creating a small home office

13 Awesome Small Home Office Ideas

13 Awesome Small Home Office Ideas

small home office ideas

Over the last few years, technology has greatly affected the way we live our lives, run our businesses, and build our companies. Conference calls and remote works are now the order of the day.

People across the world can now work from home and interact and discuss business without being physically present.

However, it is still pertinent that you have a physical office space because this will offer you a better reputation. If you’re planning to have a home office with the space available in your apartment, we've got you covered in this article.

You’ll learn the reasons why you should have an office space for your business, things you need to consider before choosing a small office space, and amazing small home office space ideas.

This will help to add luxury, beauty, and splendor to every part of your office while making it look spacier and neater. You can even add a hidden camera for security reasons. 


Reasons Why You Need a Physical Space for Your Office

  • Employees’ Health

Your employees spend a lot of time in the office. Stuffy and small office space could affect their health, especially those who are asthmatic. Also, workers in old, dark, and noisy offices could be prone to higher stress levels.


  • Clients Have Expectations

A book is often judged by its cover in most cases. Therefore, your office should portray the message or statement you want to pass to your visitors or clients. Irrespective of the small space you have, you can still make it aesthetically appealing and comfortable for anyone that comes visiting.


  • It Speaks about Your Values

Where your office is located and the way it is arranged speaks volumes about your company’s values.


  • Purposeful Design Supports a Purpose-Driven Culture

If you want a culture that focuses on teamwork in your company, have plenty of gathering space for collaboration no matter how small. Also, hang inspiring artworks if you want your employees to have a creative culture.


  • Prospective Talents will “Google” Your Company

Get a professional photograph of your company and put it on the internet because prospective employees will search for your company to have an idea of what your company looks like. They will want to know how conducive the environment is for them to work with. Hence, you need to be wary of this.


Things to Consider before Choosing a Small Office Space

Before deciding on your office space, you should consider the following.


  • Location

It should be in a place that can be easily located and convenient for your employees, clients, and customers.


  • Company Size

As a business owner, you can locate your office in your home, depending on the size of your company or business. You can always leverage on the little space you have at home if you’re just starting and don't have the fund to rent an office space.


  • Office Environment

Your office environment has to reflect the culture you want to create. You must build an office culture that breeds positivity.


Awesome Small Office Ideas You Can Work With

1. Shelf under the Stairs

    small home office ideas

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    If you want to locate your office in your home, you can convert beneath your stairs into an office, depending on how creative you are.

    Clear the clutter that could be a hoard of old coats or furniture. Then, get a floating shelf, wall-mounted storage unit, and add a small desk. You can make the desk from a simple shelf or choose any furniture that can work in awkward spaces.

    Get a corkboard on the wall to display clippings and reminders; the front of your shelf can open with hinges to hide paper clutter. A bar cart can also be stored underneath the desk for when you’re not working.

    This space should, however, complement the rest of the room. So, get a mix of neutral wood and painted finishes and highlight using internal lights.


    2. Bachelor Pad Nook

      small home office ideas

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      A corner in your master bedroom can be converted into an office with the addition of a few floating shelves and a refined desk chair.

      Declutter the unused space, hang in a few shelves and add some light. Display arts and a sleek chair that doesn’t block the walkway. Or use a desk that doubles as a dressing table; make it a utility furniture piece with a bedroom purpose too.

      Get a narrow floating desk that has drawers and storage compartments, then pop a mirror on it to transform it into a dressing table. Also, endeavor to decrease your home office essentials, so that you will have less to hideaway.

      Place a lamp, book, and some fresh flowers on the desk and add a charming small stool for sitting.


      3. Transform a Closet Shelf

        Transform a Closet Shelf

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        Use a bottom shelf in your closet as a desk, then stock the top shelf with work supplies (books, printers, and so on), add some simple lighting, and get a chair. You can paint with a bright color or an invigorating color to brighten up the nook.

        Make sure that you shut the door out of sight when you are done for the day to keep the office atmosphere away.


        4. Open Hall

          small home office ideas

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          Convert an open hall in your company into a mini office setup. Break down the concrete wall and replace them with glass for your employees to have a beautiful view to look at while working.

          A small desk with movable cabinets and chairs are also very important. Add some old-style lamps to brighten up the environment when it gets dark; this environment promotes people interaction. Consider this if you plan to imbibe the culture of teamwork among your employees.


          5. Real Corner Office

            creating a small home office

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            A tiny corner in your home can serve as a small home office. This office type allows for both maximum storage and productivity. Use the vertical workspace by adding shelving and filling containers, wall mounted desk design and recessive shelving, and keep desk accessories to a minimum.

            Alternatively, you can put a cupboard in the corner and attach pin boards to the inside of the cupboard doors to serve as a place where you can keep track of to-do-lists, tickets, and postcards. You can always open it whenever you need it.

            Include a shelf for storage and add a stool for sitting.


            6. Change Your Living Room Layout

            For a home office, you can switch up the furniture arrangement in your small living room. Place your sofa against the longest wall and put the desk directly in front of the window.

            A rectangular office layout would fit perfectly; choose a corner of the floor to create this stylish small setup. Go for an island table and sleek rotating chairs, hide all the ugly wiring, add a beautiful painting for work time inspiration, and add beautiful lights.


            7. Sit or Stand Workstation

              If your occupation involves standing for a long period, get an L-shaped desk or fetch wood and buy a basement shelf bracket to transform a plain wall into a wrap-around bar height desk that you can use. Pull up a barstool when you need to sit.


              8. Room Divider Curtain

                 home office ideas on a budget

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                Buy a curtain to separate your work area from your living room or room. Make sure that the color of the curtain complements the color of the room; use a velvet fabric if necessary. The fabric wall should be the width of the office space.

                Paint the office with bright colors and go for small desks and chairs to save space. Choose carpet flooring for a more customized look, and hang lighting to illuminate the corner.


                9. Use All Your Space

                  If you want to situate your office in your home, then you have to make good use of your space. The length of a sofa usually matches the span of a desk.

                  Find a slim desk that fits the look of the room and turn the space behind the couch into a small workstation. You can get a bar stool from the kitchen for sitting and get decorative shelving behind the sofa to work double-time as office storage.


                  10. A Family Office in the Hallway

                    small home office ideas

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                    Your hallway can serve as a family office. All you need to do is an L-shaped desk to optimize the square footage, a hanging pegboard, a floating shelf to store your office accessories, and a stool for sitting.

                    Paint the wall with bright colors and place some artworks if you plan to imbibe the culture of creativity in your workers.


                    11. A Multipurpose Table

                      small home office ideas

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                      Fetch a large table and use it as a double-sided desk for two users. It's ideal if you would want your office table to double as a dining room. Obtain chairs for sitting, hang dining pendant light to make the space distinct, and paint with an invigorating color.

                      Ensure that you have enough space nearby to properly clear away work things before mealtime.


                      12. Divider

                        how to make a home office in a small space

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                        A low partition space in the living room makes your workspace feel like a separate room or transforms a dividing wall in your home into a computer station.

                        Place a narrow tall desk with enough space to balance a laptop and plenty of shelves for storing office supplies. Obtain a desk chair or use a breakfast bar stool from the kitchen for sitting.

                        Hang a pegboard above the desk to further free up desk space.


                        13. Small Office Setup with Shared Desks

                          small home office ideas

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                          Remove claustrophobic cubicles and replace them with divider desks. Obtain a compact desk-cum-discussion table for serious brainstorming.

                          Keep the walls neutral and add some colorful décor to make it a lively space. This style allows for the effective utilization of small spaces and personal interaction with colleagues. 



                          If you employ the small office space ideas above, you won’t have to go on an ultimate search every time you need an office item. You also won’t feel uncomfortable in your office due to the small space available.


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