shoe rack for small entryway

Best Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Best Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

shoe storage ideas for small spaces

One of the problems most shoe lovers and small homeowners often encounter while arranging their homes is knowing where to properly place their pairs of shoes.

Just like your clothes need a closet to help keep them secured and neat, your shoes also need safe haven to make them well-kept and aid their durability.

Well-kept and neat pairs of shoes can last for many years. Hence, if you’re looking for great shoe storage ideas to help you to effectively store your shoes, irrespective of the minimal space in your home, then read this article to the end.

Here, we’re going to be sharing with you the best and most effective shoe storage ideas that will allow you to adequately place all your shoes in safe places, regardless of the size of your home.

Before we begin, it’s important to plan on how to downside your shoes to enable you to make the most of your shoe storage space.

By downsizing your shoes to the most important ones, you will have more space to work with. It will also help you to discard the shoes that you no longer need.


3 Easy Steps for Downsizing Your Shoes

Below are some tips to help you to plan your shoe downsizing process.


Step 1

Take every shoe you have in your house and line them up.


Step 2

Access your shoes and try to figure out the ones that will be discarded if they have the following features:

  • Damaged or have holes in them
  • Too big or too small for you
  • Hurt your feet
  • You hardly wear them because they don't appeal to your style anymore


Step 3

After sorting them according to the aforementioned features, throw out the ones that are not useful. Give the pretty good ones that you no longer need to charity, and recycle others if you are DIY-savvy and very crafty with shoes.


Shoe Ideas for Small Spaces

After downsizing, here are the best storage ideas for small spaces that can help you to store your shoes properly.


1. Use a Storage Ladder

    shoe storage ideas for small closets

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    A storage ladder has been trendily designed to have an open cupboard that partly leans on the wall. This is why it's popularly called a “ladder cupboard.”

    It can be used to store books and other items. You can use it in the bathroom and other places at the home to store various things, especially shoes. It's very simple to use; just lean it on the wall and store your shoes.

    You can place the ladder near your front door, bedroom, or closet. The storage ladder is very cute and stylish; it helps you to achieve a very classy look as you store your shoes with it.

    For a more stunning look, you can arrange a flower pot above it to help beautify your home.


    2. Use Your Drawer

      Drawers are very versatile and can be used to store various things including shoes. You can place the drawer by the doorway or any other spot in the house that you deem fit.

      Storing your shoes with a drawer gives you a neat environment because they will be well-kept and will no longer litter your apartment floor. This method is also good because it doesn’t consume space.

      You can also arrange little things like glasses, wristwatches, keys, and small flower decorations on the top of your drawer for aesthetics.


      3. Inbuilt Shoe Storage

        If you aren't a fan of putting your shoes in a drawer, then you can decide to have a built-in shoe rack in your hallway.

        You can extend it as high as you want. This will allow you to put the ones you don't often wear at the topmost part where you can always use a ladder to get them whenever you need them.

        This storage idea is very versatile because hooks or dots can be installed beside the shoe rack to hang your coats and belts.

        With this storage idea, you can have free floor space for storing other things.


        4. Use Your Walls

          shoe rack for small entryway

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          The highest part of your wall can be a great storage idea. Having a shoe rack on the wall will make it very easy for you to store your boots, sneakers, and heels.

          The good thing about this idea is that it makes your floor shoe-free as you already have the shoes neatly arranged on the wall. This provides you with free floor space and also makes your apartment neater.

          You can make this yourself by buying crown moldings and cutting them according to your measurements. Crown moldings work fine with heels, except those with rounded toe bottoms.


          5. Beneath Your Couch

            Your couch is also a great storage idea; it is not only meant for sitting or resting. If you have a couch with built-in cubbies, you can use it to effectively store your shoes. It’s like killing two birds with a stone.

            You get to use your couch for both relaxation and storage. This method helps you to save a lot of space. If your couch has no cubbies, you can make it yourself if you can, or pay someone to construct a customized one for you.


            6. Get Some Shelves

              These are indispensable pieces of furniture for your bedroom organization. It is a neat way to store shoes and can give you plenty of space to arrange your slippers. Just like the drawer, you can place a shelf by the doorway or build one yourself at any tiny corner of your entryway, if you love DIY.

              Alternatively, you can purchase a ready-made wall shelf from Amazon or any furniture shop close to you. You should also note that shelves don’t have to accommodate the entire part of your shoes; covering half of them is just fine.


              7. Hang a Shoe Organizer

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              You can choose to hang a shoe organizer on your bedroom/bathroom wall, closet door, or any part of your home. This shoe storage looks like cool home décor because you can simply hang it anywhere in the house.

              You can also experiment with this for your toddler's shoes. Toddlers love this because it easily enables them to pick the shoes they love to wear. And the best part of hanging a shoe organizer is the free floor space it provides.


              8. Build a Wall Mount Storage Bin

                A storage bin is very fashionable and beautiful. Just mount it on the wall of your entryway and adjust your measurements based on the length and width of the wall. You can store your kids' shoes, socks, gloves, small towels, hats, sweaters, and scarves in it.


                9. Use a Pegboard

                  If you’re one of those who think that a pegboard is only used for hanging coats, then you’re thoroughly mistaking. You can use it to hang your shoes too. Get some thick leftover wood to serve as your board, then get your shaker pegs to make a pegboard and attach it to the wall to hang your shoes.


                  10. Buy Ottomans

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                    Ottomans come in different styles and colors. They are multi-purpose and can be pretty stylish while serving as a storage space in your home. There are many Ottomans out there. But endeavor to buy the one specifically made for shoes because they’re so beautiful that you can place them in your living room or bedroom.

                    Ottomans have great storage spaces and can store as many as 18 pairs of shoes at once.


                    11. Revolving Shoe Rack

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                      You can go vertical with your shoe storage by storing them in revolving shoe racks. The rack can be placed at a corner of your apartment. Its rotation makes it easy for you to see all your shoes in one turn.

                      Here, you don't need a ladder to reach your shoes because the shoe rack is usually placed on the floor. You can also add beautiful decorations above it to help beautify your apartment.


                      12. Under Bed Storage Space

                        When it comes to small storage spaces for your shoes, the bed is absolutely handy. Get a sliding drawer or shelf and tuck it under your bed to enable you to properly arrange your shoes. This storage idea might not be suitable for tall boots as space might be inadequate. But it can work well for other shoes and gives room for a large storage capacity.


                        13. V-Shaped Shelves

                        space saving shoe storage cabinet

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                        V-Shaped shelves can be used as bookshelves and shoe storage. These shelves are drilled into the walls with angles forming a V shape. The shape of the shelf makes it easier to squeeze shoes into a very tight corner. Hence, it can store as many shoes as possible. V-shaped shelves are beautiful, neat, and one of the most creative ways to store your shoes.


                        14. Keep Your Boots Outside

                          Keeping your boots outside frees up space inside the house. You can make it stylish by getting a boot rack outside and placing plants above it to make it look like an outdoor décor. This also adds to the beauty of the exterior part of your home.



                          Having a small storage space to store your shoes at home can be a bit tasking to work with. This is why we’ve helped you to ease that burden with this article. We hope that you find the ideas very useful and you’re inspired to adequately leverage the small spaces in your home to their full potential.

                          Your shoes don’t have to be scattered around the house anymore. You can now store them well in strategic parts of your home as explained above.

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