11 Professional Organizing Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy Always

professional organizing tips

Home-keeping is a part of the daily routine that is unavoidable irrespective of your busy schedule.

Beginning from your sitting room (the first port of call for your visitors), the tidiness of your home has a lot to say about you.

And even if you care less about the impression a tidy home will leave for your visitors, you may suffer from rodent invasion, misplaced home items, skin irritation, or ill-health.

Keeping your home tidy can be easy and fun to do if you develop the right attitude. Equipping yourself with some professional tips in organizing your home will make the routine an easier one. Listed below are some helpful tips. These tips focus on five sections of the home for better explanation.  They are the sitting room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.


Sitting Room

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1. Return items to their original places before light-out

Evenings are great times for families. The little moments after the day’s work and school activities when the family sits before the television watching their favorite television show, writing school assignments, or having fun mean many items in the sitting room will get shifted from their original positions.

The remote controls, side stools, chair covers, and cushion pillows are some of these items.

Other personal items that may litter the sitting room after an evening together are the children’s books and writing materials, toys, clothes, and feeding bottles. Ironically, such scenarios still occur no matter how hard you try to avoid them.

You can, however, make cleaning the home the next morning an easy job for you. By simply returning the remote controls to their rightful places, arranging the cushion pillows, telling the kids to pack up their books and toys, and putting every other thing in the sitting room to order before bedtime, you will reduce your morning chores to just cleaning.

Returning items to their places before bedtime prevents cases of missing items when the kids are preparing for school and when you’re about to leave for work. Also, home accidents due to obstructions on the pathway are less likely to occur when the need to navigate the sitting room in the dark arises.

This tip is vital in every home. Make it a habit and watch your home become a tidy one.


2. Clean-up as it gets dirty

In most homes, cleaning the home every morning is a routine. Depending on the size of the sitting room, the cleaning may be done lightly every morning while extensive clean-ups will be carried out during the weekends.

Carrying out such extensive clean-ups can be very tiring and, in some cases, may not still be done regularly. This will lead to an untidy home.

You can keep your sitting room in a good-looking condition always and also reduce your workload by cleaning up the dirty area in the sitting room when they get dirty. Clean up liquid stains (like coffee or drinks) immediately they spill on the floor to avoid the stains from becoming difficult to remove.

Carrying out spontaneous cleaning in your sitting room prevents you from embarrassment when you have an impromptu visitor. It also makes your daily or weekly cleaning routine an easy one.


3. Clean after a visitor’s visit

Receiving a visitor may likely cause some increase in human activities in the home. The meal you offer them, the photo albums you let them see to keep them busy, the board games you play with them, and other activities you engage them with can cause your home to get untidy a bit.

Visitors (especially kids) may get a little touchy with some items in your home but, out of courtesy, you might not want to call them to order.

After the visitor leaves, ensure that you return the items to their original positions. Also, do a quick cleaning and avoid postponing it until your next cleaning routine. You will be able to maintain a clean home at all times by making this a habit.


Dining Room

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4. Rearrange the dining table after dinner

It's not enough to remove the dishes after having dinner with your family. You can take the clearing process a step further by setting the table cover in order (if there's one), cleaning the table with a wet towel, arranging the cutleries, and even cleaning the floor around the table.

A disorganized dining table is a turn-off. Leaving it untidy over the night may attract rodents. You should make cleaning the table after dinner a habit such that if you were to have an impromptu visitor, you can gladly invite them over to have a meal on it.


5. Arrange the wine bottles on the rack

If you’ve got a wine rack in your dining room or just a rack where you keep breakable items like glass cups, glass plates, and bottles, make it a habit to always shift the items in the rack to a proper position whenever you take or put an item in the rack. This is a habit you can develop subconsciously over time.

Clean the rack with a towel soaked in soapy water when necessary.  And remove any abandoned bottle or item.



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6. Hang towels, robes, and sponges appropriately

The need to keep the bathroom tidy is usually underrated, apparently because it’s a secluded area of the home that doesn’t attract the attention of outsiders. Your comfort should, however, also be your concern irrespective of the fact that you only have to spend a few minutes in the bathroom daily.

Your personal effects as well as cleaning equipment found in the bathroom should have designated places where they are kept when not in use. Your towels should be hung on hangers so that they dry properly; your robes and sponges should be hung on different hooks while your soaps should be kept in water draining containers.

Tissue papers, toothbrushes, and shaving sticks should be kept properly in a corner of the bathroom, out of the reach of splashing water.

Using the bathroom will become more comforting for you by placing these items in their designated places.


7. Quickly brush a little after use

Cleaning the bathroom is as simple and fast as using it. As you flush the toilet, you can quickly clean the toilet seat using a brush and detergent (and disinfectant if you can afford to use it regularly).  You can also rinse the sink properly after washing your mouth, wipe the mirror with a towel, and clean off shower grimes from the wall.

You can carry out this routine at night before or after a shower at night if mornings won't be convenient for you. It's a quick routine that keeps your bathroom in order, pending when next you will observe a proper clean-up.


Laundry Room

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8. Wash as the clothes pile up

Doing the laundry may be a tiring chore but it gets worse when the clothes are piled up in the hampers to the point of littering the laundry room.

It’s common to leave the clothes until the weekends before attending to them. While this may be convenient for you, piling up dirty clothes only causes your laundry room and even bedroom to become untidy.

If you have a busy schedule, you may select a few light clothes to wash before you leave for work or after the day’s work. This will not only reduce your workload when doing the main laundry but will also give your bedroom and laundry room a more tidy appearance.



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9. Arrange your bed and dressing table before leaving for work

If the untidiness of every other aspect of your room should go unnoticed, it definitely won’t be your bed.  An untidy bed has a way of making your bedroom look scattered. Before you leave to say goodbye to your room in the morning, you must remove foreign items and dress up the sheet, blanket, and pillows the way they should be.

Extend this gesture to your dressing table after use. Arranging the combs, brushes, and make-up kits (if you use them) isn't time-consuming; it's as easy as picking up the items and returning them after use.


10. Get a hamper for dirty clothes and beddings

Heaping dirty clothes and bedding at a corner of the bedroom will make your room look untidy. Having a hamper where you stash your used clothes will go a long way in lessening the eyesore your dirty clothes may cause.



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11. Clean as you cook

Cooking results in dirty cooking utensils, stained table and floor, production of solid waste, and general disarray of cooking utensils. A trick to having a tidy kitchen after cooking is cleaning and disposing of waste properly while you cook. Postponing the cleaning may cause cleaning to be difficult when the stains get dry. And your kitchen may become a nightmare if you forget to do it.


Keep Your Home Tidy

Pay attention to your surroundings as you try to turn the routine listed above into a habit. Every morning while you step out for work, pick up the trash can and dispose of them where the waste management agency/company can find them. A tidy environment is the first impression you might want to leave for a visitor.