pretreat them for washing, and even lay delicates flat. 

To add some functionality, choose an island with some storage compartments underneath. This will allow you some more space to put away laundry baskets and cleaning supplies alike.

Color and material 

laundry room decor

Considering that laundry rooms are naturally mucky resulting from wet clothes and other liquid items, it pays dividends to think about the color and material of storage surfaces, worktops, and seating options. 

Dark-brown wooden storage options are revered because they can disguise fingerprints, debris, and flecks of dirt flung in by the kids.

When it comes to wall color, think of lighter tones like white or cream. This makes a laundry room appear bigger than it is, and better reflects natural light to allow you to see your clothes and linen better.

Also, a white scheme for a laundry room makes the space feel fresh, clean, and organized. Combine it with good lighting options to make every laundry chore feel less burdensome.

Laundry room flooring

laundry room floors

When it comes to laundry flooring, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) offer a good combination of desirable attributes for a laundry room. It is durable, disguises scuffs easily, and can be cleaned well with little effort. it also means that you don’t harbor gems and moisture like carpeted surfaces do.

Drying rack

drying rack


A great laundry room would benefit from the addition of a traditional drying rack or an airer. This is a good option for when your tumble dryer exceeds temperature thresholds as dictated in user guides. A drying rack also works well for clothing and linen that have delicate settings on a dryer.

Drying racks also add some aesthetic appeal to the laundry room, adding some rustic charm to the space. They can double up as a place to hang decorative items as well, and this décor is likely to make your laundry room more lived in.

Creative use of space

space saving laundry room

If your home does not have enough space to justify an entire room dedicated to laundry, you can find other ways to maximize spaces by doubling up some functionality. 

Consider combining your laundry room with a mudroom, and fit multiple storage compartments so that shoes, cleaning supplies and other things can be stored neatly. This combination is a perfect means of keeping messes and spills away from the rest of the home.

For such a setup, designers recommend stone flooring which can easily be cleaned when leaks, spillages, and dirt find their way to the floor. 

Remember that you don’t want any dirt on your freshly laundered clothes, so you should be mindful of the layout of the space to ensure it is practical and looks good as well.

A good idea is to add a small shower or a basin where pets and garments alike can be cleaned before being introduced into other areas of the home. Complement this setup with wood shelves and woven baskets on which you can place cleaning supplies and dirty garments respectively within reach.

Add a bench near the door of the space to ease entry and exit, and to provide a seating option that can help you when taking off dirty shoes and when sorting the laundry for cleaning. You can choose a standalone bench with some drawers or a cabinet underneath to add some more storage for cleaning supplies.


Remember that whether you are working with a large or a small space, you will want to style your laundry room in a way that is pleasing to you. 

Therefore, prioritize storage spaces, loads of counter space for sorting out laundry, and a light paint color scheme to keep the place feeling bright, spacious, and airy.

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